Some notable Kashmiri artistes who have made it all the way to the Bollywood are Bhajan Sopori, M. K. Raina, veteran actors like Anupam Kher, Jeevan, Rajkumar, Kiran Kumar, including some fresh faces like Rahul Bhat and Sanjay Suri to name a few.

Indraneel Kaul

Indraneel Kaul Born: Bombay: 23rd July, 1973

Chand Dhar

Chand Dhar

Onkar Aima

Born in a venerable family of Datatreya Kaul- Gotra Aima was the nickname acquired by the family as it is said, the family was gifted with a boon to be osteopaths (Waatangaer) who provide healing touch to people with orthopaedic dislocations.

Raj Ganju

A Radio & TV Artiste.

Som Nath Sadhu

A tribute by Moti Lal Saqi

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