Abductions and Killings of Prominent Personalities

Abductions and Killings of Prominent Personalities

In the last six years, a large number of prominent persons from all walks of life have been either abducted or killed with a view to striking terror among all sections of society. Political leaders, workers and their relatives have been eliminated to root out all political activity and create a vacuum which the terrorists could fill; government officials have been killed to paralyse the administration; members of the judiciary have been intimidated to create a breakdown of the legal system intellectuals educationists and community leaders have been abducted and killed to silence possible dissent, foreigners and other tourists have been abducted, threatened and dubbed as agents; persons in the business, finance and industrial sectors have been hit; and even religious human rights activists have not been spared when the "cause" so demanded. 

Case No.: 1

Date: 4.10.89 
Place: Srinagar 
Terrorists shot dead N.K. Ganjoo, ex-Sessions Judge who had tried and passed a death sentence on the JKLF leader Mohd. Maqbool Butt. A note left by the killers warned people against picking up the dead body.

Tika Lal Taploo
Prominent lawyer and political activist.
He was vice president of BJP (J&K).

Case No.: 2 
Date: 8.12.89 
Place: Srinagar 
Dr. Rubaiya Sayeed was kidnapped at gun-point by JKLF terrorists while returning home from Lalded Hospital, Srinagar. She was released on December 13, in exchange of 5 JKLF terrorists.

Case No.: 3 
Date: 3.11.90 
Place: Anantnag 
R.N.P. Singh, Govt. official was shot dead in the main market and dragged on the road. - JKLF

Maulana Masoodi 
A prominent freedom fighter and National Conference political patriarch. A well-known influential colleague of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. Killed by militants at age 87.

Maulvi Farooq 
Mirwaiz (high-priest) of Kashmir and a political leader of stature.

Case No.: 4 
Date: 9.1.90 
Place: Badgam 
Kishen Gopal, Govt. official was shot dead while he was making some purchases in the market. - HuM

Case No.: 5 
Date: 15.1.90 
Place: Nowgam, Srinagar 
M.L. Bhan, Govt. official was shot dead inside a passenger bus while he was coming to Srinagar alongwith his son and a local friend. The friend too was killed. - JKLF

Sheikh Abdul Jabbar, Former Minister, J&K, was dragged out of his residence by a group of 'Allah Tigers' terrorists and shot. He later succumbed to his injuries in Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar on April 18, 1990.

Case No.: 6 
Date: 25.1.90 
Place: Natipora, Srinagar 
Four IAF officers were gunned down when they were waiting at a bus stop alongwith their families. Twelve of their family members were injured in this shootout, of whom two women died later in hospital. - JKLF

Case No.: 7 
Date: 12.2.90 
Place: Gowkadal, Srinagar 
T.K. Razdan, Govt official who shot dead while alighting from a Matador bus. His  
body was thrown on the road side. - JKLF

Case No.: 8 
Date: 13.2.90 
Place: Bemina, Srinagar 
Lassa Kaul, Director, Doordarshan (TV station), Srinagar was shot dead in his official vehicle outside his house. - JKLF

Case No.: 9 
Date: 23.2.90 
Place: Tantipora, Srinagar 
A.K. Qazi, Field Officer J&K Agricultural Department was shot dead in his house. - JKLF

Case No.: 10 
Date: 27.2.90 
Place: Kanikadal, Srinagar 
Navin Saproo, Telecom Official was dragged out of his home and shot dead. - JKLF

Case No.: 11 
Date: 1.3.90 
Place: Balgarden, Srinagar 
P.N. Handoo, Assistant Director, J&K 
Information Department was shot dead inside his office.

P. N. Bhatt
Prominent lawyer of Anantnag, a social worker and a political activist.
Sarvanand Premi
He was a poet, a deeply religious man who as a teacher had enlightened many minds around him.

Case No.: 12 
Date: 13.3.90 
Place: Kralkhud, Srinagar 
Ali Mohd Bachroo, District level leader NC(F) was shot while he was returning home from a mosque after his prayers.

Case No.: 13 
Date: 19.3.90 
Place: Chotabazar, Srinagar 
B.K. Ganjoo, Telecom Engineer, was shot dead inside a big rice container in which he was hiding, after terrorists broke into his house. The blood soaked rice was offered to his young children and wife with the remark that it would taste good to them. His wife pleaded that she should also be killed as nothing was left in her life. - JKSLF

Case No.: 14 
Date: 20.3.90 
Place: Khanabal, Anantnag 
Gajender Singh, Government official was shot when he was having tea at a shop along with a local friend, who was also killed. - JKLF

Case No.: 15 
Date: 20.3.90 
Place: Shaheedganj, Srinagar 
A.K. Raina, Deputy Director, J&K Food and Supplies Department was shot dead inside his office. - JKLF

Case No.: 16 
Date: 23.3.90 
Place: Shopian, Pulwama 
Abdul Sattar Ranjoor, General Secretary, CPI, J&K was shot dead in his house. - HuM

Case No.: 17 
Date: 23.3.90 
Place: Badgam 
Mir Ghulam Mustafa, Ex-MLA 
(Independent) was abducted in his car. He was tortured for 3 days and then hanged to death.- HuM

Case No.: 18 
Date: 23.3.90 
Place: Tangmarg 
Anwar Khan, Tehsil President NC(F) was abducted from his house and later tortured to death. - HuM 

Case No.: 19 
Date: 24.3.90 
Place: Balgarden, Srinagar 
Ghulam Hassan Tobasum, Dy. S.P., was shot dead at his residence. - JKSLF

Case No.: 20 
Date: 24.3.90 
Place: Kothar, Anantnag 
Ghulam Nabi Bun at Kothar, State level Congress(I) leader was shot in his house. - HuM

Case No.: 21 
Date: 27.3.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Parmeet Sahani, Leading businessman/mill owner, was shot dead outside his house. - JKLF

N. K. Ganju 
Session judge who had tried Maqbool Bhat of JKLF for treason and murder of a police officer.

Abdul Satar Ranjoor 
A progressive political activist who worked in the rural areas of Kashmir.

Case No.: 22 
Date: 6 4 .90 
Place: Lasjan 
Prof. Mushir-ul-Haq, V.C. Kashmir University was abducted while he was travelling in his car. He was shot dead during the night of 10/11 after 4 days of torture. His body was thrown on the roadside. - JKSLF

Case No.: 23 
Date: 6.4.90 
Place: Lasjan 
Abdul Gani, Secretary to the V.C. Kashmir University was also abducted alongwith the V.C. and shot dead after being tortured for four days. - JKSLF

Case No.: 24 
Date: 10.4.90 
Place: Batmaloo, Srinagar 
H.L. Khera, General Manager, HMT, Srinagar was abducted and later tortured to death. His mutilated body drenched in mud and dirt was thrown on the road side, from where it was recovered. - JKSLF 

Case No.: 25 
Date: 18.4.90 
Place: Ganderbal, Srinagar 
Abdul Jabbar, ex-Minister of J&K was shot dead in his house. - Allah Tigers 

N. K. Ganjoo, ex-Sessions Judge, who was gunned down, November 7, 1989.


Case No.: 26 
Date: 1.5.90 
Place: Doonipora, Srinagar 
Sarwanand Premi, Educationist and writer was called out his house alongwith his son, both of them were tortured and killed. Their bodies were recovered with nails hammered into their foreheads and both eyes gouged out. 

Case No.: 27 
Date: 2.5.90 
Place: Langate, Kupwara 
Chuni Lal Shalla, JK Police Inspector was dragged out from a bus in which he was travelling to his village and was tortured for two days. His body was recovered hanging from a tree and both cheeks slashed with knives. - Allah Tigers 

Case No.: 28 
Date: 3.5.90 
Place: Tangmarg 
Mohd Din Gujjar, Padamshree Awardee was kidnapped and tortured to death. His body was recovered from a pit near the road side. - HuM 

Case No.: 29 
Date: 4.5.90 
Place: Anantnag 
Premnath ASI, JK Police was kidnapped from PS Dura by JKLF terrorists. His bullet riddled body was recovered at Achabal on May 6. 

Case No.: 30 
Date: 5.5.90 
Place: Kupwara 
Dr. A. Raturi, an eminent medical practitioner was abducted, tortured to death and his body thrown in a field. 

Case No.: 31 
Date: 7.5.90 
Place: Khadinyar, Baramulla 
Prof. Kundan Lal, Scientist at the Agriculture College was dragged out of his house alongwith his wife. The tortured and mutilated body of the Professor was recovered from the banks of a stream while his wife remains untraced. - Lashkar e-Ayubi 

Case No.: 32 
Date: 7.5.90 
Place: Badgam 
Chaman Lal Raina was kidnapped from his house. His dead body was recovered at Badgam on May 8, 1990. The body bore the marks of torture including burn injuries. 

Case No.: 33 
Date: 11.5.90 
Place: Pulwama 
Sheikh Mohd Mansoor, ex-MLA NC(F) was shot dead near his house. - HuM 

Case No.: 34 
Date: 21.5.90 
Place: Nagin, Srinagar 
Maulvi Mohd Farooq, Chairman, AAC and a religious divine, was shot dead in his house during the day. - HuM 

Case No.: 35 
Date: 7.6.90 
Place: Bijbehara, Anantnag 
Ghulam Hassan Shah, uncle of Mufti Mohd Sayed, then Union Home Minister was shot in his house. 

Case No.: 36 
Date: 10.6.90 
Place: Baramulla 
Nazir Ahmed Wani, MLC NC(F) was shot dead in his house. 

Case No.: 37 
Date: 26.6.90 
Place: Rambagh, Srinagar 
J.N. Raina, Jt. Director, Sericulture 
Department was shot dead inside his office. - Hizbullah 

Case No.: 38 
Date: 10.7.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Mohd. Rafiq, Government official was shot dead outside his house while he was on leave. 

Case No.: 39 
Date: 26.6.90 
Place: Frisal, Anantnag 
D.N. Kaul, Tehsildar was shot dead. 

Case No.: 40 
Date: 6.7.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Farooq Ahmed Taya, was abducted from a local park. After the kidnapping, JKSLF claimed the responsibility and demanded release of some terrorists. However, JKSLF released Taya on July 9. 

Case No.: 41 
Date: 8.8.90 
Place: Khrew, Pulwama 
D.N. Chowdhry, Manager, Government Cement Factory was abducted and tortured to death. His mutiliated body was recovered from the village after 3 days. - Kashmir Jehad Force 

Case No.: 42 
Date: 25.8.90 
Place: Anantnag 
B.L. Kak, Executive Engineer was shot dead outside his office. - Al-umar-Mujahideen

Case No.: 43 
Date: 26.8.90 
Place: Liter, Pulwama 
(i) NazirAhmed Naloora, ex-MLA 
(ii) Gulshan Qadri - JD leader were shot dead when they are travelling in a car. - HuM 

Case No.: 44 
Date: 3.9.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Bashir Ahmed Sheikh was abducted from his residence. Explosives were tied to his body and thrown out of a running matador van at Natipora on Sept. 3, 1990. He was blown to bits. 

Case No.: 45 
Date: 27.9.90 
Place: Srinagar 
Ramesh Mohatta, AIR Employee was abducted from Radio Colony, Srinagar on Sept. 27. He was tortured and questioned before being released the next day.

Case No.: 46 
Date: 1.10.90 
Place: Handwara, Kupwara 
Ghulam Rasool Malik, Ex-MLA was shot dead in his residence. 

Case No.: 47 
Date: 15.10.90 
Place: Lalbazar, Srinagar 
Pir Mohd Shafi, ex-MLA NC(F) was shot dead. 

Case No.: 48 
Date: 27.10.90 
Place: Khankah, Srinagar 
Haji Mohd. Kawoosa, Prominent businessman was abducted and Rs. 10,00,000 asked as ransom. On his refusal he was tortured for a week and killed. -  Al-Umar-Mujahideen 

Case No.: 49 
Date: 24.11.90 
Place: Zadigam, Badgam 
Qadir Shah, Dy. S.P., JKP was shot dead in the market. 

Case No.: 50 
Date: 13.12.90 
Place: Ganderbal, Srinagar 
Maulana Masoodi, State level NC(F) 
leader who was shot dead in his house. - Hizbuddin 

Case No.: 51 
Date: 19.12.90 
Place: Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar 
Abdul Majid Lone, Rtd. SSP, JKP was shot at in his house and later died in hospital. - JKLF 

Case No.: 52 
Date: 25.2.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Mohd. Yusuf was kidnapped from Sher-e-Kashmir Medical Institute on February 25. He was later rescued by Police from a house in Bana Mohalla, Srinagar. The terrorists had snatched keys of the cash chest of SKIMS from him. He later died of injuries suffered whilst being tortured by the terrorists. 

Case No.: 53 
Date: 27.2.91 
Place: Chanpora, Srinagar 
An expectant mother, Nahida Fida Soz, (MP) was kidnapped outside her residence at Chanpora. Following prolonged negotiation she was released on March 8. 

Case No.: 54 
Date: 9.4.91 
Place: Tral, Pulwana 
Mohd Subhan Bhatt was shot dead in his house. 

Case No.: 55 
Date: 11.4.91 
Place: Jama Masjid, Srinagar 
Ghulam Ahmed Shaw, Dy. SP, JKP was shot dead when he tried to foil an attack on senior officials including the Chief Secy. J8K. - Al-Umar 

Case No.: 56 
Date: 21.4.91 
Place: Achabal, Anantnag 
Ghulam Mustafa Shah, Cx-MLA was shot dead. 

Case No.: 57 
Date: 27.4.91 
Place: Nishat, Srinagar 
Prem Nath Braroo was kidnapped while he was going to Nishat on his scooter. He remains untraced. 

Case No.: 58 
Date: 2.6.91 
Place: Pampore 
Manager and Cashier of J&K Bank, Pampore were kidnapped at Pampore and were later rescued by SF. 

Prof. Mushir-ul-Haq, Vice Chancellor, Kashmir University, a well-known scholar of Muslim Theology was kidnapped on April 6, 1990, and later shot dead from behind. His dead body was thrown on the road side.

Case No.: 59 
Date: 4.6.91 
Place: Hazratbal, Srinagar 
Hissam-ud-Din Bandey, Ex-Minister was shot dead. - Al Umar-Mujahideen 

Case No.: 60 
Date: 6/7.6.91 
Place: Baramulla 
Saif-ud-Din Mir AC/BSF kidnapped from Bandipur on the night intervening June 6/7. On June 20, terrorists tied explosives to their bodies and blew them up separately at Sampura, PS Nowhata and Nai Sarak PS Kral Khud, Srinagar. - Al Umar Mujahidin 

Case No.: 61 
Date: 23.6.91 
Place: Nishat, Srinagar 
LIC officials Rajiv Ranjan Tapoo, Vidya Sagar Tiwari were abducted from Nishat and burnt alive after tying them with ropes in a room and setting the house on fire. 

Case No.: 62 
Date: 28.6.91 
Place: Zewan, Srinagar 
K. Doraiswamy, Executive Director (IOC) was kidnapped by a group of armed terrorists from Zewan. Later, he was released in exchange for 9 terrorists. 

Case No.: 63 
Date: 1.7.91 
Place: Hariwadoo, Tangmarg 
A group of terrorists raided the residence of Ghulam Hassan Mir, Ex-Minister. He was later released when some local influential people intervened. 

Case No.: 64 
Date: 13 8.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Dr. S.L. Khosa was abducted by a group of armed terrorists from his office. He was released on November 15 in exchange for detained hardcore terrorist Nissar Ahmed Jogi.  

Case No.: 65 
Date: 21.8.91 
Place: Begam Bagh, Pulwama 
Mohd. Ramzan Rather, NC(F) leader was shot dead. 

Case No.: 66 
Date: 4.9.91 
Place: Takepora, Kupwara 
Jaffar Ahmed Rather, NC(F) leader was shot dead. 

Case No.: 67 
Date: 4.9.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Mrs. Khemlata Wakhloo, ex-Minister and her husband Dr. O.N. Wakhloo, were abducted from their residence by a group of of armed terrorists. While kidnapping, the terrorists had almost stripped Mrs. Wakhloo of her clothes. The couple was ultimately rescued by the Army on October 17/18, from a terrorist hideout. 

Case No.: 68 
Date: 4.10.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Vijay Kumar Kaul was kidnapped from his residence at Srinagar. He was released on Sept. 15 following payment of ransom. 

Case No.: 69 
Date: 9.9.91 
Place: Srinagar 
K.C. Gupta was kidnapped from his office. He was released on December 19, in ex-change of detained District Chief of Hizbullah. 

Case No.: 70 
Date: 22.9.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Tassaduq Dev was kidnapped by a group of terrorists near his residence. He was released on January 17, 1992 in exchange for some terrorists. 

Case No.: 71 
Date: 24/25.9.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Puran Anand, DSP, was kidnapped by a group of terrorists from REC Campus. He was later rescued by Army on December 8. 

Case No.: 72 
Date: 6.10.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Bashir Ahmed Rather, Brother of a Union Minister was kidnapped by a group of terrorists from Hazratbal, Srinagar. He was however, released following private negotiations. 

Case No.: 73 
Date: 7.10.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Mir Nassarullah, son of a Union Minister was abducted by a group of terrorists while he was travelling in his car. He was released on March 14, 1992 following negotiations. 

Case No.: 74 
Date: 17.10.91 
Place: Tangmarg, Baramulla 
Mohd. Abdullah Malik, local NC(F) leader was abducted and killed. 

Case No.: 75 
Date: 22.10.91 
Place: Hazratbal, Srinagar  
Ghulam Gillani, Dy. SP, JKP shot dead outside his residence. - HuM 

Case No.: 76 
Date: 23.10.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Sajjad, son of an ex-Minister an MBBS student was abducted from Jehlum Valley Medical college. He was released by his captors on December 11. 

Case No.: 77 
Date: 26.10.91 
Place: Uri 
Abdul Qayum, brother of an ex-Minister was kidnapped at Gingalin Uri. He was, however, released the same day. 

Case No.: 78 
Date: 1.11.91 
Place: Darbagh, Baramulla 
Habibullah Dar, Tehsil President, NC(F) was shot dead. 

Case No.: 79 
Date: 4.12.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Zaki Ahmed Khan was abducted from a private bus. He was later released on November 8. 

Case No.: 80 
Date: 7.11.91 
Place: Anantnag 
Mohd. Shafi Khan, brother of the Advisor, J&K Govt. was picked up by a group of armed terrorists from his residence. He was later released on January 1, 1992. 

Case No.: 81 
Date: 25.11.91 
Place: Pattan, Baramulla 
Haji Ghulam Muhd Ganai, Prominent businessman and NC(F) leader was abducted and killed. - JKLF 

Case No.: 82 
Date: 4.12.91 
Place: Pulwama 
Ghulam Qadir Wani @ Nilloora, ex-MLA (NC/F) was shot dead in his house. - HuM 

Case No.: 83 
Date: 16.1.92 
Place: Srinagar 
Dr. A.K. Dhar was abducted by a group of terrorists, while he was waiting for a bus. He was subsequently released following negotiations. 

Case No.: 84 
Date: 24.1.92 
Place: Srinagar 
Hafizullah Dar had gone to see one of his ailing relations to Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences at Soura. He was abducted from the hospital premises. He was released after 132 days in captivity in exchange of some detained terrorists. 

Case No.: 85 
Date: 18.2.92 
Place: Combi, Baramulla 
Ghulam Ahmed Wani, prominent businessman and local NC/F leader was abducted and killed. 

Case No.: 86 
Date: 20.2.92 
Place: Srinagar 
Ghulam Nabi Butt was abducted from his office. He, however, escaped on March 15. 

Case No.: 87 
Date: 20.2.92 
Place: Srinagar 
Dr. Mohd. Aslam was kidnapped from his clinic at Batmaloo. He was, however, released on April 18. 

Case No.: 88 
Date: 1.3.92 
Place: Baramulla 
Habibullah Bhat was abducted from his residence by a group of armed terrorists after roughing-up his family members. He was later released on April 5, following negotiations. 

Case No.: 89 
Date: 9.3.92 
Place: Srinagar 
Two prominent academicians, Dr. R.K. Sharma, Head of Physics Deptt. Dr. R.S. Sharma, Head of Chimistry Kashmir University were abducted by armed terrorists from the University Campus. The Al Umar Mujahideen which owned the responsibility for the incident and demanded release of 30 detained terrorist in exchange. They were, however, released on June 22. 

Case No.: 90 
Date: 31.3.92 
Place: Srinagar 
A group of armed terrorists abducted Dr. S.N. Dhar from hospital premises. He was released on June 22,1992. 

At Kadi-kadal Srinagar, on 27.7.1990 around 1700 hrs, the body of one Bilal Tahseen was fitted with explosives and blown to pieces by terrorists, accusing him of being an informer.

Case No.: 91 
Date: 9.4.92 
Place: Kupwara 
Mirwaiz Malik, local religious leader and Tehsil President, NC(F) was shot dead outside his residence. 

Case No.: 92 
Date: 14.4.92 
Place: Baramulla 
Mohd. Latif Qureshi, Brother of the Governor of Bihar was abducted from Baramulla by a group of armed terrorists. He was however released on April 17 following private negotiations. 

Case No.: 93 
Date: 27.4.92 
Place: Baramulla 
Mohd. Iqbal, local NC(F) leader was shot dead while he was leaving a mosque after offering prayers alongwith his brother Mohd Maqbool (an ex-minister) who was hospitalized. - HuM 

Case No.: 94 
Date: 16.6.92 
Place: Qamarwari, Srinagar 
Nazir Ahmed Siddiqi, prominent carpet dealer was shot dead alongwith his wife in his bed room. - HUM 

Case No.: 95 
Date: 2.7.92 
Place: Kangan, Srinagar 

Ghulam Mohd Lone, local NC(F) leader was shot in the village. 

Case No.: 96 
Date: 6.7.92 
Place: Haripora, Srinagar 
Abdul Rashid Malik, local Congress (I) leader was shot dead. 

Case No.: 97 
Date: 7.7.92 
Place: Baramulla 
Mohd. Ismail Rather Nissar, President DCC (I) was shot dead on the main road. - JUM 

Case No.: 98 
Date: 17.7.92 
Place: Dangerpora, Srinagar 

Latif Sheikh, local NC(F) activist. 

Case No.: 99 
Date: 4.8.92 
Place: Srinagar 
A group of terrorists abducted Hans Raj (Manager, Allahabad Bank), B.K. Ghai (AE), Mohan Lal Sharma (Surveyor), Prem Nath Gupta (Contractor) and K.R. Kannan, while they were travelling in a taxi. While Mr. Sharma, P.N. Gupta and Hans Raj were released, B.K. Ghai and K.R. Kannan were shot dead on September, 9. 

Case No.: 100 
Date: 9.8.92 
Place: Trehgam, Kupwara 
Munir Ahmed Lone, local NC(F) leader was abducted from his house and shot dead. 

Case No.: 101 
Date: 16.8.92 
Place: Narabal, Srinagar 
Ghulam Ahmed Ganai, NC(F) activist was shot dead in market place. 

Case No.: 102 
Date: 20.8.92 
Place: Buchwara, Srinagar 

Mohd Shafi, NC(F) activist was abducted and killed. 

Case No.: 103 
Date: 27.8.92 
Place: Aloosa, Baramulla 

Abdul Razak, NC(F) activist was shot dead in market. 

Case No.: 104 
Date: 30.8.92 
Place: Ganderbal 
Mohd. Yusuf Baba, a prominent businessman and political activist was abducted and killed. 

Case No.: 105 
Date: 16.10.92 
Place: Neelam Chowk, Srinagar 
Syed Ghulam Nabi, Jt. Director, Information J&K, was abducted and tortured for four days. His mutilated body with signs of extreme torture was recovered from the road side. 

Case No.: 106 
Date: 21.10.92 
Place: Bemina, Srinagar 
Nazir Ahmed, SP. JKP was shot dead near the hostel of Govt. Medical College where he had gone to see his student daughter. - JUM 

Case No.: 107 
Date: 4.11.92 
Place: Newa, Pulwama 
Mushtaq Ahmed Butt, a prominent businessman was shot dead. 

Case No.: 108 
Date: 11.11.92 
Place: Baramulla 
Mohd. Abdullah Dar, prominent businessman and social worker, was abducted and killed. 

Case No.: 109 
Date: 5.12.92 
Place: Karan Nagar, Srinagar 
H.N. Wanchoo, trade union leader and prominent Human Rights activist was dragged out of his house into a three wheeler and shot dead. - JUM 

Case No.: 110 
Date: 6.12.92 
Place: Ratnipora, Pulwama 
A prominent local Muslim Shabir Ahmed was abducted and tortured to death.  

Case No.: 111 
Date: 11.1.93 
Place: Safapora, Baramulla 
Ghulam Mohd., Tehsildar Sumbal Tehsil, was abducted and released after torture. 

Case No.: 112 
Date: 2.1.93 
Place: Habak, Srinagar 
Three relations of Farooq Nazki, Director, Doordarshan (TV station), Srinagar, were abducted and later released after a week in captivity. 

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