Nunda Reshi

Nunda Reshi

Ziyarat-i-Chrar-e-Sharief Ziyarat-i-Chrar-e-Sharief
The Nund Reshi's Ziyarat at Charri-Sharief, Budgam District Kashmir, is his self-choiced place of final repose for eternal rest after his soul left his body to reside and flew in space, to find his place of honour like Lall Ded as models of global humanism.
True to the core, they are practical messengers for equality of the human race along with life in the biosphere.
Hence the Ziyarat has duly become one of the most frequented place of pilgrimage in Kashmir for all sections of people irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
Supply of photograph by courtesy of Sh. Moti Lal Saqi.

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