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Brij Premi's Research on Manto

By Prof. Mohd. Hassan

*The author headed the Department of Urdu JNU and edited ASRI-ADAB, well-known literary journal.

Brij Premi has written a research oriented book captioned "Life and Works of Saadat Hassan Mantoo," which has an edge over all the books and articles written on Mantoo so far.

Brij Premi has provided interesting information, after putting in hard labour and describing in minute detail Manto's family, forefathers and his personality which people in general have no idea of.  This book is so full of life that it deserves to be published and included in the monthly 'Asri Adab' again. Brij Premi has effectively analysed Manto's dramas, sketches, short stories and letters etc. He has tried to present in depth and proper context-Manto's thought and art. It is evident that the whole research-oriented work is praiseworthy and it ignores Manto's negative aspects of his bitterness of thought and art. The fact is that Manto steers clear of the unpleasant contradictions of his age and his group. That is the reason why he was popular and among the loved ones and continues to be so, and that again is the reason of his being targeted by critics. Till date this work of Brij Premi is the last word on Mantoo, and for every student of the art of short story writing, this book is worth reading.

*(Translated from Urdu By Prof. M.L. Raina )  

Source: Kashmir Sentinel



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