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An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri





Prof. Trilokinath Raina

Taught English Literature at the National Defence Academy Pune. Author of An Anthology of Modern Kashmiri Verse, Best of Mahjoor, Cradle for Leadership, Dina Nath Nadim and A History of Kashmiri Literature.

Maharaj Krishan Santoshi

Hindi poet and short story writer. Author of Burf Par Nange Paoon, Yeh Samay­ Kavitat Ka Nahin, Is Baar Shaed.

Dr. K. L. Chowdhury Dr. K.L. Chowdury

Physician and poet. Author of Of Men, Militants and Gods. Contributes articles to various journals.

Dr. T. N. Dhar Dr. T.N. Dhar

Professor of English and Director of Arts Programme, Asmara Universisty, Asmara. Author of Under The Shadow of Militancy (The Diary of an Unknown Kashmiri Critic, reviewer and researcher.

Poetry in The Time of Exile Dr. Shashi Shekhar Toshkhani

Critic, poet, translator, researcher. Author of Mahanaya Prakash (Kashmir Sahitya Ka Itihas). Editor of Unmesh.

B. L. Kak

Journalist. Author of The Fall of Gilgit: The Untold Story of Indo-Pak Affairs From Jinnah to Bhutto; Changing Shadows in Ladakh; Z.A. Bhutto: Note., From Delhi Cell: Kashmir: Problems and Politics; Kashmir: Untold Story of, Men & Matters.

Dr. A. N. Dhar

Taught English Literature at the University of Kashmir. Critic, poet and translator. Author of Mysticism Across Various Cultures. Editor of Patrika.
Dr. Sanjog Bhan

Reviewer. Contributes article to various journals.
Braja Chattopadhyay

Bengali poet, critic, reviewer. Contributes articles to various journals.
Dr. R.L. Bhat

A doctor by profession Journalist, reviewer. Contributes articles to various journals.
R.N. KaulProf. R N. Koul

Author of Lal Ded, Sheikh Mohd Abdullah (A Political Phoenix), From the Happy Valley (A flower vase of English verse).

R K. Bharti

Journalist and translator.
Manoj Sheeri

Contributes articles to various journals.

P.N. Bhat

Contributes articles to various journals. Translated Nilmatpurana into Hindi.

Prof. S.N. Wakhloo Prof. S.N. Wakhloo

Author of the novel Hubba Khatoon. Contributes articles to various journals.

Dr. Manzoor Fazili

Taught Political Science at the Kashmir University. Researcher. Contributes articles to various journals. Author of some books.

Dr. Premi Romani

Urdu poet. Author of Sungimeel. Reviewer. Contributes articles to different journals.

Dr. B. K. Moza Dr. B.K. Moza

Reviewer. Chief Editor Vitasta, Kolkata.

Arjan Dev Majboor



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And the world remained silent

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