Table of Contents
   About the Author
   Territorial & Political Analysis
   Heritage And Legacy
   Crudities And Contradictions
   Prelude To Proxy War
   Terror And Horror
   Tears And Trauma
   Political Treachery
   Nation in Crucible
   Ekta Yatra
   Violation Of Human Rights
   A Peep Into Macabre

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Kashmir: Distortions and Reality

Dinanath Raina

This book is at once a sharp departure from the prevailing practice of writing on Kashmir. It gives the inside account of what actually happened during the last four years and is not a partisan publication. Facts have been revealed in the larger national interest. Many prevalent assumed notions about territorial and political aspects of J&K state have been nailed. Strategic importance of Kashmir in the defence of India in regard to China has been fully established. The so-called third alternative has been blasted. The genesis of terrorism and insurgency as also suppressed realities and deceptions, illusions and distortions have been thoroughly discussed. Pakistan's actions since partition for disintegration of India through its operational bases in Kashmir have been unveiled. The heart-rending and tearful stories of genocide and forced exile of innocent original natives of the valley has been narrated. The alarming consequences of disappearance of a ray of light seen by Gandhiji in 1947, on India's present nationhood with its likely frightening fall-out has been lucidly described. The rationale of Ekta Yatra, its positive effects as also the opposition to it, are critically analysed. The sensitive and basic issue of violation of human rights in Kashmir has been discussed thoroughly along with its international ramifications, world wide coverage and potential explosive material for blackmail. Some cases of gruesome killings by the terrorist gangs are also included in the Appendix.

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