Articles and Opinions

Articles and Opinions

Virendra Qazi

Due to grace of God and love and admiration of people, Virendra Qazi isVirendra Qazi making original contribution in Indian Tantra Shastra.

Maharaj Krishen Raina

Born on 10th February 1948 at Chhattabal, Srinagar, Kashmir, Maharaj Krishen Raina (MKR) is a civil engineer by profession.

Pawan Pandita

Pt. Pawan Ji, provides Pooja Vidhi Services, Astrology Services and other related services like Janampatrika, matrimonial services and all religious ritual services in India and abroad as a seasoned professional by prior appointments only.

Piarey Lal Raina

Piyaray Lal Raina was born in Srinagar Kashmir in 1936. After receiving his early education n Kashmir he did his masters in Geology from Lucknow University.

Prof. P.N. Pushp

Prof. P. N. Pushp (born in Srinagar, 1917) was a member of the J&K Education Services for three decades, and retired as Director, Deptt. of Libraries, Research, Museum and Archives (J&K) (1965-72).

Braj B Kachru

Professor Braj B. Kachru is the Director of the Centre for Advanced Study at the University of Illinois, Champaign, USA.

Prof. M.L. Koul

With a brilliant academic record which includes three post-graduate degrees in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and B.Ed. from the University of Kashmir, Prof. Mohan Lal Koul served various academic colleges of Jammu & Kashmir State.

Prof. C.L. Sapru

Professor Sapru graduated from earstwhile J&K University, did post-graduation from Punjab University at Solan.

Somnath Dhar

Prof. Somnath Dhar has authored a number of books, including Kautilya and the Arthsastra, (Marwah Publications), Folk Tales of Turkey (Sterling Publishers, 3rd edition. 1989), Jammu and Kashmir (National Book Trust, 3rd edition, 1992) and Kalhana

Somnath Wakhlu

Prof. Somnath Wakhlu, born at Srinagar in Kashmir, spent his life both in Jammu and Kashmir and thus he got steeped both in Dogri and Kashmiri cultures.

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