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Lack of National Patriotism

The Hindus are not lesser sinners than the Muslims in partitioning their Motherland because they failed to match the Muslim hatred with their love of Bharat Mata. If they were the least patriotic, they would have resisted this most diabolical act with the force of arms. >>>

Islam and Nationalism

Nationalism is incompatible with Islam, both schools having two opposite ideologies. The Quran has explicitly rejected the basis of nationalism and states that language, colour and race are no criteria for unity and privilege. The only criteria are belief and virtue. >>>

How deep are the Hindu roots in Kashmir?

Most of the Shiva shrines are situated on the shores of Dal Lake in Srinagar e.g., Jaishthethwar (Presently Zeethyar Shrine), Sarveshwar (Presently Sarishwar), Sarsheshwar, Mahadev etc. Actually the entire Kashmir valley is Lord Shiva's Abode. Not only this the Gupt Ganga or Ishvihar (Presently Ishwar), Gupt Teerath (Presently Gopi Teerath) and Shat Dhara Teerath are also connected wilh Lord Shiva. >>>

Is India under the shadow of a threatening catastrophe?

It is unfortunate that an attitude of disdain has been betrayed towards the indispensable intrinsic values of the Indian civilisation right from 1947. After the results of the elections to the 11th Lok Sabha this attitude turned more pronounced and aggressive according to some political analysts. >>>

Greater Autonomy for Kashmir?

If the present Government persists with their present approach, they will make future of Kashmir extremely dark and uncertain. >>>

What is my greatest problem in the Valley?

"When you kill one person, you go to the prison. When you kill one hundred persons, you are a hero. And when you are responsible for the killings of hundreds of persons you are invited to peace talks." >>>

Apology to Hindus a MUST!

It was a grand global news when Pope reversed the Catholic position and apologized to Galileo for wrong done to him. It was a grand event when the Prime Minister of Japan paid a visit to Korea to apologize to the Koreans for atrocities committed during the Second World War, repeatedly expressing grief for causing destruction and pain to Koreans. >>>

Mankind blissfully unaware of its past

A natural Shivling-shape rock exists in an hillside cave near Nyale village in Mombara (South Africa). Shiva devotees visit the Shrine and a congregational fair is held there on Shivaratri day. Lord 'Ganesha' is the municipal symbol of Bangkok the capital of Thailand. >>>

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