Manto Katha - A Notable Work Of Dr. Brij Premi

The very first section of the book is intelligible with detailed information regarding Mantoo family, home, his communist mentor Bari Aleeg and his deep emotional attachment with Kashmir.

Dassi Chander Vaakh released

Presenting his paper on the book, Dr. B.L. Koul gave an in-depth evaluation of the book, ranging from its literary value to technical aspects.


Besides using mothertongue as an essential and forceful vehicle of creative thought Shri Majboor writes in Hindi and Dogri also.

Exile Literature Comes Of Age

Every member of the victimised community has his own experiences- horrific and non-horrific to relate to. Yet it needs Parineeta Khar to weave these experiences into pieces of great literature.

K.L. Choudhary Of Gods, men and militants

So much has been said , written, discussed and debated about Kashmir over the last decade and more that one might mistake this volume as one more of the same.

A Feast in Photographs - A Book Review

The peaceful years of 1819-1947 came as a breather in which persecuted Pandit community rebuilt its social life, free from fear and discrimination.

Indutva - A vision of a strong India

INDIA is on the threshold of becoming a major regional power. Its adversaries have been trying to thwart these ambitions by unleashing a proxy-war against it.

Infinite Riches in a Little Room

With the publication of the book titled The Ugly Kashmiri (Cameos in exile), which I view as a tour de force, the author has emerged as a forceful and persuasive writer, in fact a fine literary artist in the making.

Jeet Ya Haar (By Balraj Madhok)

Prof. Madhok was among the first 15 RSS workers of Undivided Punjab. He stood first in MA (History) in Punjab University.

The Kashmir Story

John Ruskin, the famed British essayist, classified books into two categories - Books of the hour and Books of all time.

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