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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



Section Three

Parmanand's Poems Translated


According to Pt. Shiv Ji Krandigami (Kashmir)) in Koshur Samachar of March-April 1992 Yoga is not anything on the earth, or big-sphere. If it is anything, it is a bond between the body and the soul, as also the connecting link between the soul and the supreme Soul. Oneness, integration and kinship i.e. undistinguishable dissolution with the INFINITE.

Obstructions to the dissolutions are: Lust, desire, anger, attachment, conceit, ego and mansar. One's success in yoga subdues these obstructive enemies and brings them under one's grip and control. Thus, rising above egoistic-self and conceit, a Yogi finds his spiritual path smoothened to become one with the "TRUTH OF TOTALITY".

Swami Nand Ram Parmanand seems to have attained Param Anand (Supreme bliss). The poetic exposures of his experiences in the spiritual field depict his closest intimacy verginy on oneness with the all pervading, supreme energy (PURASHA) called God and symbolized by names like Krishna Murari, Murli Manohar, Shiva Shamboo and like forms of endearing address such as expressed in:

'Slaves shine that we are, why don't thee listen?'

Though Parmanand's poems are often profusely interspersed with references to Lord Krishna, holding HIM closest to his bosom, yet he is by no means separate from Lord Shiva or Brahma, the three, apparently finite, are "Formless". Limitless and Infinite" Pt. Shiv Ji Krandigami says that Parmanand found no conflict between external life, as a social being, internal contemplation and spiritual pursuits. The two can co-exist with advantage.

C/p Vaakh Number 8. Shruk Number 4.

His statement finds corroboration in the fact that Parmanand often went into socio-religious and philosophical discussions with all India Pilgrims who frequented Mattan every year

There are also others like Pt. M.L. Koul who contend that Parmanand believed in freedom from worldly fetters to facilitate Salvation.

But one thing is certain that he was not at ease with his life- partner who, as a housewife, always pestered him to replenish his own house.

Lord Krishna is my guru
And He is my dear father
The vast universe is his body
And He is its Soul

Krishna Pandith is Parmanand's father and Nand that of Krishna Himself feeling one with Lord, he playfully and yet reverently and endearingly addresses Him and says.


Is a long multi-meaning poem, deeply mystical in nature, by implication. It is also reflective of the hurdles, a Sadakh, saint or sufi has to face in his spiritual pursuits. Besides laying stress on the absolute truth of oneness of the Supreme Energy, he says that this unlimited oneness assumes finite forms under different nomenclatures in different countries and climes whereas one is representative of the other. Amamath Yatra or Kailash perceptable or the imperceptable objects are ultimately one and the same Supreme Energy. Comparing the Amar Nath cave with the hollows inside the human body, he associates the stages of the actual yatra (pilgrimage) with the traditional stages of Kundalini from Muladhara to Sahasrara at the crown of the head. And so, he suggests going within from without n Sadhana in consonance with his two predecessors, Lal Ded and Nund Reshi

Muttering the Mantar; "Shiva, Shamboo"
Meditate on the Lord with a calm mind;
Inside the cave of human body, lies
The truth' contemplation and
The lingam of eternal bliss;
On the throne of my heart,
He sat calm and composed;
What if, people may say that
We slept atop KAILASH there?


Affirming the universality of the ultimate Truth of Totality in this popular, thought provoking poem Parmanand corroborates the concept of oneness of all that is finite, with the infinite as propounded by Lal Ded.


Is an excellent specimen of devotional, literature of all times and climes, as far as my impression be faithful to me after having read the poem in the early forties half a century ago. Neither the book nor the poem is available here at Jammu presently

Jubliant outburst on the birth of Lord Krishan;

The gloom of darkness has vanished on thy birth
Long live Devkinandna jai,
Jai Jai Devkinandna,

Tributes to Pamma Sadha Shiva:

In blissful bloom's Parma Sadha Shiva
Truth, contemplation, bliss
And currents of science.

Invoking his Guru:

Reveal to me too, thy knowledge, my Guru, and Make me drink the Amrit

With the light of thy Gyan, O. my Satguru.
(Practical experience).


Despite all this single minded devotion to Lord Krishna, however, Parmanand does not ignore the Trinity aspect of the Almighty as per the Hindu tradition as elsewhere. To conclude, he sees the three; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one, Parma-Shiv. His Kashmiri poems, replete with absorbing reflections of divine sentiments and devotion, pin-pointed his philosophy which gives him an unique place of pride in Bhakti and Philosophical literature all over the country.

Closetted with an Indian Non-Kashmiri Saint:

Once a pilgrim-saint, visiting Mattan spring, accompanied Parmanand to his home. Both remained closetted there inside a close room for a couple of months or so. The two remained busy in Sadhna without disturbance of any sort whatsoever.

After the tryst of deep meditation (Yoga) the two emerged out completely changed, looking younger and robust as if by 'Kaya Kalap'. This reminds one of 'Kaya Kalap' of Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya, in the thirties of this century. Despite his cutting short the prescribed period, he looked twenty years younger after emerging from the ordeal, for the better.


Introductory to the Poem:

Parmananda is essentially a devotee of Lord Krishna despite his deep interest and devotion to the Trinity aspect of Godhood:

1. Brahma, the Creator
2. Vishnu, the Preserver and
3. Maheshwar, the Destroyer

who on ultimate analysis dissolve into the single, ONENESS-concept  of God

The Poem, "GOKUL's HREDAY MEON' (Caption mine) is a mirror of Parrnanand's devotion to LORD KRISHNA;

(a) Lord Krishna's Gopies are Parmnand's nervous system and the nerves, both sensory and motor nerves, arising from it. They govern his five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. He finds them magnetically attached to and dancing, like gopies around the musical FLUTIST LORD.

(b) The sensations of fever, pain and hunger etc. keep hinged to and moving about Girdhar Gopal.

(c) His instincts, innate feelings and emotions like love and hatred, grief and joy, happiness and sorrow, anger, pugnacity and wrath, are intently focussed on his COW BOY.

(d) His logic and philosophy, reasoning and judgement, intelligence and wit, fair-play and justice, pity and compassion revolve about the central axis of Krishana Murari.

Thus is Parmanand's very being deeply absorbed and ever remains a constant participant in the struggle that goes on within, illuminated by the Divine light as Lord Krishna guides Arjun in the 18-day Mahabharata war between Pandavas, and Kaurvas at Kurukshetra.

The Poem "GOKUL IS MY HEART" is replete with vivid reflections of observations made here. Our sensory nerves and sensations are as mobile and frisky as Gopies like, will-of-the wisp.

Gukul's My Heart, There's........


1. Gokul is my heart where
here's thy milk shop.
Recollect and contemplate I
The lure of thy flute,
And the haloed Light,
O, Lord, my God;
My senses are thy Gopies, who
Run after thee: -
Mad after the sweet call
Of thy flute-tunes;
Unconscious of strangers
And the self,
Dead are their nerves !

2. Hand in glove with thee, they
Dance in the dancing ring
Where Vyas and
Narad, too, are present
In obeisance;
Where Radha, in submission
Is telling the beads
''Radha Krishna Radha Krishna";
Gods and Godesses also keep
In attendance there
Waiting and pining
To meet- THEE....;
Weeping and singing,
They tire not !

2. Flowers take colour and bloom
At the sight of thee, and,
Wear a smiling face, as thee !
Soothed and solaced, as they feel
In the magnetism of thy
Garlands would we thread
For thee and, shower thy path
With colourful petals !

3. Omnipresent that
Thou art indeed, and yet,
Separate art not thee from
Mundane life;
Though thy Maya, shadows us out
From Thee !


In love for thee, I see you
Everywhere and yet,
Separate aren't thee
From Mudane life;
In elusive Maya, thou seem to be
Out shadowed from us;
C/P L.V. No. One, N. Shruk No. One.

7. In thy illusive void
And unlimited existence
Thou looketh like the starry dome
That serene light:
The sublime Vision!
Thou god of gods, and
Life of the living!

6. As one conceiveth, so one
Seeth thee.
Pray grace me too
With thy Darshan, O, Narayana !
Too impatient am !
To wait any more!

7. "As one wisheth, so one geteth
The fruit of Karma."
Sayth thee, O. Lord,
The giver of all !
All, "give and take", is
Thy own Maya, and yet,
Why is man jealous of man?

8. The wise forgive the unwise and,
Suffer no loss for it!
O, yee unwise, realise that
Right action is more precious than
Empty prayer!

9. Could l? i would proclaim
The truth but,
None being receptive'
Whom should I reveal
My heart?
Singular truth seeps only
Into deep, sober minds!

10. Does a sun-and-moonless earth
Or would a godless soul halved be?
A godless life is no life:
Garlands would I offer HIM
Without fail,
Would that He were ever
To remain before me !

11. Slaves shine as we are,
Why do not thee
Accept our plea?
Shouldst thou treat shine own
As strangers?
Aren't we suppliants at thy feet,
Seeking Compassion ?

12. Dumb of tongue, how can I speak?
How does one understand
The depth of feeling of another?
One, who realises the truth,
Why's he unable to reveal it
To others?

13. Even on bitter weeping,
Too atrophied's my tongue
To utter a cry !
Friendly He's not  as
Elusive He is
Injured is my liver and
The wounds don't heal!

 14. In search of HIM, I go
From country to country, but
Not a trace of HIM, I find anywhere.
I wait and wait, yet
He doesn't oblige !
Too weary are my feet:
I weep and weep……..and,
My tears fill pails deep !

15. Greatly complex is god's Maya.
Too many embark on fathoming
The mystery, but
Realising the truth once.
They lose the thread,
Time and again, time and again!

16. Wary aren't we in varied play,
I would pray to Thee, O, Narayan!
All too suddenly
Be consistently in play with me:

17.O, Krishna, Thou seeth us sin,
Pray wash off our sins,
Unwise that we are:
Be merciful now that
We acknowledge our lapses!
……………. strain.

18. None comprehendth, Bhagwath Mazda
To everyone
It is like the one.
As one conceiveth it
To be!
Unmindful of egoistic self and,
Regardless of "You and I"
Come let us accept it
s we conceive it

19 He, who isn't born of anyone,
And, of whom none is born,
Whom the living precisely know is such:
One, who knows,  contemplates
 And yet,
 Few know him thus !

20. A mere figment of immagination too
He is not . for,
With four VEDAS, He
Reaches where ever necessary,
And with his thousand tongues,
Even Sheshnag also is

21. To one, He grants to the extent
Of one's devotion and desire
I surrender to Thee, that Thou art my own !

22. Leaving behind all their wealth,
They die.
Blessed are those who have none:
Pray I to Thee,
O, Lord, my God,
For contentment and,
That II be millions and billions
For me!

23. Let my mind be dyed in composure
And that 'II be my wealth and pelf.
Quench my search for Truth
And, Divine knowledge:
Always to find Thee
In my company !

24. Magnanimously, the Lord
Was heard saying:
"All the virtuous suppliants
Whose hearts bubble with
The love of right action.
Are ferried across great spans
By the Ferryman !
Of His Own !

25. No one, awake and
God- conscious,
Is without Him:
He is the speaker and,
The listener, all by Himself !
He is the force behind
Every action and,
Every action is
His doing !

26. Sweet as honey, in speech
We approach Thee,
With love and affection:
For identification !
Ever thinking of and concerned,
Are we about Him as,
He is we and
We are He !

27. Parmanand is blessed with
The bliss of Param Anand (Supreme bliss)
As, smeared is he and his
Every nerve with
Lord Shiva's balm of ashes !
RADHA is his mother and
His Father !


1. Let us form a ring

2. Flowers would we offer In prayer: Trust we not The strangers!

3. Jostled with Him in dance

4. Pearls for tears, They shed ! In measured steps and, rhythmic movement

5. Receptive mind's and shaky feet, He may Stabalize !

6. Bewitched by the bright lamp The butterfly O, When'll we be mad after The madman (The Lord!)

7. Bare-footed in woods in blazing heat and Blistered over-----Hot roads

8. How hard is to Speak the Truth (This much) revelation Even after self -realisation The desire to probe, What else is said",
Still persists!

And dance like Fairies bright

Lord Krishana to awaken From Slumber! And dance like Fairies bright.

Solaced and soothed is He And dance like Fairies bright!

Piles of emeralds they build!

May we dance like Fairies bright.

Induce compassion in Krishna, It may! And dance like Fairies bright

Dances around and Gives its life in the dance!

And merge like it with Him.

In the ecstasy of the dance Around Him! Weary and Exhausted'ld those Krishna Bhakhta become May we dance like Fairies bright! Who has's been blessed with The Parma Ananda?

And dance like Fairies bright!


1. O, Keshav, may thee not
Put me to shame, now that
I'm already grey haired!
Pray reveal to me,
Thy godly grace !

2. Waning is my youth
Prompt me on to the right path
Otherwise, helpless, I might be
Misled !
Pray, hold my hand in old age
Lest I should go astray
Reveal to me, Thy godly grace !

3. Too distant yet, seems to be
 My goal  Lord,
Pray, don't yee frustrate
My mission!
Was I born to
Grope in the dark?
If, it was so,
What use is my life?
Mayst Thee not screen me off
From bewilderment and perplexity?
Reveal to me, Thy godly grace?

3. Withered in my youth, don't yee
Disenchant and disillusion me!
Should I contemplate on my birth,
What have I gained in life?
Free me from shackles of evil
That might evoke public redicule
Reveal to me, Thy godly grace!

4. A mountain have l to climb.
Let the day not end
Nor the sun set !,
Where'll I ascend? and
Where descend, back and forth, back and forth?
Guide and steady me
Mayst Thee lead me on thy path:
Reveal to me, Thy godly grace!

5. Don't yee rock me to slumber
At early dawn, nor
Waylay me in broad daylight !
Shed Thy serene light, O, Kamadeva
To dispel my evening darkness !
Reveal to me Thy godly grace!

7. In the name of Shri Ram,
Lead me on to destroy
 Lanka the Evil, lest
It should induce in me
Sleepy negligence:
Awaken me from my Kumbakaran's
Proverbial sleep
Reveal to me Thy godly grace!

8. In Thine Testing Pool,
Make me wash my heart and soul,
Now that I've fully
Surrendered and pinned all my
Hopes on Thee!
Free from wavering and want,
Dejection and despair: always
To keep me company and,
Never to part for a moment !
Reveal to me Thy godly grace !

9. Make me not drink the intoxicating drug
Of attachment and desire.
Pat me, when I say,
"I" am Thee!
Make me weigh,
In the balance of my mind,
All.that I hear!
Reveal to me Thy godly grace!

10. Gradually, open my bud to bloom:
PARAM ANAND_____________________ Parmanand !
Intimate me with
The secrets of transcendental mystery !
Thou, Thyself art the People and.
The people's mouth-piece,
Don't yee single me out !
Reveal to me Thy godly grace !


1. Shower on HIM' the flowers of love;
Form a ring and dance and sing:

2. As vigilant as Bulbul,
With Oriole's soul,
The tree of contemplation
Has begun to bloom:
Keep on waiting,
For HIS message !
Forrn a ring and dance and sing !

3. Feelingly, BUMBUR, went (drove)
Into seclusion
Deep into the flower garden and,
Started buzzing unto HIM:
 "Guon, Guon, Guon  ":
Form a ring and dance and sing !

4. Gather slowly, yee girl friends,
One by one, to
Shower Petals of Bhakti
On HlM'.whom
They call Nand Lal !
From a ring and dance and sing !

5. Lured by that inner Moonlight,
He entered within !
Amrit was born in
His graceful presence:
May He offer us too
A peg of Shyam Sundara's
Divine wine !
Form a ring and dance and sing !

6. Enjoy the charm of Achcha Posh (a wild flower)
Now that SPRING is come !
Bulbul is on the move
In gardens !
Leave thorny thistle:
Ego, desire and, attachment aside
Form a ring and dance and sing !

7. He, who saw that lovely bird,
Right in his presence,
Come with a necklace of Pearls
To adhore HIM:
The VISION, unwittingly pushed off
In a moment,
A year that passes by !
Form a ring and dance and sing !

8. With the gain of Practical knowledge
Make amends, and
Take care of yourself:
Concentrate on the currents of
Understand, if life is or
Isn't transitory! """strain

 V. IF THE LORD...........

1. Whence'll a Bhakta be gifted with
Love and Dedication, if
The Lord, in whose quest,
He has embarked, doesn't
Bless him with what he
Asks for ?
If the Lord..........

2. Blessed is he, who is experienced !
Devoid of sight, what use is
A lamp to the blind, in darkness?
Only he sees whom,
He Asks to open his eyes !
If the Lord............

3. Wide open are the doors and windows
Protecting your eyes, enter
And just, dance therein !
What can he do, whose
Bloom of youth is too withered
To enjoy the fruit ?
If the Lord.........

4. Who's there that has understood
The ways of fate and
The decrees of God?
Who's there that has been able
To reveal the mystic secrets and,
To whom?
The winds in the rough seas
Won't ferry the boat across !
If the Lord....

5. Bereft of his own, is he,
Whom gods don't give:
A cringing miser accumulates,
Nor has he enough to eat!
How can cooked rice depict to him
The process of steaming food?
If the Lord............................

6. We destroy what we achieve ourselves
By jealousy and enmity !
Do the times deserve
Such dispensation?
If one gets entangled in
he maze of wrong action,
What complaint can one make
Of what hinders one's path?
If the Lord...............

7. Parmanand, tell us of Sudama's:
Would buds open on rotten trees,
Dry and dusty?
Restore glow on Autumn Brown!
If the Lord............


1. Light dispelled darkness
On thy birth !
Jai Jai Jai Devki Nandanai !

2. O. Yee smiling son of Vasudeva's,.
On gazing at Thee, again and again,
What recognition
Could he retain of Thee?
Born, and gone to Nanda goor's that
Thou were, O. Aka Nanda
Jai Jai jai ............

2. JAMUNA was anxious to touch
Thy feet in reverence,
Selflessly with love, O, Balagopal !
That's why, its waters
Rose higher and higher
Jai Jai Jai..................

4. Not knowing that the supreme King
Had descended to the earth,
In person, Yashodha Mata
Blamed Thee of pilfering milk:
At this, thou opened, Thine mouth
And showed her the Universe therein!
Jai Jai Jai...................................

5. Bodh Bror*, the milk thief
Began to crawl, and
The milk maids from all sides,
Came running, to see Him
Break their pails, one by one:
Thuck, Thuck, Thuck !
Jai Jai Jai................

* (One of the notorious thieves of Kashmir who mewed, like a cat to cause deluge in their victims)

6. Watching and scanning Thine pranks thus,
They understood shine Omnipresence !
But, who could reveal Thy secret nature?
None but one Shukdevni could
Do so !
Jai Jai Jai..............................

7. The Vedas expounded the Vedanta,
The ocean of compassion's ever calm
Springs of Amrit....................
Truth, Contemplation, Tranquility!
Jai Jai Jai…………

8. Narada, the world teacher and Swami;
Even him, the Supreme spirit too,
Penetrated into the interior of inner-self:
Loves and regards him but,
Keeps an eye on and, ever continues
Keeping him under watch !
Jai Jai Jai..........................

8. With His varied attributes, varying ways,
Varied facets, moods and modes,
On gazing at which, again and again,
Even NARADA too was puzzled, and
Perplexed !
Jai Jai Jai........................................

10. Missing

11.He's the earth's impressive border!
He, the beauty and fragrance of flowers,
Grandeur of gardens, sweetness of ...
Oriole notes and, musical as bulbul's
Jai Jai Jai...................

12. To whom even great
Yogis squalled not
In contemplation,
Wealth of knowledge, helps not in
Making friends !
Can the eyes bear the glare of
His glowing glamour
Jai Jai Jai.....................

13. O, Yee, Gopinath of the Gopies,
Waiting I'm at Thy door,
A helpless soul !
O, Madhav, Yadavni's darling !
Jai Jai Jai..........

14.I know no Mantar, Tantar or Peath!
In the vast bivouac of life:
Where's the bund and,
Where the ford?
Ferry across, my boat now that
I'm telling the beads on Thy name !
Jai Jai Jai.......................

      15. Unlettered I am,
      In devotion and prayers,
      Nor can I recite
      Sahasranama !
      Sudama, with a handful of baked flour
      Have I come to Thee!
      Abashed and sweating, I am
     And repentant !
     Jai Jai Jai............

16. Overwhelmed by a sinful life,
Far-off from celibacy that
 I am,  a cursed soul !
Who else other than Thee
Can do Justice with compassion
To this abject wretch, Parmanand
Who lay prostrate at thy feet-
Jai Jai Jai   :.



Despite his ever, absorbing concentration in Sadhana, meditation and contemplations Parmanand did not differentiate between the worldly and spiritual spheres of action; much less, advocate negation of social contract as in material life.

Hence his advocacy of maintaining a balanced coordination of social, moral and spiritual life.

Not withstanding the fact of harsh bully of a wife that may fall to one's lot, one should abide by one's marital commitments neither more nor less.

1. Bear with the harshness of your
Destined conjugal life:
Neither more, nor less!

2. With the tickling of contemplation 'll.
Ooze out" Abi-zam-zam" (Amrit) by Zekhir: (loud chanting in quick succession)
From the springs of the heart !
After Shirin did Farhad
Sacrifice his life:
Bear with the harshness of
Conjugal life,
Neither more, nor less !

3. Should you toil till,
The fallow land,
Teased and tossed about would you
No longer, be, for
Your past lapses:
 Wait not but,
Self-till the waste lands:
Keeping your promises.
Neither more, nor less!

4. Harvesting, O, you grower,
Of tussle, jealousy and turmoil !
Control emotions and abstain from
Infectious enmity !
Harvesting, O, you harvester,
Cherish'ld you, the joy of
Achievement! S
ick to your worn,
Neither more, nor less!

5.Far from malice and anger,
Pay off your dues (revenue)
In the following meadows, and
Await your calm and peace !
Walk in step and at ease,
Sure, you'll reach your goal !
Keep your balance in your promises,
Neither.more, nor less!

6. Melting the steel of ego and conceit,
Mould it into ornamental border:
Firmly hold and, keep your calm:
Waste not a moment,
Run to master Khar.
Keep your word,
Neither more, nor less !

7. Had thought I, that
Wahab would appreciate
My plea and,
Give me a healing touch:
But those, whom gods love,
Are called from above !
Stand by your word,
Neither more, nor less!

8. What reply can I give
To the promise, I have made?
Time is slipping by and,
The Sun is about to Set!
Compassionate towards me
Would He be....................
Nor would He look to my lapses!
Keep your vow in view.
Neither more, nor less !

9. Clean hearted is a free soul,
But Parmanand is wanting
In faith and love:
Pray appreciate his plea and,
Grant his prayers!
Be true to your commitment,
Neither more, nor less!


1. O,  yee, immortal soul, elusive's the world
Entitled you are to become Adi-Deva
With free ferrying across the ocean of life (Bawa Sara)
Contemplate on Truth, friend
Contemplate on Truth!

2. OMKAR's the first and last word,
The perennial, primeval sound:
The conscious or unconscious basic sound of meditation,
Focus attention on contemplation, friend
Focus attention on contemplation
Focus attention on contemplation.

3. Before or after, it's the destiny
That shapes our ends,
"To move back or go forth" is not
Within your ken.
Kith and Kin, father and mother
Who'll endure and help you?
Think friend, think.
Do good, be good, friend
Do good!

4. Dependent on others in childhood
You are, O, you unlettered:
Blind in lust in youth; and
Worried of listlessness in old age:
Be good and do good to others
Do good to others.

5. Useful's audience with the wise
Thence free you are to ruminate
Over the precious words of wisdom:
Sit in meditation and you'll find Him
Ready to receive and welcome you,
And, bless you with His August Presence !

6. Attachment is like a breach in the Bund
Of river Sindh, as
Sense organs, of bodily calm
Those, who have crossed the
Ocean of life, are
Autars or incarnations of the Lord !
Control the senses, and servants of yours,
They'll be !
Celebrate Dussehra, Celebrate Dussehra !

7. Having found the pearly necklace
of Bhakti,
Free you are to wear it !
Who forbids you?
Who approves it?
You are all in all,
You are all in all !

8. Even a grain wouldn't you get
Though brimful the stores are, and
Wide open that your watering mouth is !
Exhausting the fruits of fate,
Scared you would be
Of the turn of events that be
In the queue of grinding mill,
In the queue of grinding mill !

9.Who's employed and who unengaged ?
Perplexed and puzzled, in vain, you are:
Control your mind that's
What the vedas say.
That is the key to success.
That's the way to succeed in life !

10. Superb green is self-renunciation.
"Shiva, Shiva" mutters itself, the cataract:
Calm, composed and selflessly, should you sit, and
Blessed you'll be to see the sight:
Tranquil, quiet Shalimar !
Tranquil. quiet Shalimar !

11. Subedar of the mighty city; He's
With powers of freeing you from
Lust, duty, action or meanings or
Liberation He's the Lord, He's the Lord'
Have a chat, share discussion with Him;
Share discussion with Him !

12. They call me Parma Anand
A social being though I am,
With the same duties and functions
As a common man.
Knowledgeable about the Devas,
He's the master of the three worlds:
All powerful! All Powerful !


People consider Parmanand as a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. But his poems on and repeated references to Lord Kirshna include Lord Shiva, the omnipresent, and to Brahma at times, make it manifestly clear that he sees, the three, in one as the ultimate TRUTH as per the Hindu doctrine. Shiva, to Parmanand, as to Lal Ded and Nund Reshi, exists in every nook and corner, compound and element as well as the smallest atom and, energy of all sorts which keep the universe going.

1. Shri Shyam Sundara, the sweet flutist,
Ethereal, eternal flute-player!
Know not, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist!
(Lord Krishna, to Parmanand being three in one)

2. O, Keshav, Keshava,
Soft, feathered fan, we'll use
In Obeisance and prayers to Thee
O, Shiva, I see you everywhere or
(Shiva, the omnipresent that thou art)
Reshis found Thee not, anywhere,
O, Bishambara!
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist!
C/P LV. Number one, N.Sh. Number

3. O, thee, the source of seven seas,
Who hast ferried those that
Have landed across?
Fourteen jewels, hath thee,
Turned out to be,
O, Shridhara !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

4. Taking Thee for a child among children.
We play together with Thee, all
Elegantly draped, groomed and
Well decorated-O, Rethendar !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

5. O. Thee Shankara in reality amongst
Angelic fairies,
Fragrant garlands we have
Woven for Thee!
Gandharvas sing for Thee,
O, beauteous Lord Krishna !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

6. East, West, South and North
Eager eyes gaze with anxious looks:
Our eyes swollen in the gazing
Listless, motionless and numb,
In waiting with focussed minds !
Ethereal eternal, sweet flutist !

7. Weeping and filling
Pools with tears,
We are:
Hearth thee not these implorings?
Light's bedimming on pillars:
Haunting pangs are deepening !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

8. Tumbled down, we have, but
Stone-hearted have Thee become!
Havn't we bedecked Thy path
With our eyeballs clean?
Grace us with Thy presence before it's
Too late to save our face !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

9. Cows and calves have stayed back,
With faith in Thee !
In faith, they have stayed back,
It seems !
Would that we would go
Home Along with them all !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !
C/P L.V. 23.

10. The biggest ocean of mercy is
OMA to us !
Aren't you the gainer, and
We, the losers?
Lord god, the grace of thy Darshan
Would satiate our Craving !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

11. When the errands from Gokal
Came, saying:
Searching Him all around,
They found Him not anywhere !
"Re-searching Him again
In and outside Gokal"
They began a new !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet, flutist !

12. Seeking thee we go
From jungle to jungle with faith
In Thee! Grace us with Thy presence
And, we'll hold thee to our bosoms !
O, Jasudha Nandana, darling son
Of Vasudeva !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

13. Parmanand speaks strangely:
Naked Thy have come, and
All Naked'ld they depart:
Parmanand'll use his own
Measuring rod to check
Something !
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !


Paramanand talks in riddles:
Craving they came and,
Craving departed !
Using his own measures, will
He verify something;
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist !

X. LOVE AND Supreme Sada Shiva

Here this poem makes it manifest that while Parmanand is so absorbed in the blissful aura of Lord Shiva, the supreme Sada Shiva, almost to the limits of trance, he urges people not to be mad after caste and creed in the quest for godliness and godhood, brotherhood and love. Nor does he ignore the scientific of observation and experiment to arrive at conclusions in the spiritual field.

1. In a superbly beautiful pose,
Sweet as honey, is
Supreme Sada Shiva........
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And, vibrations of science !

2. Thy gift of eight fold Sidhis
Verily is
Millions and trillions for those
hat have chunk Thy Amrit
Gulp by quip, O, Thee
Creator of all life !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And, vibrations of science !

3. How I kubza, wish to be
Ever busy singing hymns unto Thee !
Fill Thy oceans of wisdom
Into my tiny pail !
Grant me the tongue that be
Ever vibrant in song unto Thee !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And, vibrations of science !

4 Diminished has all hope and trust
Of my only Hope,
O, my only Hope!
I have resigned unto Thee
O, Shiva, I have pinned
All my hopes on Thee !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And, vibrations of science !

5. Self with self has to meet,
Hast a play to play,
And comments to make !
Dumb-founded, we become as
Gold emerges Purified
from burning fire !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And, vibrations of science !

6.With the banishment of ego,
Will vanish conceit:
Thence flows clear knowledge
That kindles the lamp of
Krishna consciousness for
Ethereal flights !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And, vibrations of science !

7. Only he, who pines for Him,
Will be pined for by Him;
Only he, who desires to receive HIM
Would verily be welcomed by Him !
Yearning to see Him, in good faith
Let's await His Arrival !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And vibrations of science !

8 Love only begets love,
Love alone is fondled mutually
Love, only the LOVE I Cherish
And rock in the cradle of my lap !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And vibrations of science !

9.None is devoid of love,
Only love eliminates all-evil
Let's dispel darkness of the devil
With the light of Love !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And vibrations of science !

10.Listen to LOVE that is sung
In Bawan ! (Mattan Spring)
Only love equals fourteen pilgrimages
To Bawan !
That sparkling love, would I
Swing in gentle breeze !
Truth, consciousness, bliss
And vibrations of science !

11.Love has led the world to
Merriment and boisterous dance;
Brimming with love are my
Blood vessels and nerves !
Would that Love would lead me to
Param Anand (Supreme Bliss)-!
Truth, consciouness, bliss
And Vibrations of science !

12.Parmanand, listen to
God's miraculous, mysterious ways:
Come, shed all castes and creed,
Don't be mad.
Listen to me;
Why then, this hue and cry?
Truth, consciousness and bliss
And vibrations of science !


1. Puzzled ! I wonder, royal Flutist,
Thou brusheth off the strains of
Trials and tribulations of life,
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist !

2. Shuttling between birth, rebirth,
A dreadful, dark shadow of drabness:
How blinding dark is moonless fortnight !
Else, on the ethereal path,
What'll I reveal, what conceal ?
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist !

3. Crooked and dingy is the load of sin,
And loose, the sling,
On my back are twigs and the lamb, and
Eleven paths leading to the ghat ! (destiny)
Obstructive, destructive, are the senses
And, the mind wavering and weak !
What'll I reveal, what conceal?
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist !.

4. The sword of Death hangs
On my neck !
And, too frightened, I am
Or else, at the opportune moment,
I sit posing calm !
Opened I, the decree of Death
And, presently He changes
The decree !
What'll I reveal, what conceal;
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist?

5. Devalued got the pearls in
My state of distress:
The youth in bloom's robust but
The merchandise raw !
With the fading glow of youth
Ostriched gets old age !
What would I reveal, what conceal ?
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist!

6. Missing

7. What I sowed, grain by grain,
Will I reap ear by ear.
How devotedly would I plant (or "How I missed my aim, fumble to say !)
I fumble to say.
Grind you in the grinding Mill,
Don't you cut your lips
In repentance!
What'll I reveal, what conceal?
O, thee, the crowned Flutist!

8. Duds destroyed this My tree of business:
Laying a tie to foresee
My immediate future:
For sure, the tie, again and again
Turned against me
What shall I reveal, what conceal?
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist !

9. How deep in sweet slumber is
This household: still
You can see, how indifferent to wrath,
I have ever been....else,
Why should it have been, just
The opposite of what it was yesterday ?
What shall I reveal, what conceal ?
O, thee, the crowned Flutist !

10. Neither at home, nor with elders
Was I aggressive, ever;
Much less did I know,
How to complicate matters
Struck by lightning and thunder was I
By self-destructive wrath !
What shall I reveal ? what conceal ?
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist !

11. Ferry me across the bivouac of life, anyhow
Or else, I may drown !
Asking for different things at different times
Disgusted and dull, I've become:
Praying to Thee for all things together,
Thou too fulfill my desires in full together !
What would I reveal, what conceal ?
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist !

12. Parmanand, listen to and
Contemplate on Flute tunes always
Be ready with all that you possess.
The Flutist and the ash-bismirched
Still continue to be your concern.
What shall I reveal ? what conceal ?
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist !


Parmanand and the blissful godly light are one and the same thing for him as he conveys in this poem. If ever, he tends to lose touch with this inner light of his own, he feels that self is protesting to self. He pleads for their reunion into one single entity and thus, they remain glued to each other in perfect blissful harmony.

1. Bindraban itself has become a Paradise !
Where, in which of the woods, hast He
Chosen to stay ?

2. With closed fists I had
Arrived from there, but
Opened both my hands here !
Opening their hands, they repented  !
Bindraban has turned into a Paradise !
Where;_______ in which woods, hast He
Chosen to stay ?

3. In quest of Thee
I had come here from there !
Would Mahakaal spare anyone
Whom would the hands of Death
Leave behind ?
Bindraban has turned into a Paradise !.
Where______ in which woods hast He
Chosen to stay?

4. For a few days feasting I've come:
A rich place for mad merriment's
This world !
What's there to give and what to get ?
What's to be carried along ?
Bindraban has turned into a Paradise !
Where-----------in which woods, hast He
Chosen to stay ?

5. Glistens He in the livers of the living:
Said a being from his heart:
I saw, what I was told !
Glued, to Thy darshan.
I would ever like to be !
Bindraban has turned into a Paradise !
Where, in which woods, hast He
Chosen to stay?

6. With the intensity of love, I would
Sacrifice myself, as a moth,
On the burning candle !
With the sickle of vairag, lead me to
Renunciation.... or else,
Arn't thee mad of mind ?
Bindraban has turned into a Paradise !
Where in which woods, hast He
Chosen to stay?

7. O, Thee, my very life,
Tell me,
At every, early dawn,
"Who ever can overcome
The angel of DEATH" ?
Does he ever sit to rest anywhere ?
Bindraban.has turned into a Paradise !
Where __________ in which woods, hast He
Chosen to stay?

8. Peevishly, "Parma-Ananda" has parted
In protest against himself !
Pray exhort him back home,
Chanting "SUHUM" moment by moment !
Bindraban has turned out to be a Paradise !
Where, __________in which woods, hast He
Chosen to stay!


In this poem, Parmanand appeals to his Guru to equip him with full knowledge (Gyan) and, ever to be as near him as possible, to guide him with the torch of his spiritual experience.

1. May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
To make me drink the Amrit of knowledge:
My Sat Guru, take me out of
Darkness into light !

2. To begin with, mayst Thee make me
Contemplate on my Sat Guru !
Moment after moment, would I
Pine to kneel before Thee !
Day and night, not for a moment
Would I suffer separation from Thee
May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
And make me drink the Amrit of Thy knowledge !

3. My Guru, solve the problems of my life
Now that I am born !
Humble me not among saints;
Subdue the thieves of
My emotive senses by
Strengthening the power of my will !
May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
And make me drink the Amrit of Thy knowledge !

3. Subduing my emotions, break the lustful elephant
Of my pugnacious conceit
Guide me, only on one
............ of the eleven paths !
Keep me not off from
The word, SUHUM
(I m Thee).
May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
And make me drink the Amrit of Thy knowledge

5. Make me wash myself clean
In the Sheshrum Nag lake;
Look not at my sinful life !
Ferry me too across, as Thou did
Mohini Sada Guru.
May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
And make me drink the Amrit of Thy knowledge !

6. Moment by moment, let me
Meditate on Thee
Make me think of and do, only that
Which's right to think and do !
O, Kamadeva, Shyam Sundara
Let me not come and go
Come and go (Shuttle between life and death)
May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
And make me drink the Amrit of Thy knowledge !

7. O, Bishambara, grace me with Thy presence
Stay awhile.
isten to my tale:
Revive my old memories !
May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
And make me drink the Amrit of Thy knowledge !

8. Grace me with Thy presence in graceful garlands
And, show me Thy haloed aura, luster light !
My day has passed by, mayst Thee not
Make me wait any longer !
Mayst Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
And make me drink the Amrit of Thy knowledge.


1. At Radha's, Radika's of Sri Krishan Muraryi's feet,
Would we kneel in reverence and,
Lay prostrate !

2. Riding a "Garuda", Sri Krishna Maharaj
Looks like a grand, green Parrot !
Childlike smatterings of His, hear
O, Ye, Wild mynas !
In reverence, would we kneel and,
Lay prostrate at Their feet.

3. Sweet flute-notes would restore to us, life,
Should Krishna Murari play on His flute:
Thus'ld lighten the load of sin
On the earth !
In reverance'ld we kneel and,
Lay prostrate at Their feet.

4. Gathered together, Devies and Devatas, all,
Kneeling low in humility, are
Submitting their pleas before Him:
"Be compassionate to us, O, Thee, the merciful !" I
n reverence'ld we kneel and,
Lay prostrate at Their feet.

5. Gala guests, rajas and princes, from all sides.
Have arrived riding,
Horses, elephants and rathas:
Vimans they've bedecked
For Thee, the Rajkumaries !
In reverence'ld we kneel and,
Lay prostrate at Their feet.

6. Listening to their words in attention,
Thy hands are still in henna !
Sparkling bright that Thy pearls are,
Who hast fished them out of the sea ?
In reverence'ld we kneel and,
Lay prostrate at Their feet.

7. Parmanand turned gray while waiting
For Thee, for too long !
Pull him on to the Supreme Self:
Radha Krishna alone'll listen to
Every plea through every window !
In reverence'ld we kneel and,
Lay prostrate at Their feet.


A philosophical Kashmiri Poem:

1. Reinforce the field of action with
The spirit of duty and devotion,
The seeds of contentment will then grow
To bear the fruits of eternal bliss.
Harness the oxen of twin-breath
To plough the field day and night,
Lash them on to work hard
With the kumbaka whip
Arise, awake and work on to see
That not a patch remains unploughed.

2. Make use of the yoke of love
To plough the field,
With the help of a long handled block of patience
Crush thou the hard lumps of earth,
Lest any moisture of malice remains inside
Sow thou them the seeds of contentment
To grow the crops of bliss.

3. Smoothen thou the drains and raise their bunds
With a heedful mind,
Cut an outlet and place a blockade against
The stream of current to make water flow
Into the field with equanimity and ease,
Sow thou then, the seeds of contentment
To grow the crops of bliss.

4. Spring is but a passing phase
of short-lived beauty, glory and joy,
Lose thou not a moment
of this chancing phase.
Do not wait to sow the seeds of action
and work for happiness to result.
These seeds of contentment will then
Grow the crops of bliss.

5. Do not thou wait to work on each
of the four corners of thy field
Repair thou thy leakages all with
The wet rods of contemplation.

The wet rods of contemplation.
control thou shine indriyas (senses) to
Kill these rats of destruction and,
The seeds of contentment will then
Bear the crops of bliss.

6. With single minded labour of love the fields
Will grow refreshing green by deweeding and,
Ripen fruit with finishing-water of Tepa (meditation)
And then, the composure of mind will bring forth
Blossoms of lotus expanses.
Sow thou then the seeds of contentment and,
Reap the harvest of bliss.

7.Overcome thou shine own avarice and greed lest
They should gnaw away the ripened fields.
With the feelings of love and affection, keep
Ungrudging watch over them day and night
Sow thou then, the seeds of contentment
To yeild you a harvest of bliss.

8. And as it begins to bear fruit then,
The time for merriment is come.
Reap thou it with the sickle of renunciation (Vairag)
And put it aside in tufts to collect.
Seek thou then the help of shine kith and kin
And make it into bundles.
This then is the fruit of contentment
Growing into a harvest of bliss.

9. Then tie it with ropes and carry it on
To collect it in heaps;
Next call thou all shine friends, kith and kin
To carry it on with you
And when you collect it with love and devotion,
It will bring you peace, plenty and good.
Sow thou then, the seeds of contentment
To yield you a crop of bliss.

10. Pile up thy bundles with clear detachment
To build up one big heap;
Then will thou, unmindful of praise or blame
Attain shine nirvaana goal and,
Enter the realms of happiness true.
Sow thou then, the seeds of contentment
To grow the crops of bliss.

11. Beat thou ears of corn on the logs of meditation;
Separte out the grain and then,
Remove the husk to sift out
Sound grains of realization.
Doing this, weigh thou the grain
In the scales of thy pious heart.
Sow thou again, the seeds of contentment
To repeat a harvest of bliss.

12. With the hands of renunciation let
The corners be beaten aright;
Sift out and gather coarse and fine grain
Each in a separate heap.
Keep up your wits and watch lest
Thou should face thy negligence.
Sow thou then, the seed of contentment
To yield thou the fruit of bliss.

13. Then weigh thou shine harvest and,
Store it in separate heaps,
Collect it in 'Sohum' measures
To pay off your dues.
Lighten thou shine burden by
Carrying it to Khanabal.
Sow thou the seeds of contentment
To reap the crop of bliss.

14. Wih prayer and deep meditation
Carry it on to the ghat, P
addle on shine boat in
The calm waters of devotion.
Relieve thyself of the burden and enjoy
The refreshing breeze of Mansbal.
Sow thou the seed of contentment
To gather the crop of bliss.

15. Now pass on the goods to. the owner
Nor should you deprive the tiller.
After all from whom will the balance be due ?
For whom should the excess be saved ?
Sow thou then, the seeds of contentment
To reap the harvest of bliss.

16. Sift out some good grain and
Deposit it for seed;
Sow the seed again grain by grain
When the spring comes.
This good deed will yield
Newer and ever newer fruit.
Sow thou the seed of contentment
To reap the crop of bliss.

17. Become thou the enjoyer of yoga
And shunt off your feelings of duality;
You are given the name 'Sadhu'
And a Sadhu you should become,
Sow thou then, the seed of contentment
To grow the crop of bliss.

18. Thine Guru's word will redeem thou
From the cycle of life and death;
Take thou shine past Karma as
The store of your fate (Prarabdha).
From a knowledge of Karma Kanda
Will spark off the lightning flash.
Sow thou then, the seed of contentment to reap the crop of bliss.

19. Then with the angelic light of Suhum
Thou w'lt be enlightened to be
Unmindful of the problems of
Honour or dishonour.
And thus wilt thou attain
Eternal bliss.
Sow thou the seeds of contentment
To reap the crop of bliss.

20. Parmanand was a Zamindar.
Paying off his debts, he
Was no more subjected to insults
And reminders to pay back dues.
He was relieved of the burdens and
Anxiety of changing his rented house (freed from
The cycle of birth and death
Day in and day out )
Sow thou the seed of contentment
To yield a harvest of bliss.



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