Atrocities on Women and Children

Atrocities on Women and Children

Terrorismwhatever may be its garb, ultimately knows no faith nor religion and is undiscerning, particularly when it is used as a means to attain the ends of an external force.

The terrorists have perpetrated atrocities on women and children indiscriminately and wantonly. As the details illustrated in these pages will show the majority of the women who have been abducted, tortured, raped or killed are Muslims.

Every such act has its own tale of brutality, crudity and sheer horror. The pattern, however, is consistent ..... kidnap a woman, and kill her after outraging her modesty. Or, rape and kill her in her own house in the presence of her family members, and then kill them all. Or, just kill indiscriminately.

Often, the excuse for such acts is suspicion about 'loyalty to the cause' on the part of the victim or the family, or to strike terror. Frequently, it is an expression of the psyche of those who have crossed the threshold of the law and all norms of civilized behavior.

Smt. Katija, wife of Habib-ullah-Sheikh, and Mahjabeena, daughter of Bashir Ahmed Wani.

Terrorists hurled a grenade followed by firing upon a security picket at Kani Kadal. The grenade killed 70 year old Khatija and young Mahjabeena on October 27, 1992, at Syed Pora, Srinagar.

Case No.: 1

Date: 4.3.90

Place: Baramulla

Two Muslim girls were kidnapped, raped and killed.

Case No.: 2

Date: 17.3.90

Place: Takoora, Srinagar

Mrs. M. N. Paul, wife of a BSF Inspector, was abducted. She was tortured and gang raped for many days and then her dead body with broken limbs was abandoned on the road.

Case No.: 3

Date: 19.4.90

Place: Hazratbal, Srinagar

A Hindu girl, Sarla Bhat R/O Anantnag and working as a nurse in the Medical Institute at Soura, Srinagar, was abducted from the Medical Institute. She was gang raped for many days and her body was later abandoned on the road side.

Miss Sarla Bhatt, a Stuff Nurse in Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar was kidnapped from the Hostel of the Institute on April 14, 1990, by a group of JKLF militants. Her dead body with bullet wounds was later found on April 19, in the downtown area of Srinagar. The post mortem report concluded that she was raped before she was killed.

Case No.: 4

Date: 22.4.90

Place: Srinagar

Sushma Pandit was abducted from the roadside by the terrorists. She was released the next day with bullet wounds on her legs.

Case No.: 5

Date: 7.5.90

Place: Karannagar, Srinagar

A Muslim girl, Dolly Mohi-ud-din was kidnapped, tortured and her body was abandoned at Karannagar chowk.

Dolly Mohi-ud-Din, kidnapped by terrorists on May 5, 1990, was tortured for two days, gang raped and shot dead by Farooq Ahmed Dar of the JKLF.

Case No.: 6

Date: 4.6.90

Place: Sopore, Baramulla

Prana Ganjoo was abducted along with her husband Prof. K. L. Ganjoo. She was gang raped for a number of days and then her body was thrown in the river bed. Her husband too was killed.

Case No.: 7

Date: 4.6.90

Place: Trehgam, Kupwara

Girja Tikoo working as a Laboratory Assistant at Government Girls High School, Trehgam, was abducted, gang raped for many days and shred into pieces on a bar and saw mill.

Case No.: 8

Date: 17.6.90

Place: Miskeenbagh, Srinagar

A muslim girl by name of Marooqa Gudi was abducted, raped, tortured and killed.

Case No.: 9

Date: 26.6.90

Place: Bhan Mohallah, Srinagar

Mrs. J. L. Ganjoo, her sister-in-law and their husbands were killed in their homes.

Mrs. Fareeda d/o Gh. Mohd. Dainposh r/o Ganzkhud, Srinagar
Killed on 13-1-93
Dead body of Mrs. Fareeda was recovered. Her hands had been tied and she was later hanged to death.

Case No.: 10

Date: 28.6.90

Place: Darsu, Pulwama

Mrs. Rupawati Bhan was tortured to death in her house and her body was flung into a field from the third storey onto the road.

Case No.: 11

Date: 18.7.90

Place:Darsu, Pulwama

Babli Bhan, daughter-in-law of D. N. Bhan, was tortured and killed. Her body was flung from the third storey onto the road.

Case No.: 12

Date: 13.8.90

Place: Sopore, Baramullah

Babli Raina, a teacher in the Education Department, was gang raped in her house in the presence of her family and then killed.

Nighat Rasool d/o Gh. Rasool Lone r/o Nadihal, Bandipora (Baramulla)
Killed on 14-2-93
Dead body of Nighat Rasool was recovered from Howal, Srinagar. Her hair had been shaven by the terrorists.

Case No.: 13

Date: 13.8.90

Place: Karannagar, Srinagar

A Hindu lady Dr. Sahni was locked in her house and the house set ablaze. She was burnt to death inside the house.

Case No.: 14

Date: 14.10.90

Place: Ahkadal, Srinagar

Mrs. Usha and Mrs. Rajender Kaul and their husbands were shot dead in their house.

Case No.: 15

Date: 15.1.91

Place: Srinagar

A group of terrorists intruded into the house of one Tamruda Begum in broad daylight and opened fire. Tamruda Begum was killed on the spot and her teenage daughter wounded critically.

Mrs. Aisha w/o Late Gh. Mohd r/o Dooniwari Nishat, Srinagar
Killed on 25-4-93
Mrs. Aisha was killed by the terrorists at her home.

Case No.: 16

Date: 18.1.91

Place: Hakbara, Baramulla

Terrorists intimidated the parents of a Muslim girl Zarifa d/o Mohd Sultan to give her in marriage to a militant and on refusal, the terrorists abducted the girl and her brother Bashir Ahmed. Bashir was tortured and killed while the girl was taken away and married forcibly.

Case No.: 17

Date: 21.3.91

Place: Malik Sahab, Srinagar


A Muslim woman Mughli was abducted, raped and tortured to death.

Case No.: 18

Date: 6.5.91

Place: Bohripora, Kupwara

Terrorists intruded into the house of a Muslim and resorted to indiscriminate firing, killing his wife and 2-year old child.

Shamima (TV Artist) r/o Waganpora, Idgah, Srinagar
Killed on 17-6-93
Terrorists abducted Shamima from her home on 16.6.93. Later her dead body was recovered from Watalkadal, after she had been killed by the terrorists.

Case No.: 19

Date: 28.5.91

Place: Pattan, Baramulla

Muslim woman Sakeena was abducted from her house. She was raped and tortured. Her body was later recovered from a stream.

Case No.: 20

Date: 29.6.91

Place: Safakadal, Srinagar


A 55-year old Muslim woman was killed and thrown into river Jhelum.

Case No.: 21

Date: 19.7.91

Place: Baramulla

A Sikh lady who had come to attend the marriage of her relative was shot dead by masked terrorists during the ceremony.

Case No.: 22

Date: 31.7.91

Place: Sonwar, Srinagar

A Hindu lady was shot dead when she raised an alarm on the abduction attempt of her husband Shadilal, an employee of NHPC.

Case No.: 23

Date: 6.8.91

Place: Naibasti, Jammu


Terrorists shot dead a Hindu lady, Pushpa Devi.

Case No.: 24

Date: 8.8.91

Place: Karfoli Mohala, Srinagar

A Hindu lady Asha Kaul was abducted from Achabal, Anantnag, her native village. She was gang raped and tortured in a deserted Hindu house and the dead body was abandoned there. The decomposed body was later recovered.

Hafiza w/o Wazir Khan r/o Lawaypora, Bandipora (Baramulla)
Killed on 1-4-93
Hafiza was shot dead by the Islamic terrorists.

Case No.: 25

Date: 25.8.91

Place: Qamarwari, Srinagar

A Muslim woman Shamima w/o Abdul Rashid, was shot dead while she was in the house of a relative along with her children.

Case No.: 26

Date: 27.8.91

Place: Kerni, Chadoora, Badgam

Terrorists had a clash among themselves and fired indiscriminately in the village killing a young Muslim girl.

Case No.: 27

Date: 10.9.91

Place: Batmaloo, Srinagar

A Muslim woman Sharifa was shot dead by terrorists inside her home in broad day light.

Case No.: 28

Date: 23.9.91

Place: Iqbal Park, Srinagar

A Muslim girl Halima, r/o Bandipur, Baramulla, was abducted. She was gang raped for many days and her body was later abandoned in a park at Srinagar.

Case No.: 29

Date: 1.10.91

Place: Ahjan Road, Srinagar

The body of a young Muslim woman who had been raped and tortured was recovered from a street.

Case No.: 30

Date: 17.10.91

Place: Qamarwari, Srinagar


A Muslim woman Haja w/o Ghulam Mohd Butt, was shot dead during a marriage party.

Case No.: 31

Date: 17.11.91

Place: Choontwari, Kupwara

Terrorists intruded into the house of a Muslim Mohd. Sidiq and attempted


to kidnap his wife. On resistance, she was fired at and got hospitalised.

Case No.: 32

Date: 17.12.91

Place: Kokarhamam, Baramulla

A school going girl Miss Sajda Hussain was kidnapped from Government Girls Higher Secondary School. She was raped and her body was recovered from the river Jhelum at Baramulla.

Case No.: 33

Date: 19.12.91

Place: Anantnag

Terrorists kidnapped a 17-year old Muslim girl Shami Mukhta from Ramban, Doda district. She was held captive for several days at Anantnag where she was criminally assaulted. She was later rescued by Security Forces from the terrorists at Anantnag.

Case No.: 34

Date: 5.1.92

Place: Nowshera, Srinagar


Terrorists kidnapped and tortured a Muslim woman. Her body was recovered from a field.

Case No.: 35

Date: 23.1.92

Place: Delina, Baramulla

Terrorists intruded into the house of one Ghulam Mohd Rather and fired upon his son who later died in hospital.

Case No.: 36

Date: 19.2.92

Place: Yal Athmuqam, Anantnag

Terrorists attempted to abduct one Gani Butt from his house. They shot dead his

son when the young boy raised a cry and resisted the abduction of his father.

Case No.: 37

Date: 12.3.92

Place: Sheeri, Baramulla

Terrorists attempted the abduction of a lady Shakeela Jan w/o Bashir Ahmed Khan. When she resisted, they shot her dead.

Case No.: 38

Date: 17.3.92

Place: Shopian, Pulwama

Terrorists kidnapped a Muslim lady Hasina d/o Bashir Ahmed. Her tortured body with bullet marks was recovered from the village.

Case No.: 39

Date: 28.3.92

Place: Tawjeedganj, Baramulla

A muslim lady was shot dead in her home by terrorists.

Case No.: 40

Date: 30.3.92

Place: Sultanpora, Badgam

Terrorists abducted another rival militant and shot dead his sister and young brother. His mother was seriously injured and hospitalised.

Case No.: 41

Date: 30.3.92

Place: Naisarak, Srinagar

Terrorists intruded into the house of one Sohan Lal Braroo and shot him dead during the night. They gang raped his wife Bimla and young daughter Archana. Archana succumbed during the gang rape itself and Bimla who was shot after being raped, died in hospital.

Miss Archana Braroo & Mrs Bimla Braroo

Kashmiri terrorists entered the house of Sohan Lal Braroo, a Kashmiri Pandit at Kralkhud, Srinagar on the night of March 30-31, 1992. The militants gang raped the wife and daughter of Sohan Lal Braroo and killed both mother and daughter as well as Sohan Lal Braroo.

Case No.: 42

Date: 8.4.92

Place: Qamarwari, Srinagar

The body of a Muslim woman Mrs. Fazi was recovered from the road side. She had been earlier kidnapped.

Case No.: 43

Date: 12.4.92

Place: Kunoo, Anantnag

Terrorists forcibly entered the house of a Muslim and fired indiscriminately in which his wife Mrs. Misra was seriously injured and later died in hospital.

Case No.: 44

Date: 15.4.92

Place: Kalamdanpora, Srinagar

Terrorists kidnapped one Muslim lady Ashia Amin, District Education Officer, Srinagar. She was released the next day.

Case No.: 45

Date: 2.5.92

Place: Batmaloo, Srinagar

A Muslim woman and her young son were killed when terrorists hurled a grenade which exploded near a shop.

Case No.: 46

Date: 3.5.92

Place: Magam, Baramulla

Terrorists abducted and later killed a local Muslim Aliqa Begum w/o Bashir Ahmed.

Case No.: 47

Date: 4.5.92

Place: Tekipora, Kupwara

Terrorists shot dead a woman Mst. Mukhti r/o Lassi Ganai and her husband Lassa at their residence, alleging them to be 'informers' .

Case No.: 48

Date: 8.5.92

Place: Anantnag

Ten young children were injured when terrorists hurled a grenade which exploded on the road.

Case No.: 49

Date: 12.5.92

Place: Chakla, Baramulla

Terrorists abducted a married woman and later killed 3 villagers and injured 15 others when they demonstrated against the terrorists.

Case No.: 50

Date: 14.5.92

Place: Daribal, Khanyar, Srinagar

A muslim woman Mst. Sajda w/o Abdul Qayum Khan was killed in an intergang clash.

Case No.: 51

Date: 17.5.92

Place: Eshalipora, Baramulla

Terrorists shot dead a Muslim Woman Rashida Begum w/o Mohd Shafl, accusing her of being an 'informer'.

Case No.: 52

Date: 17.5.92

Place: Ghanipora, Pulwama

Terrorists abducted a Muslim girl and held her captive for 2 days till rescued by security force. They later abducted the father and brother of the girl and killed them.

Case No.: 53

Date: 18.5.92

Place: Safakadal, Srinagar

Terrorists of AUM abducted Habla Begum and her minor daughter from their house, accusing them of being instrumental in the arrest of their Chief, Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar Latrum. They ransacked the house and later burnt it.

Case No.: 54

Date: 20.5.92

Place: Pirbagh, Srinagar

Following a clash between JKLF and HuM terrorists, in which a militant was killed and 2 women seriously injured, about 250 women demonstrated and raised anti-militant slogans. HuM terrorists again fired upon the women injuring some of them.

Case No.: 55

Date: 27.5.92

Place: Meghama, Kupwara

Three members of a Muslim family - the house owner, his wife and daughter were abducted by terrorists. The women were raped and the house owner tortured. Dead bodies of all these three individuals were later recovered from a paddy field.

Case No.: 56

Date: 13.6.92

Place: Baramulla, Lalad Sopore

A 17-year old Muslim girl Rafiqa Bano d/o Assadullah Waza r/o Kalashpora, Srinagar, was abducted by terrorists. She was raped and held captive for many days. Later, her dead body was recovered from the river at Baramulla town.

Case No.: 57

Date: 16.6.92

Place: Qamarwari Srinagar

A young Muslim woman Hassina Siddique w/o Nazir Ahmed Siddique was shot dead by terrorists in her bed room alongwith her husband during the night.

Case No.: 58

Date: 29.6.92

Place: Lalad, Sopore, Baramulla

Two women were seriously injured when terrorists of rival groups resorted to firing.

Case No.: 59

Date: 1.7.92

Place: Nowpora, Anantnag

A 7-year old boy was killed when rival terrorists resorted to heavy firing in the village.

Case No.: 60

Date: 10.7.92

Place: Baharabad, Baramulla

Two women and a child were seriously injured when two rival groups of terrorists resorted to an armed clash.

Case No.: 61

Date: 19.7.92

Place: Behrampora, Baramulla

One woman was killed and four others including 2 children were injured when rival factions of terrorists resorted to an armed clash.

Mrs. Waheeda w/o Mohd. Ashraf Bhat r/o Batamaloo (Srinagar)
Killed on 13-1-93
Dead body of Mrs. Waheeda was recovered. Her hands had been tied and she was later hanged to death.

Case No.: 62

Date: 23.7.92

Place: Kaloosa, Baramulla

A Muslim woman was shot dead by terrorists in her house.

Case No.: 63

Date: 9.8.92

Place: Wahidpora, Ganderbal, Srinagar

The body of a Muslim Woman Mrs. Taja w/o Mohd Sadiq Lone was recovered from the river Sindh. She had earlier been abducted and tortured to death.

Case No.: 64

Date: 19.9.92

Place: Trehgam, Kupwara

A young Muslim woman was shot dead in her house along with her husband and father-in-law Khaliq Sofi a retired Subedar of the Indian Army.

Case No.: 65

Date: 25.9.92

Place: Magam, Badgam

A Muslim girl, Miss Shahida was abducted by terrorists and was being taken in a taxi when she was rescued by SF.

Case No.: 66

Date: 3.10.92

Place: Khor, Baramulla

The body of a Muslim woman Mrs. Hamida w/o Gulzar Ahmed abducted earlier by terrorists, was recovered from a field.

Case No.: 67

Date: 3.10.92

Place: Khor, Baramulla

A young Hindu girl, Deepa was kidnapped from Batala (Punjab) by terrorists and sold to an old man after converting her to Islam. She was rescued by SF.

Case No.: 68

Date: 4.10.92

Place: Duslipora, Badgam

A group of terrorists kidnapped a minor girl from the village. She was later recovered by SF.

Case No.: 69

Date: 22.10.92

Place: Zainakoot Srinagar

A 12-year old Hindu girl Shaloo Basanti was kidnapped by terrorists from HMT Colony along with her father Vijay Chand.

Case No.: 70

Date: 12.11.92

Place: Khanpora, Baramulla

Terrorists fired at and injured Mst. Zareena d/o Gh. Rasool.

Case No.: 71

Date: 24.11.92

Place: Narayanbagh, Baramulla

A 13 year old muslim girl was shot dead in her house following resistance by inmates to the attempted abduction of her father Abdul Ahad Guroo.

Waheeda, recovered from Bhagat-Barzulla. The deceased had been strangulated. Discovery of this dead body caused deep resentment among the peaceful citizens of the area.

Case No.: 72

Date: 2.12.92

Place: Kharwani, New Colony, Srinagar

A woman Mst. Fazi was kidnapped from her house alongwith her young son.

Case No.: 73

Date: 4.12.92

Place: Khanwari, Srinagar

A young muslim girl was killed and four other women seriously injured when two rival militant groups of JKLF and HUM resorted to indiscriminate firing in the village following a clash between them. A total of two persons were killed and 9 persons injured.

Case No.: 74

Date: 8.12.92

Place: Kupwara town

Two persons including a young muslim girl were killed when terrorists fired indiscrimantely in town to force closure of shops.

Case No.: 75

Date: 23.12.92

Place: Kanikadal, Srinagar

Two muslim ladies were seriously injured when a grenade targetted on a SF picket exploded in their house.

Case No.: 76

Date: 13.1.93

Place: Barzulla, Srinagar

Two women Mrs. Wahida and Mrs. Farida were tortured and later hanged to death alongwith a lone male Mohd Ashraf Bhat present in the house.

Case No.: 77

Date: 25.1.93

Place: Marhama, Kupwara

Terrorists shot dead two Muslim women, mother and daughter alongwith the head of the family Mohd Akbar.

Case No.: 78

Date: 29.1.93

Place: Kupwara

Three women Mrs. Bakhta, her young daughter Fatima and another woman Mrs. Sarwar were shot dead alongwith the head of the family Mohd Zaman Payer and the young son Parvez.

Case No.: 79

Date: 14.2.93

Place: Bandipora, Baramulla

The dead body of Nighat Rasool daughter of Gh. Rasool Lone was recovered from Hawal Chowk, in Srinagar. The hair of her head had been shaven off by the terrorists.

Case No.: 80

Date: 15.2.93

Place: Jawahir Nagar, Srinagar

Terrorists hurled a grenade towards a security force vehicle in Budshah Chowk, Srinagar, which missed the intended target and exploded on the road, causing injuries to seven persons (civilians) including five women. Later, one of the injured women succumbed to her injuries. One security personnel also received injuries.

Mrs. Kamlesh Kumari d/o Bhagwan Dass r/o Doda
Killed on 20-10-93

Terrorists lobbed a grenade on a BSF vehicle at Doda Bus Stand, which missed the target but killed three students and ten others.

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