A Response to Tejnath Dhar Book Titled Under The Shadow Of Militancy

During the past 13 years or so much has been written on the subject of militancy in the Valley of Kashmir and the resultant turmoil there.

Salman Rushdie and Kashmiri Pandits

Salman Rushdie, India most controversial novelist, has eight novels to his credit. Shalimar The Clown is his latest contribution.

A Short Story Writer Is Born

Makhan Lal Pandita emergence as a serious short story writer is a good augury for Kashmiri literature.

From Tagore land to Lalded land

Bengal is not merely a state of India. It is a phenomenon synonymous with Indian identity. So is Kashmir. Co-existence and religious tolerance are the key elements of both.

Tahqiq, written by Sh. Arjan Dev Majboor - A Review

It also dwells upon the various antiquated path-routes that led to Kashmir and the traditional Kashmiri crafts and arts.

The Traditional Music of Kashmir

Music, from times immemorial, has remained the most important medium of expression of human emotions.

A Review of Ugly Kashmiri

The book under review Ugly Kashmiri written by Arvind Gigoo can hardly be described as a book. For in good measure, every page has ten words.

The Ugly Kashmiri

Jonathan Swift once remarked: Cant and vision are to the ear and eye the same as tickling is to the touch.

On the Shores of the Vitasta

On the shores of the Vitasta is a collection of four novels about Kashmiri women by Parneeta Khar. The novelist was born and brought up in Kashmir and completed her education there itself.

Kashmir-War or Peace released

NEW DELHI, May 4, 2003: Kashmir-War or Peace, is the latest book penned down by the advocate-turned author, Pyare Lal Kaul.

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