Mystic Trends in Kashmiri Poetry

Kashmir, which is known as the 'paradise on earth', has been the abode of eminent scholars, savants, historians and poets, like Bilhan, Mamatachary, Anandavardhana, Gunaverman, Abhinavagupta, Jonaraja, Kalhana, etc. These luminaries had mastery over Sanskrit language. During the Muslim rule, Persian became the court language. Kashmiri scholars did not lag behind in acquiring mastery in this language also and produced scholars and poets like Gani Kashmiri, Munshi Bhawani Dass Kachroo, Hyder Malik Chadura, Narayan Kaul Ajiz, Muhammad Azam Didmari, etc. Besides them, there were saints and poets who preferred to use their own Kashmiri dilect for conveying their messages and thoughts. These included both men and women. Most prominent among them were Sheikh Noor-u-Din Noorani, Lal Ded, Rupa Bhawani, Habba Khatoon and Arinimaal.

Kashi Nath Revoo Shehjaar

A Sanskrit scholar whose command on the language could be outshined only by him preferred to maintain a low profile throughout his life. Translating English poetry into Sanskrit was his favorite past time. He wrote devotional songs in Kashmiri and Hindi.

Mohan Lal Razdan

Sh. Mohan Lal Razdan was experienced personality and has authored many Kashmiri poems/bhajans/ghazals. His poems are mainly based on mysticism and belief that the world is mortal.

Prem Nath Shad

Prem Nath Shad writes ghazals, nazms, vatsuns, bhajans, marsias, naat, poems for children, essays and translations. He is an approved poet by All India Radio (Radio Kashmir) and Doordarshan.

Mahmud Gami

Mahmud Gami (1765-1855) introduced in Kashmiri the Persian forms of the masnavi and ghazal. He is noted for his work Yusuf Zulaikha, a poem which is a major contribution to Kashmiri literature.

Maqbool Shah Kralawari

Maqbool Shah Kralawari (1820-76) was educated in Persian literature and is considered as the finest lyricist of the 19th century Kashmir.

Rasool Mir

Love, is the waft and whoop, the craft and creed of Rasul Mir (He lived love, sang love, and lives for his love-ful passion). Love, the first strings of human heart that present the whole universe as an undulating poem.

Samad Mir

Samad Mir (1894-1959), known for his outstanding work Akanandun (The Only Son), continued the Sufi-mystic tradition in Kashmiri poetry in the 20th century.

Dina Nath Walli

The natural grandeur of the valley had a magic effect on young Walli mind who was simply bewitched by the colourful phenomena pervading throughout the length and the breadth of Kashmir.

Habba Khatoon

Habba at the very outset of her poetic career rebelled against the prevalent standards of poetry-writing. Textbook idealism is not found in the dictionary of her pulsating emotions.

Master Zinda Kaul

Masterji built his personality brick by brick. The foundation for this was provided. by the Hindu mystic lore especially by the Kashmir Shaivism.

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