Major Manoj Talwar, Rifleman Bachhan Singh and Rifleman Jasvir Singh

Major Manoj Talwar, Rifleman Bachhan Singh and Rifleman Jasvir Singh

utting these heroes on this page together in no way lessens their heroism and valour. It is only that we are unable to get enough information about these heroes. As soon as we get we will have separate pages for them.

Major Manoj Talwar (from left to right), (Mahar Regiment) rifleman Bachhan Singh and rifleman Jasvir Singh (both from Rajputana Rifles), who made the supreme sacrifice fighting armed Pak intruders in the Kargil sector on Monday. PTI photo

Kargil, like any other armed conflict has not only cut short the lives of individuals who made a supreme sacrifice for their motherland, but also nipped in the bud the flowering of many special relationships.

Behind the saga of gallantry of the Indian armed forces are little known tales of a cruel and abrupt end to beautiful relationships.

Sepoy Sanjay Singh's wife could not bear the news of her husband ''missing in action" and committed suicide. Nine-year-old Nidhi and seven-year-old Gaurav have been orphaned. The widow of Nayab Subedar Mangej Singh wants to send all her three sons to the front to defend the country. ''I shall not hesitate to send all my three sons to the front and will be proud if they die defending the country like their father," swore Santosh Kanwar over her husband's pyre.

The tales of valour, of promises kept in the most trying way, of broken relationships and dreams shattered go on. On the other hand broken hearts will continue to murmur the words: ''When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today."

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