Atrocities In Kashmir

Atrocities in Kashmir

Since 1990, planned and organized secessionist-terrorism has brutalized Kashmir, the valley of peace and exquisite beauty. Systematic efforts have been made to destroy its syncretic culture, traditions, and heritage, by an orgy of mindless violence fueled by religious fanaticism and extremism, aided and abetted from across India's borders.

Terrorism has taken the lives of more than 2000 innocent men, women and

Innocent victims of Pakistan's Terrorism.
children; the terrorists have indulged wantonly in abduction, rape, murder, arson, extortion and looting. Government officials, political leaders and workers, members of judiciary, print and electronic presspersons, and prominent citizens have been threatened, attacked and killed. Religious "codes of conduct" have been imposed on common people, and there has been large scale destruction of public and private property including over 400 secular state schools. More than 350,000 people of the minority community have had to flee their homes in the valley and today live as refugees in other parts of their own state and country. This is the "accomplishment" of the secessionists proxy-war in Kashmir.

The illustrations in the following pages give a glimpse of this unfortunate chapter of violence and destruction in the modern history of Kashmir. It is this calculated and ruthless attack on the innocent, all in the name of an illusionary "independence," that is the ultimate negation of the human rights of any people.

Violence Against The Press

Under threats of violence from the terrorists, the circulation of national newspapers in the valley has been banned. Frequently, such bans are also imposed on local newspapers that are not seen to toe the line.

Abductions and Killings of Prominent Personalities

A large number of prominent persons from all walks of life have been either abducted or killed with a view to striking terror among all sections of society.

Brutalities and Killings of Innocent Persons

Cold-blooded murder of innocent persons is despicable enough, but the thirst of the terrorists in Kashmir for blood is not satisfied and their objective for creating absolute terror is not met by instant killing.

Robberies and Dacoities of Banks and other Government Institutions

Banks, which are essentially public service institutions, have been rendered the most vulnerable as targets of terrorist attacks. Looting of banks at gun point has been the most remunerative source of income for the militants.

Extortions and Robberies of Private Persons

Raids on private houses and extortions at gun point have become commonplace in the Kashmir valley. In all cases, the fear of being killed compels the residents to part with whatever valuables they may possess.

Killings by Kashmiri Militants from June 16, 1986 to April 18, 1997

Killings by Kashmiri Militants from June 16, 1986 to April 18, 1997

Terrifying Statistics from 1988 to June, 1998

Terrifying Statistics from 1988 to June, 1998

Kashmir Issue: New Perspectives

Kashmir Issue: New Perspectives

Exaggerated Reporting by Press

Exaggerated Reporting by Press

Destruction of Cultural Symbols and Shrines of Kashmir

Desecration, damage and destruction of temples is not new and unusual phenomena. The process has been continuously going on ever since Kashmir passed into political domination of Muslim rulers in the first quarter of fourteenth century.

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