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1) Prof. Ale Ahmed Suroor (Aligarh)

Whatever distinct work has been done by Dr. B. Premi in the field of criticism and teaching of Urdu language and literature is well recognised. His book on Manto helps greatly in understanding and assessing a distinguished artist.

2) Abu Syeed Qureshi (Karachi)

'Premi's love is immortal. I highly appreciate Brij Premi's firmness of mind and inquisitiveness, his interest and love.

3) Prof. Khwaja Ahmed Farooqi (New Delhi)

'His genuine love, unbounded candour, his liking for knowledge, and gentleness constitute the greatest wealth'.

4) Prof. Masood Hussain Khan (Aligarh)

'I had a no. of meetings with him in Kashmir and his personality left a deep impact on my mind. He was kind enough to have sent a copy of his book on Manto, which I went through with great interest."

5) Dr. Tara Charan Rastogi (Guwahti)

'Who is not aware of late Brij Premi's warmth of affection and his high status and stature in the field of literature? He was a multi-dimension writer and served Urdu with dedication. I met him in Srinagar on three occasions. The beauty of his etiquette, sweetness of disposition and cheerful countenance in whatever he did, and his habits and strength of character can be said to be proverbial. To rise to this great stature is not an ordinary thing".

6) Prof. Qamar Rais:

'He possessed a great literary taste, refined attitude and etiquette)

7) Prof. Shamim Hanfi (Delhi)

'Whenever I happened to go to Srinagar, I would meet him. He was a resolute and cultured person. It was always a joy to meet him!

Mazhar Imam (Patna)

Death of Brij Premi Saheb is a personal loss to me. It shocked me beyond any description. I was not knowing your present adress & therefore coul not write well in time. I had personal liking for the deceased. I woudl always respect has literary. I would always respect his literary activities. His death is loss to the entire Urdu world. I am with you, your mother and other family membes in this hour of grief.

Upinder Nath Ashq (Alahabad):-

I suddenly received the soul-shattering news about the demise of your father, and my beloved friend, Brij Premi. For a moment I could not believe it. I had heard about his being a diabetic. But, this disease of diabetes is common these days, and people, despite having this problem, live upto eighty to eighty-five years. But it is equally true that no one has control over death, and no one can prevent the inevitable. I and the members of my family share your grief caused by this tragedy, and all our sympathies are with you and other bereaved members. May God grant peace to Premi's soul. He had to do a lot of things in the days to come.

Kashmiri Lal Zakir (Chandigharh):

I was immensely shocked to learn that your respected father, Dr. Brij Premi had passed away. You may know, he was my dear friend, and the sad news grieved me excessively. Some time ago, I had received from him a kind and lovely letter I had never believed that he would go away from us so soon. Kindly convey my condolence on this tragic happening to your mother. I evenly share your grief, and pray to God to grant peace to the departed soul. Haryana Urdu Academy has passed a condolence resolution on the sad demise of Dr. Sahib.

Prof. Saif-ud-Din Soz:

This news is extremely shocking for me that my dear friend, respected Brij Premi, has passed away in his youthful age. This tragedy has become all the more painful because Brij Premi a person of high stature and fame, died in Jammu far away from his fellow-friends and relatives. I fully share your grief. I advise you to complete his great literary works, in the interest of Urdu, which have remained unfinished because of his passing away. May God give you strength to bear this shock.

*(Translated from original by Prof. M.L. Raina)

Source: Kashmir Sentinel



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