Kargil Heroes

Kargil War Heroes


They'd promised their families they'd come back soon. They more than kept their word. Went as mere men. Came back as heroes. In coffins. 


Over a 400 of them at last count. Median age 19 to 35. The grim-faced army officers receiving the coffins, draped in the tricolour, the carriage to the army parade ground, the set-jawed shok shastra farewell salute by steely soldiers. The silent sorrow of upraised guns, slowly brought, barrel downward, to the ground, left arm tautly extended to the right before retracking, the holding of palm to chest, the sudden dropping of head, the 30-second hushed silence, then the regulation rajnigandha and marigold wreaths from the army and air chiefs, the general officer commanding, fellow officers, the battalion, before the body escorted by a comrade begins its last journey home. Wreathed in white, the colour of the pure; kesariya, the colour and insignia of the brave. Now across mountains, now across rivers, plains. 

The lines of pain crisscross the entire nation. 

They did it again. They have risen to defend our Kashmir from the aggression of the enemy. They are sacrificing their lives to defend Kashmir against the evil designs of Muslim fundamentalism. Our heroes of the defence forces are battling with the fundamentalist in KARGIL SECTOR and not allowing them an inch of the country to be occupied. They are forcing the fundamentalists out and have succeeded in their mission to a great extent.

Kashmiri Pandits all over the world are grateful to these worriors and brave sons of the land for defending the Kashmiri Pandit homeland "MAEJ KASHEER" (MOTHER KASHMIR). We the Kashmiri Pandits pay TRIBUTES to these young heroes through this page.

We are trying our best to get information of all the Heroes. If the names of some brave soldiers are not included in the list, it is only that we don't have information about him at present. As soon as we get the info we will put a separate page for the hero.

Havaldar Satbir Singh

Then Havildar Satbir Singh came, the last one to return after capturing Black Rocks. His colleagues hands and legs moved out of sync. Probably because they didn\'t want to welcome the hero this way.

Subedar Bhanwar Singh Rathod

A shell from a Pakistani artillery gun tore open the entrails of Subedar Bhanwar Singh Rathore of 1871 medium artillery regiment in Kargil sector on June 17.

Rifleman Linkon Pradhan

Linkon, in his 20s, died on June 8 while assaulting Tiger Hills at Kargil. Two bullets in the chest put paid to a brave life. As also the lives of a 20-year-old wife of two years, a year-old son, schoolteacher father Harinarayan, brother Alanja, 16.

Rifleman Yogendra Singh

I am going home soon. He did. But in a coffin, escorted by mate Joginder to his village in Johragaon, near Aligarh. He died while stalking militants in Kupwara forests.

Rifleman Sanjay Kumar

Killing five enemy personnel, lifting a machine gun while hit by a bullet in thigh muscle, lobbying a grenade and clearing a important army post.

Grenadier Manohar Singh

Grenadier Manohar Singh was one of the several soldiers who had charged up the Tuloling peak on the intervening night of 12 and 13 June. He was one of the 13 killed in an artillery burst which also left six others injured.

Gunner Uddabh Das

He was martyred on the Tiger Hill in the Kargil sector while trying to position an artillery gun.

Sepoy Amardeep Singh

He and a colleague were part of an ambushed patrol. They were killed trying desperately to reach the dead.

Sepoy Vijay Pal Singh

On June 12, 7.30 am, a hand grenade tore Vijaypal\'s head apart while he was returning army fire from his post 10 km from the LoC.

Sepoy Virendra Kumar

Sepoy Virinder Kumar of 17 Jat Regiment hailing from Mohna village, near here, was killed while fighting against the Pakistani intruders in the Mushkoh valley during the successful capturing of the Tiger Hill.

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