Appeal to World Conscience

Appeal to World Conscience

It is high time that the conscience of mankind awakens to the reality of the situation in Kashmir where the so-called freedom struggle is merely an extension and escalation of the ongoing offensive against a small yet ancient and distinct ethno-religious community which has been turned into a minority - the Kashmiri Pandit (Hindu) - who is being exterminated under a diabolical plan masterminded by religious zealots turned terrorists with the direction, support and connivance of their mentors from across the border in Pakistan.

We appeal, therefore,

  • to all the nations of the world;
  • to all peace loving, secular and democratic countries which value andrecognize the urges, aspirations and just rights of minorities round the globe;
  • to all organizations that monitor and report on human rights' violations against ethnic religious communities; and
  • to all individuals, groups and institutions that stand for justice, equality, religious tolerance and human dignity to break their silence and speak out and save this ancient and distinct ethnic-religious minority of the world which has been thrown out of its own land, made a refugee in its own country and which is, now, facing dispersal, disintegration and extinction.

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