Permission to Publish

Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), Inc. ( respects the intellectual property of others, and asks its visitors to do the same. All the material, including the audio, video and photographic material existing on this website is copyrighted material,which is owned by all those who have contributed written articles, books related to Kashmir, pictures, paintings, community publications, newsletters, audio cassettes and CDs of Kashmiri music and video cassettes of Kashmiri video footage.

Researchers who wish to publish materials from our collections are required to request permission in advance so that the KOA administrator can get you in touch with the original contributor of the material. In addition to publication in books and journal or magazine articles, permission is required for display in exhibits (hardcopy or online), presentation in websites, or display in offices or public facilities. Items to be published, as well as publication information, are listed in the bottom section of this form.

  • Permission is granted for one-time use only. Material may not be re-used without the written permission of KOA, Inc. The User must complete a separate permissions form for change of use; change in format; sale, transfer, or loan to a different user, publisher, distributor, company, corporation, etc., either in the United States or elsewhere; change in agreed upon distribution; change in location; or any other deviation from the uses designated below.
  • Permission to publish is contingent upon the acknowledgement of this request from KOA, Inc.
  • KOA, Inc. does not claim to control the rights of reproduction for pictorial materials in its collections. The publishing party assumes all responsibility for clearing production rights and for any infringement of the U.S. Copyright Code.
  • The publisher agrees to send KOA, Inc. a copy of the publication(s) containing the image(s) used. In the case of motion pictures, slideshows, videos, exhibits, or any other such work, the publisher undertakes to send still photographs or photocopies of the title frame and frame showing picture credits.
  • If non-profit, the User certifies that all funds it collects from fees, charges, royalties or other income from its use of the material obtained from KOA, Inc. library shall be used for non-profit purposes.
  • Citations should consist of the following for each image:
  • Photograph identification number (if known)
  • Collection or file name (required)

Permissions are not required for:

  • Use of materials in class lectures by faculty or class presentations or assignments by students
  • Direct textual quotations of less than 500 words

KOA, Inc. strives to respond to requests by email within one week of receipt. Requests for large numbers of photographs or omission of an email address will delay our response. Our response will address permissions for use of the physical and intellectual property, the copyright status and required citation form for each item requested, and any applicable commercial use fees. An electronic version of this form is available at , completed forms may be submitted as email attachments to in advance of final production.

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