Kashmiri Pandit Personalities

Faces of Glory: Kashmiri Pandit Personalities


Jona Raja at the very commencement of his Raja Tarangini acknowledges the debt he owes to Kalhana - the doyen of chroniclers of Kashmir.


Kashmir of yore has been the cradle of Sanskrit lore and learning. From 9th century A. D. to 12th century A. D. brightest luminaries in Sanskrit literature have shone on its firmament.


Sanskrit poets and literary luminaries have been often accused of oriental hyperbole. It may be conceded that by and large such devotees of Muse did indulge in some kind of exaggeration which became nauseating at times

Pandit Govind Kaul

A profound Kashmiri scholar of the late 19th century. Pandit Govind Kaul, who rendered most valuable assistance to Aurel Stein in translating Rajatarangini, is today almost a forgotten man.

Pandit Mukund Ram Shastri

From archaeology and paleography to Kashmir history to Kashmir Shaivism to grammar and literature Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Mukund Ram Shastri (MRS) strode like a colossus in almost every field of Kashmir studies at the turn of the 19th century and in the early years of the twentieth.

Pandit Sahaz Bhat

The legendary Unani hakim of Kashmir, Pandit Sahaz Bhat, was a profound scholar also. His miracle cures remain etched on public memory and have given to Kashmiri parlance a proverb commonly used even now.

Pandit Harabhatta Shastri

Pandit Harabhata Shastri (HBS) is a name surrounded by a brilliant scholastic aura, though known to very small group of Sanskrit scholars of Kashmir.

Pandit Keshav Bhatt Jyotishi

A profound scholar of astrology and a pioneer printer in one - that was Pandit Keshav Bhatt Jyotishi.

Pandit Anand Koul

When Pandit Anand Koul published his first book, The Kashmiri Pandit in 1924, a pioneering work on the history and ethnography of the Kashmiri Pandits, he created history.

Prof. Jagaddhar Zadoo

He was a titan among scholars of Kashmir -- that is alone how Prof. Jagaddhar Zadoo (JDZ) can he described for his immense contribution to Sanskrit scholarship.

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