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Exaggerated Reporting by Press

The Hindustan Times

S. No.  Issue  Source  Incident & Date  Official Report
1.  January 24 S.S. Banyal Story  Srinagar, Jan. 23 
Six killed as UN guards fire on Srinagar mob
(a) Security guards of UNMOG shot dead six people in Sonawar area.
(b) In police firing, one person was killed in Lal Bazar and another at Kamu in Anantnag district. 
4 civilians were reportedly killed.
No such incident was reported on January 23. However, one bullet-ridden body of a Sikh was recovered from river Jhelum at Batwara.
2.  June 15  PTI  Jammu, June 14
Eight killed in Kashmir. Subverters killed eight people, including three BSF Personnel 
5 persons including one BSF personnel reportedly killed on June 13. Only two casualties were reported on June 14.
3.  July 10  UNI, PTI  Jammu, July 9
30 killed in Valley: DC's son released.
(a) 30 people, including 13 militants and 3 CRPF Jawans were killed in Kashmir Valley since last night.
(b) 13 militants were killed and one arrested while trying to infiltrate.
1 person was reportedly killed on July 9, Two SF and 1 CRPF jawan killed on July 8. No CRPF jawan was killed on July 9.
1 killed and 4 arrested while trying to infiltrate.
4.  July 18  PTI  Srinagar, July 17
Red alert sounded in Kashmir; 6 killed 
3 persons were reportedly killed on July 17.
5.  August 20 PTI  Jammu, August 19
Alert in Valley; 5 killed 
No casualty reported on August 19. Three were reportedly killed on August 19
6.  September 4 HTC  Srinagar, September 3
13 killed in Valley; 13 people including 2 suspected militants and 1 CRPF jawan, were killed in the Valley.
8 casualties reported. No CRPF man was killed on September 3.
7.  September 17  PTI  Jammu, September 16
5 killed in Kashmir 
5 people including a militant were killed in last 74 hours. A militant was killed in the Kupwara Sector in an the border encounter. 
No casualty was reported on September 15. 3 casualties reported on September 16. No militant was killed on on September 15/16.
8.  September 20 UNI  Srinagar, September 19
Six killed in Valley. A BSF jawan and a self-styled area commander of Kashmir Freedom Movement were among six killed during last 24 hours. 
Only killing of an Area Commandar of KFM was reported on September 18. No BSF Jawan killed on September 18/19. No casualty reported on September 19.

The Statesman

S. No.  Issue  Source  Incident & Date  Official Report
1.  June 13  PTI  Jammu, June 12
5 militants among 10 killed in J&K. 
4 casualties were reported on June 12.
2.  June 24  FOC  Jammu, Jun 23
21 killed in Valley
a) Twenty-one people including 14 militants and 2 CRPF jawans were killed. 
b) Nine subversives were killed in Kupwara while infiltrating.
3 casualties were reported on July 23.
5 subversives were reportedly killed on July 23 in Kupwara.
3.  August 11  UNI & 
Jammu, August 10
5 killed in Kashmir; 
Five people were killed by militants in Kashmir Valley since last night
1 person was reportedly killed.
4.  August 13  FOC  Jammu, August 12
19 killed in Kashmir; Nineteen people, including 13 militants. 4 BSF jawans and 2 civilians were killed since last night.
13 militants were killed at the LAC. 
1 civilian was reportedly killed on August 12. No casualty reported on August l1. No BSF jawan was killed on August 11/12.
Only 1 militant was reportedly killed at Kupwara on August 11.
5.  August 19  FOC  Jammu, August 18
11 killed, top militant held; 
(a) Eleven people including seven militants were killed today. 
(b) Six militants were killed at the border while infiltrating.
Two casualties were reported on August 18.
No such incident reported on August 18.
6.  August 20  UNI  Jammu, August 19
5 killed in Kashmir, Six militants held. 
Three militants were killed in an encounter in Kupwara Sector while infiltrating.
Only 1 casualty reported on August 19.
No such incident reported.
7.  August 26  UNI  Jammu, August 25
10 killed in Kashmir. Six subversives were among 10 killed in Kashmir valley since last night.
Only 8 casualties were reported on August 25 and one on August 24.
8.  August 28  UNI & 
Srinagar, August, 27
Former MLA among 10 killed in J&K; A former MLA of J&K and a police constable were among 10 killed in the Valley since last night.
4 casualties reported. No policeman killed on August 27.
9.  September 5  FOC  Jammu, September4
Eight killed in Kashmir
(a) At least 8 people were reported to have been killed in different parts of Kashmir Valley. 
(b) BSF shot 2 militants in Uri.
4 casualties were reported on September 4.
No such incident reported.

The Indian Express

S. No.  Issue  Source  Incident & Date  Official Report
1.  March 1  ENS  February 28
One person killed in shooting incident in Bijbehara.
No such report.
2.  August 16 UNI  August 15
18 people, including 15 militants killed in Valley.
14 militants killed in an encounter in the 5 km. belt.
6 casualties reported on August 14.
No such incident reported.
3.  August 30 PTI  August 29
12 killed in Kashmir
7 militants were killed in different incidents. 
4 casualties reported on August 29.
3 militants reportedly killed on August 29.
4.  September 1 ENS  August 31
10 killed in Valley 
3 casualties including 1 security personnel reported on August 31.
5.  September 6 ENS  September 5
7 killed including 3 security forces personnel; 
3 securitymen among 7 killed in Kashmir.
5 persons including 3 security men killed on September 5. 

The Times of India

S. No.  Issue  Source  Incident & Date  Official Report
1.  July 10  Agencies  Jammu, June 9
13 terrorists among 30 killed.
12 militants killed in encounter when they tried to sneak across the LAC in Valley.
Only one casualty reported on July 9.
Only 1 militant was killed in Kupwara sector on July 8/9.
2.  July l2  TOINS  Srinagar, July 11
11 shot in Valley 
Only 1 casualty reported on July 11.
3.  September 1  TOINS  Srinagar, August 30 
SSP Shot at; 9 killed in Kashmir
3 casualties reported on July 11.
4.  September 4  TOINS  Srinagar, September 3 
JK Staff on strike; 5 killed
2 casualties were reported on Sept. 3
5.  September 8  TOINS  Srinagar, September 7 
15 JK militants among 26 killed. 
a) 13 Pak trained youth killed in an encounter in Uri Sector.
b) Six security personnel were killed in a mine blast planted at Shakhargund at Sopore-Handwara road.
c) Six security personnel were also killed in the encounter.
21 causalties reported on Sept.3.
a) 12 killed on 6\7 Sept. in Uri Sector.
b) Only one jawan was killed in the encounter.
c) No such incident was reported.
6.  September 9  TOINS  Srinagar, Sept. 8
2 jawans among nine killed in J&K. 
4 casualties including two security personnel reported on Sept. 8.
7.  September 10 UNI  Jammu, Sept 9
2 security men among seven killed in J&K.
Only one casualty, that of a security man, was reported on Sept. 9.
8.  September 12 TOINS  Srinagar, Sept. 11
30 J&K militants die in bus blast during encounter.
21 militants were killed in the incident.

HTC: Hindustan Times Correspondent.
FOC: From our Correspondent.
ENC: Express News Service
TOINS: Times of India News Service

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