Dr. Prem Nath Kachroo-A Scientist of Repute

Dr. Prem Nath Kachroo, the legendary Professor and a foremost researcher was a renowned Botani of National and international fame.

R.K. Bharati

An eminent journalist and translator, Sh. R.K. Bharati worked as a teacher. It is said that he had visualised separate homeland for Kashmiri Pandits in an article written in 1960s.

Pt. Hargopal Koul - The Lion Of Kashmir

The multi-faceted personality, Pandit Hargopal Koul Khasta, popularly known as the lion of Kashmir, was an ardent patriot and a dominating intellectual of his times.

Mohan Lal Kashmerian

Many years ago - it is so long that I have forgot ten where and when it was, in England or in India - I came across two battered volumes, heavy with age, as I was indulging in the pleasant pastime of browsing in a bookshop.

Prem Nath Pardesi-Prem Chand of Kashmir

The people of Kashmir are known for their sharp in tellect, scholarship, artistic imagination and creative potential from times immemorial.

Prof Raj Kaul - He taught English, the English way

I had turned 17 when Independence came in 1947, bringing in its wake an avalanche of miserable refugees, a hefty mass of which streamed into Ferozepur, the town of my birth which almost submerged too in unprecedented flood waters that year.

Aga Hashar Kashmiri was An Outstanding Playwright

Whenever Kashmiris migrated to other parts of the country for longer times or permanent settlement they were known as Kashmiris because of their language and customs.

Dr. Ram Mohan Datatreya

We were childhood friends in Model Town, Lahore, where his father Pt. Pearay Mohan Dattatreya was assistant editor of the nationalist daily THE TRIBUNE.

Sham Lal Aima was a creative writer

SHAM LAL AIMA was a well-known short story writer, a poet of good merit and a good social worker of his time. His name, like many others -Vishwanath Dhar Mah.

Tej Narayan Kak - An Appraisal

TEJ NARAYAN KAK who was a writer, poet and deft story writer practically died unwept, unsung and unhonoured. His death on 14th December, 1998 at the ripe age of 84 in the city of Jodhpur failed to earn media attention.

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