Extortions and Robberies of Private Persons

Extortions and Robberies of Private Persons

Raids on private houses and extortions at gun point have become commonplace in the Kashmir valley. In all cases, the fear of being killed compels the residents to part with whatever valuables they may possess. The fear of reprisal also prevents the victims from reporting to the police. For every case registered with the police, many more have remained unreported. The gun can render even the bravest of men powerless. By targeting those who cannot protect themselves the terrorists have been guilty of cowardice of the worst order.

Case No.: 1 
Date: 20.2.90 
Place: Idgah, Srinagar 
Five unidentified youth boarded truck No. JKB 5955, near Idgah, Srinagar, attacked the driver Ratan Chand and Cleaner Mulk Raj, injuring them and decamped with Rs. 3,200.

Case No.: 2 
Date: 29.5.90 
Place: Sopore 
Rs. 2,000 forcibly taken away from the house of Aziz Lone, butcher of Halmatpora, Sopore. 

Case No.: 3 
Date: 20.11.90 
Place: Sanat Nagar, Srinagar 
Three terrorists intruded in the house-cum-clinic of Dr. Uma Kishore at Sanat Nagar, Srinagar, and decamped with Rs. 55,000 and some documents. 

Case No.: 4 
Date: 5.12.90 
Place: Mustafabad, Zainakot, Srinagar 
Terrorists intruded into the house of one Nazir Ahmed at Mustafabad, Zainakot, and took away 3 gold rings and Rs. 19,000. 

Case No.: 5 
Date: 2.1.91 
Place: Srinagar 
Terrorists intruded into the office of Executive Engineer, Rural Water Supply, Bagh-e-Ali Mardan, Srinagar and de-camped with Rs. 5,10,705 from the cashier. 

Case No.: 6 
Date: 2.1.91 
Place: Baramulla 
During the night of January 2/3, terrorists took away cash worth Rs. 42,408 from the office of Dy. Director, Sericulture Department. 

Appeal to Mujahideen Islam 
During the night 19/20th January some unidentified gunmen stole two carpets measuring 3'x5' from my industry at Dhobipura, Ganderbal. I appeal to the Mujahideen Islam's district Chief Commander to help me to get my carpets back. I am a poor man and make my earning on this business. A number of such cases have taken place in the Ganderbal area in last few months.

-Residents of Ganderbal 
through Ghulam Ahmed Dhobi-Pura, Ganderbal 
Nidia-i-Mushrik/Srinagar Times 
January 24, 1993 

Case No.: 7 
Date: 13.2.91 
Place: Rajbagh, Srinagar 
Six armed terrorists entered the house of Haji Ghulam Rasool, beat him and took away Rs. 80,000, two gold rings and two wrist watches. 

Case No.: 8 
Date: 8.4.91 
Place: Vessu, Qazigund, Anantnag 
On the night of April 7/8, terrorists took away Rs. 10,055 and clothes, cigarettes worth Rs. 12,600 at gun-point from a shop-keepemn Vessu. 

Case No.: 9 
Date: 17.4.91 
Place: Hakura, Mazgam Doru, Anantnag 
In the night intervening April 16/17, terrorists broke open a combined house of Roshan Lal and Kashi Lal of Hakura and looted the household property and later set the house on fire. 

Case No.: 10 
Date: 29.4.91 
Place: Chigal, Handwara 
Terrorists deprived the owner of a petrol pump of Rs.10,000 at gun point. 

Case No.: 11 
Date: 29.4.91 
Place: Qamarwari, Srinagar 
Two terrorists forced their entry into a house near the Masjid and decamped with Rs. 7,500. 

Case No.: 12 
Date: 2.5.91 
Place: Karan Nagar, Srinagar 
Five youth entered the house of Moti Lal Bhat, r/o Karan Nagar, and took away some gold and silver items, cash and one idol from the house. 

Case No.: 13 
Date: 5.2.92 
Place: Bangergund, Kupwara 
On February 4, terrorists took away Rs. 69,495 from the cashier of HMT, Villagam, Kupwara. 

Case No.: 14 
Date: 27.2.92 
Place: Chowkibal 
Terrorists shot at and injured one Ghulam Mohd Mir, s/o Mohd Mukhtar, a grocer, and snatched Rs 79,000 from him. 

Case No.: 15 
Date: 16.4.92 
Place: Kanlibagh, Baramulla 
Terrorists intruded into the house of Mohd. Yunus Khan, demanded Rs.1,00,000 and on refusal terrorists snatched Rs. 11,000 and ornaments worth Rs.12,500. 

Case No.: 16 
Date: 9.6.92 
Place: Charsoo, Pulwama 
Terrorists looted Rs.30,000 from one Ali Mohd. Dar, r/o Charsoo, while he was travelling in a taxi. 

Case No.: 17 
Date: 1.8.92 
Place: Nagin, Srinagar 
Two terrorists entered the house of Mohd. Amin, businessman and snatched two golden bangles at gun point. 

Case No.: 18 
Date: 28.10.92 
Place: Baramulla  
Terrorists looted Rs. 16000 from Mohd. Amin, from his house. 

Case No.: 19 
Date: 29.10.92 
Place: Kupwara, Sopore Highway 

Terrorists ooted from Khandey Petrol pump. 

Case No.: 20 
Date: 16.11.92 
Place: Rajbagh, Srinagar 
Terrorists intruded into the house of one Ghulam Geelani Shah and looted Rs. 25,000 and some gold ornaments. 

Case No.: 21 
Date: 9.1.93 
Place: Kishtwar, Doda 
Rs. 1,25,000 and valuables looted from the house of a Hindu. 

Case No.: 22 
Date: 11.1.93 
Place: Kishtwar, Doda 
Rs. 1,30,000 looted from the house of a Hindu.

Case No.: 23 
Date: 15.1.93 
Place: Achabal, Anantnag 
The house of Block Medical Officer, was looted and then set on fire. 

Case No.: 24 
Date: 10.2.93 
Place: Kishtwar, Doda 
Some jewellery and 2 licenccd guns were looted from the house of a Hindu. 

Case No.: 25 
Date: 4.3.93 
Place: Hyderpora, Srinagar 
Rs. 34,600 were looted from the house of a Muslim at gun point.

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