Arming of militants in Pakistan

Arming of militants in Pakistan

Arming of Militants

Weapons Seized

  "...There are credible reports of official Pakistan support for militants fighting in Kashmir..." 
-U.S. State Department report "Patterns of Global Terrorism" 1995.

Mr. Jack CunninghamForeign Secretary of the Shadow Cabinet, Labour Party, U.K., in a press briefing on March 25, 1994.

"In Kashmir Valley an insurgency is going on. But it is not by the local community. There is a lot of evidence to suggest the insurgency is organised, assisted and triggered by forces outside India. I mention here Pakistan, which is conducting training camps.... I also met four captured militants: one Afghan, one Palestinian and other Pakistanis. They admitted that they fought in Afghanistan and Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan. A large cache of arms made in different countries and seized from the militants were shown to me. We want to cut off support to insurgency whatever the source.

The arms bazaar in Pakistan.

The following are extracts from two reports "Pakistan's Kashmir Strategy" a report of the Freeman Centre for Strategic studies, and "The New Islamic International" a report of the Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the House Republican Research Committee U.S. house of representatives, Washington D.C.

....Meanwhile the ISI continues to provide the terrorists with new weapons. In the summer of 1993, the Kashmiri Mujahideen were provided with long range and powerful missiles - Saqr missiles of Afghan war vintage. At that time, the Kashmiri and ISI crews were being trained in the use of these missiles in Pakistani Kashmir.

Subsequently there has been a marked expansion of smuggling of quality weapons from Pakistan in to Kashmir as of late 1993. There has been a corresponding change in the terrorists' tactics, introducing hit and run strikes by highly trained and well equipped detachments. Among the new weapons now used in Kashmir are 107mm rockets, 60mm mortars, automatic grenade launchers (Soviet and Chinese models), modification of 57 mm helicopter rocket pods with solar powered sophisticated timing device for delayed firing barrages of rockets, and LAW-type tube-launched ATMs (Soviet and Chinese models). A threshold was crossed in the spring of 1994 when the ISI began providing the Kashmiri Islamists with Stinger SAMs. Indian security forces captured a stinger on 30 April 1994.....

Extract from the Freeman Centre for Strategic Studies, Pakistan Kashmir and the Trans-Asian axis, two research papers by Yossef Bodansky, Summer 1995.

....Islamabad also uses the escalation in Kashmir as a cover for the overall expansion of the terrorist training and support for operations in Central Asia and elsewhere in the world. In order to escalate their Islamist Jihad, the ISI established in early 1990s, the Markaz Dawar, a centre for world wide Islamist activities..... 

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