Kashmir-War or Peace released

Kashmir-War or Peace released

KS Correspondent

NEW DELHI, May 4, 2003: "Kashmir-War or Peace", is the latest book penned down by the advocate-turned author, Pyare Lal Kaul. The book makes a claim that out of the remaining lot of Hindus in the Valley "conversion to Islam in one form or the other has already started". The book does not consider Kashmir a Muslim problem. It says, "It is in fact a Hindu problem in Kashmir, created by the Central and the State government, by their lack of vision and short-sightedness.” He predicts that the fate of Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists was going to take a more serious turn in future.

Mr. Kaul opines, "occasional utterances of the Central and State governments asking the migrants to go back to Kashmir valley displayed the political bankruptcy and utter ignorance of the ground realities in Kashmir". In his view, Pandits' rehabilitation in Valley was impossible till terrorism was completely eradicated and the state completely merged with India".

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