Transformation is program that was initiated by Rakesh Kaul ji at New Jersey about five years back. The purpose of the program was to integrate community through common celebrations of at least one of the many festivals that Kashmiris across Kashmir celebrated together. The purpose was to celebrate that will join the community with common sharing of the celebrations but also to impart the knowledge about our Dharma traditions, rituals and knowledge about it.


There are two parts to the Transformations:

Knowledge Portion: The knowledge portion of the celebration lasts about 2 days to 1.5 days depending upon the attendant interests and the number of topics we can arrange. The number of topics that are discussed in detail can be from two to four topics. All topics are related to Kashmiri cultural, Historical and Dharma. Some time we have also included comparative topics from scientific perspective and our traditional perspectives. The talks are interactive, with question and possible longer discussions. It all depends upon the audience there interests and how much they get involved. Some of the subjects we have covered in NJ are,

  • Arts and crafts and statuary of Kashmir
  • Genetic mapping and what it tells us about Kashmiris
  • Gotra system
  • Panchastavi Study
  • ShivaRaatri and its deeper meanings and practices.


Children and School/college going children knowledge part is a separately arranged. Here innovativeness of the volunteers is important. Occasionally it can include quiz competition among groups of young and children.

Jeyshta Ashtami Shri Maha RAjNya Homam: This homam is performed in ShArda temple in NJ where eight to nine homa KundAs are available, so that all families can participate in the Homam. One of the main items is Homam on the chanting of MahaRjNya Sahasra NAma, that was acquired by NJ group after a great effort.


Rabinder Koul

Born in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, Rabinder Koul lives with his wife Rajni in New Jersey. They have a son, Aditya. He has a Ph.D. degree in Theoretical Physics, and an MS degree in Mathematical Physics, both from Syracuse University, and an M. Tech degree from IIT Bombay. He works as a Portfolio Risk manager. His interests are Indian History, Darshana Shastra, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physics, all things related to India (Bharat).

Rabinder ji is involved with socio-political issues connected with India and Dharma, and is FACT President, WBF Executive Board, and member of KOA and IAKF.

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