Lahore - How it underwent Cultural cleansing after 1947

Many communities e.g. Palestinians, Jews, Tibetans, Sindhis, Kashmiri Hindus, have been banished from their homeland through an act of religiouscleansing.

Lalla has no linkage with Islamic Sufism

There are evidences galore to establish that Kashmir enjoyed a tremendous reputation for being an abode of rishis (rishi vatika) harbouring a strong and coherent indigenous tradition of rishi-cult with its root systems embedded in the vedic age.

Literature as a weapon against colonialism

Chinua Achebe has already established his rightful place in the world of letters. Apart from writing influential novels, poems, and short stories, Achebe has also written ground-breaking essays.

Demystifying Kashmir explodes many myths

Kashmir problem has three dimensions one, it is part of nonsecularisation of Indian Muslim Community. If in Kashmir it manifests as secessionism, elsewhere it presents as cultural separatism.

Obreh Shechh

As for the problems of translations, one can hardly set a more untranslatable example than Kalidasa. One says this a little more emphatically than may sound reasonable and considering the temper of Kashmiri language.

Dissecting the Proxy War

In sixties and seventies Mainstream, Economic and Political Weekly and Seminar were influential left-wing journals and commanded academic prestige.

Rajouri Did Not Even Receive A Condolence

Genocide and Exile are two terrible words. Those who experience it can never get it out of their minds so long as they are alive.

Some Observations on Doctor Roshan Saraf Rythmic Verses

A Kashmiri displaced from the Valley as a physician, Dr. Roshan Saraf didn\'t take long here in being seen as a talented person, precisely as a man of letters.

Kashmir Hindu Sanskars (Rituals, Rites and Customs): A Study

For over twelve centuries Trika Shaivism has remained a dominant creed in Kashmir, influencing almost every aspect of social life of Hindu society of Kashmir.

Sarshar: Pioneer of Urdu-Hindi Novel

The second half of the nineteenth century was a very important period in the history of Urdu, Hindi and Bengali prose.

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