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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



nera haa sanyaas lagith .......... 

    I long to put on saffron robes
    And find out where my love has gone,
    Roam in every town and village
    And over hill and dale.

    I'd glide into his bower
    With love in every limb,
    And gather in my eyes a bouquet
    Of flowers that do not fade.

    If my love would only look at me,
    Leaving his high disdain.
    I'd be. the Shravan jessamine,
    Abloom with youth and joy.

    I hear the God of Love will come to the Dal
    And spend the night at Telbal
    O could I become a patient lotus
    In the lake to watch him pass !

    Variegated flowers bloom,
    Some with ravishing perfumes;
    But among them all I long to find
    The one that does not fade.

    He came to see me unexpected;
    How could I show him the anguish
    Of my love ? I'd have revived
    If he had stayed a moment.

    I long for him to come and hear
    The song of my love-sick soul;
    I'd tune the strings of love
    In any heart's harp with joy.

    If his flint heart will melt
    Only with my tears,
    I shall weep a rain of blood
    From my eyes every day.

    I wonder how they will react
    To Mahjoor's songs of love.
    I'd love to hear and shall wait,
    And would listen with all my ears !



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