Urdu Press in Kashmir

Urdu Press in Kashmir

The Urdu Press in Kashmir is playing a leading role in projecting the activities of terrorists and maligning security forces to suit the interest of anti-national elements. No doubt some of them may be doing it at the point of gun, but it all results in only emboldening these terrorists out-fits and embarrassment to the Government. Almost the whole front page (with continued next page' captions) is devoted to terrorists, news and interestingly the government advertisements are printed on about two pages. What an irony. Are these advertisements given to these newspapers to project views of militants? Why to finance such newspapers, if these newspapers cannot be asked to stop pro- terrorist and anti- security and anti-national news?

Freedom of press and expression does not mean license to propagate terrorist views and play to the tune of anti-national elements.

 A few extracts of some news papers from Kashmir show how liberty of press is misused.

"Taking up arms is not a compulsion but a religious obligation. Adopting an apologetic attitude on this issue is un-Islamic".

A Hizb Staternent Srinagar, Times 9.1.91

"We should do nothing to strengthen this idea of nationalism within Muslim Ummah. Being a Pathan, an Arab, a Punjabi, Kashmiri, a Shiah or a Suni should divide us no more. We are part and parcel of world Muslim Ummah. Non-Muslims, whcther Hindus, Jews, Christians and others do not want Muslims to prosper.

Mushtaq Ahmed's Letter in ALSAFA (Urdu) 13.1.91

"Nobody will participate in 26th January celebrations- the black day".

A Statement of Gurella Front in Srinagar Times 23.1.91

"Any step to bring migrated people from Kashmir back to the Valley will be a failure. Measures are being taken to settle them under security cover.

News Item, Alsafa (Urdu) 12.7.91

"13th July is the day of honour for Islam. On this day struggle for ouster of Dogra Rule was launched"

Andrabi in ALSAFA 12.7.91

"Al-Mujahideen has warned the militants from exploiting and misusing the present struggle by claiming to work as Mujahideens.

News, Daily AFTAB (Urdu)

"A lady named Halima from Bandipora shot dead by militants near Iqbal Park, Srinagar. She was accused of being a police informer. It is reported...that there were other girls too working with her. Hunt has been launched to catch them also."

Daily AFTAB (Urdu) Sept. 24, 1991

"Your land Islam, your tribe of Mustafa; creating any platform for nationalism (Kashmiriat) tantamount to paving the way for furthering the interests of infidels."

Andrabi in Alsafa 9.9.91

"The character of Hindu rulers is cruel as such non- violent struggle in Kashmir is not workable. Hindus cannot be compared with British. They will open the mouth of their guns against Muslims without caring if their movement is non- violent or violent."

Mausum Kashmiris' letter in Alsafa 13.1.91

"Sikh and Muslims are fighting for the same cause. We have not raised arms against any community but against India."

Al-Umar in ALSAFA, 4th June 1991

"Plague of copying in the examination halls goes unabated. Candidates enter the examination halls carrying pistols, hand grenades etc."

ALSAFA 28.3.91

"Rupees five lakhs looted from J&K Bank (Hari Singh High Street, Srinagar). Bank emplyees say they have no faith in the Kashmir police."

ALSAFA 28.3.91

"Women without "burqua" forced to come down from buses and made to walk on foot. Purses of ladies wearing "burquas" searched."

ALSAFA 12.4.91

(This clearly shows that anti-national elements are running the show).

"Sikhs and their properties are safe in Valley. Those Sikhs who have left Valley have betrayed Sikhism. Sikhs cannot live on doles. Muslims are waiting to welcome the migrated Sikhs back to the Valley."

N.D. Singh, President J&K Unit of Akali Dal (Mann), ALSAFA, 13.4.91

"Those who follows western way of life have no right to live in Kashmir. Those who will create difficulties or hurdles in the implementation of the "purdah" (Burqua) movement will meet a miserable end."

Hizb Islami, ALSAFA 15.4.91

"Four persons including a woman killed by Liberation Front activists on charge of illicit relations. The Front also realised a sum of Rs.78,000/- as fine from two other accused."

ALSAFA 17.4.91

"Fake militants creating problems".

Alsafa 20.3.91

"Affluent Kashmiris have purchased flats at Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and other places and have started their business with non-Kashmiris over there. They have also sent their children to educational institutions there for better education."

Wadi Ki Awaz 21.3.91

A Lady Appeals to Militants

"Can I ask you why my husband Bashir Ahmed Layagaroo was killed on 15th October at 6.45 a.m. near Akhrajpora, Raj Bagh by some unknown militants. No organisation has claimed responsibility for it so far. I appeal to all the organisations to enquire into the, matter especially Akhwan Muslamin, Hizb-Ullah, Hizb-Al-Momeen, Muslim Jhanbaz, Al Umar, for their personal enquiry. If Bashir Ahmed has been finished for any action the same may be put before the public, if not, then the persons responsible for this crime should be handed over to us. I am a helpless lady. I have four young children including two girls, the eldest being ten years old. I am shocked over the incident as to why my husband was murdered."

Your Sister
W/o Bashir Ahmed, Akhrajpora, Rajbagh
(This appeal appeared in the Aftab of 18.10 1991)

"Kashmiri Pandits must make it clear whether they left on their own or were asked to leave Kashmir."

Al Umar Mujahidin, Srinagar Times 11.12.1991

"Al-Umar Mujahideen has sent a warning to businessmen from Kashmir who desire to set up stalls at Pragati Maidan. They have been asked to be prepared to face consequences. All people have been asked to hand over the fake militants to the real militants."

Srinagar Times 11.12.1990

Appeal to Mujahideen Brothers

"My father has passed away in the month of August this year and as per Hindu religion. I have to perform some religious rites in his name which includes the immersing the ashes into the Ganges at Hardwar (U.P.). These ceremonies must be performed between 21st of December and 31st December 1991. So I appeal to Mujahideen brothers to permit me to be out for this period. I hope I will face no difficulties on retuning back. I hope I will be given permission for these ten days to leave the Valley and I will not be a subject of any suspicion on my return."

Mohan Lal Tiku
Aarigam, Tehsil Bandipora, Kashmir

(This appeal appeared in the Aftab and Srinagar Times of 11.12.1990)

Another heartrending appeal appeared in Al Safa, Aug. 23, 1991:

"I appeal to all organisations, particularly Chief, Mohd. Ashan Dar, Javed Ahmed Mir and Hilal Ahmed Beg that a person named, Abdul Ahad Lone, s/o Ramzan Lone r/o Har- nokawa, Chekkareri, Teh. Tangmarg, has abducted my wife Rafika on Aug. 18. She is the mother of three children, all below the age of seven years. One child aged one-and-a half has also been kidnapped along with her. I request all organisations to arrest this man and hand him over to me to save the lives of my other children. The accused should be punished according to the Holy Koran and Sunnat "

A news item, appearing in the Srinagar Times of Sept. 12,1990 ran thus:


"In the meeting of the Supreme Council of the JKLF on Sept. 11, 1990, a lot of concern and resentment was expressed over the information that a few members of militant organisations are collecting funds in Srinagar and its suburbs by going to houses and showing letters from their leaders to the owners demanding Rs. 50,000 in cash, by gun-toting Mujahideen (sic). "

"The JKLF condemns such acts of the Mujahideen and has asked for restrictions to be imposed on such activities. Besides, no account is being kept of the colossal sums of money being collected by Mujahideens outsides Kashmir, i.e. Suadi Arab (sic), Gulf, Iran and United Arab Emirates."

An immensely significant news item appeared in ALSAFA on July 7, 1991.

"Expressing great concern and anguish regarding the information (mentioned above), the Chief Commander of the JKLF, Javed Ahmed, said the children are being kidnapped on the pretext of training and such informant on is consistently pouring in from several cities and villages. Children of the ages of ten are being taken away from the local educational centres and sent to unknown places for training. He warned persons involved in such rackets."

An interesting bit of information considering what has been happening recently. How much Amanullah Khan is really aware of is a matter of substantial debate.

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