Board of Directors (2017)

President, CEO, Chairperson of Board

Dr. Shakuntala Munshi Malik

Dr. Shakun Munshi MalikThe experience of serving as Zone 4 director and as a Board Member over the last two years has been very enriching to Dr. Shakun Malik.

She considers Kashmiri Pandits a part of an extended family. “Our families all look and think different and it’s always been so. Families are whom you love because it provides support and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life’s joys and sorrows”. A family works together to overcome struggles and to provide happiness to each of its members.

“An important characteristic of our community should be our consciousness of belonging to it. Our loyalty can be called our community spirit”.
“Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future in one unity”.
“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
― Winston S. Churchill

Shakun Malik is a graduate of Kashmir Medical College and is serving as the head, Thoracic and Head & Neck Cancer Therapeutics at the Clinical Investigations branch of National Cancer Institute/NIH. She is married to Rajat Pamposh Malik (a gastroenterologist by profession) and has two children, Raeva and Hersh.

Director Name e-Mail Address
Zone 1 Meenakshi Khashu
Zone 2 Dr. Sudesh Kaul
Zone 3 Anil Ganju
Zone 4 Dr. Sujata Ambardar
Zone 5 Randhir Wokhlu
Zone 6 Suresh Sus
Zone 7 Abishek Ganjoo
Zone 8 Rajesh Mattoo
Zone 9 Maneesha Munshi
Zone 10 Piyush Mattoo

KOA Zone 1 Director

Meenakshi Khashu

Meenakshi KhashuMeenakshi Khashu was born in Kashmir and lived there until 1990. After leaving from Kashmir, she pursued her schooling in Jammu and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune University and then completed Masters in Computer Science from Jaipur University. Her experience includes working as an Analyst in major companies in the financial and retail space which includes Coca cola, Deutsche Bank and 1-800-Flowers. Currently she is working as a Senior Analyst at Canon USA.Meenakshi Khashu

Meenakshi is married to Kapil Khashu and they are blessed with two beautiful children Simoni (11 yrs) and Syon (6 yrs). They have been living in Long Island, New York from past 16 years, so this place feels like their second home after Kashmir.

Meenakshi hermy journey of getting the Kashmiri families together within Long Island for Father Day Celebration. This started with 5 to 6 families initially and became a part of summer picnic for KOA ZONE 1 since last two years.

KOA Zone 2 Director

Dr. Sudesh Kaul

Dr. Sudesh Kaul

Dr. Sudesh Kaul was born and brought up in Srinagar. He is the youngest of 5 children born to Late Smt. Dulari and Sh. Jagar Nath Kothidar of Sathu Bar Bar Shah. He is married to Menakshi Dhar  and  blessed with two  wonderful boys –  Harshil and Nayan.

Sudesh is a doctor by profession. When he moved to USA in 2004, he did Internal Medicine residency  in  New York and is currently a hospitalist physician in Massachusetts.

Sudesh enjoys watching movies, and plays cricket. His favorite food is  Yekhni, but he has now become a vegetarian.

KOA Zone 3 Director

Anil Ganju

Anil Ganju

Mr. Anil Ganju was born in Purshyar, Habbakadal, Kashmir. His father Late Dr C.L. Ganju was a Homeopathic Doctor and his mother Late Mrs. Parmeshwari Ganju worked as an Occupational Therapist.

Anil has worked in many Software multinational companies in India (Bangalore), Malaysia, Singapore and USA.

Anil Ganju has supported and participated in the cultural, social activities over the years in Singapore and currently in KOA Zone 3. He considers our community members as a part of an extended family. He has recently participated in Demonstration on the Kashmir Terrorism at United Nations in New York City.

Anil has always dedicated his divine volunteer services at Bhartiya Temple in Malaysia and also currently volunteering at Bharitya temple, PA.

Anil was a child prodigy, from the age of 6 started learning and playing Tabla and Keyboard. He starred in several TV Programs on Kashmiri Doordarshan Channel specifically showcasing his musical performance both solo and with different bands in Kashmir.

Anil Ganju is married to Geetha who is a software Engineer. They have two wonderful children Anikate and Aarav.

KOA Zone 4 Director

Dr. Sujata Ambardar

Dr. Sujata AmbardarSujata Ambardar was born in Srinagar, Kashmir. Her parents Dr. Girdhari Lal Hanjura and Ratna Hanjura, and her sister Sunita, emigrated to the US in the late Sixties. Dr. Hanjura served as a Board Member and President of KOA, during the early 1980s. He currently lives in Pennsylvania. Sunita, an internist, lives in Boston with her husband Dr. Niranjan Kanesa-thasan.

Sujata followed Sunita’s path to Johns Hopkins and then attended Temple Medical School. She is in a private practice in Infectious Diseases. She is married to Sidarth Ambardar, son of Professor Shanti Swarup and Rattan Rani Ambardar of Rainawari. They have three children Sumedh, Shiva and Surya. The Ambardar family has lived in the Greater Washington area for over 25 years. They have forged many friendships and have experienced the love, warmth and support of the Kashmiri Pandit community during times of happiness and times of sadness.

Sujata was the local chapter president and has coordinated the KOA’s cultural events for the past 2 years. She has benefited from the guidance of those who have had experience running the KOA. She is now looking forward to help make the KOA strong, vibrant and relevant.

KOA Zone 5 Director

Randhir Wokhlu

Randhir Wokhlu

Born and raised in Kashmir, Randhir left valley during the exodus. He worked in India for five years; studied Business and Information Technology in the US, and has lived in Plano, Texas for over 19 years. Randhir considers preserving, protecting, and ensuring Kashmiri culture is important not only for obvious purpose but also to buttress an important message that despite all the challenges, we can survive and thrive. KOA could be that platform if we work in unison.

KOA Zone 6 Director

Suresh Sus

Suresh Sus

Suresh Sus was born and raised (Nave Sadek, Nursing Garh) in Srinagar Kashmir. He went to school at Hindu High School, Sheetalnath, and then on to DAV Higher Secondary School, Hazoori Bagh. Married to Phoola Ogra, the couple migrated to US in 1976. They have two sons – Neel and Nikhel (Nik).

Suresh and Phoola are part of a thriving KP community in the Research Triangle Area, (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC) and have supported and participated in the cultural and social activities, in this area and within Zone 6. He was recognized for starting the Eastern NC Chapter of KOA Zone 6 in 2010, and was first elected to KOA Board of Directors, in May of 2013.

KOA Zone 7 Director

Abishek Ganjoo

Abishek Ganjoo

Abishek Ganjoo has lived in Delhi, Kashmir, and Oman before moving to US in 1998. He attended Tyndale Biscoe School and Indian School Muscat. He got his Masters Degree from California State University and living in Chicago suburb for last 12 years. Abishek has actively participated in Kashmiri community programs and events at the local level. He has been a full-time faculty at California State University and Delaware Valley University. He currently works as a Enterprise Architect Manager at World Headquarters of McDonald’s Corporation in Oak Brook, IL.

KOA Zone 8 Director

Rajesh Mattoo

Rajesh Mattoo

Rajesh Mattoo was born and raised in Srinagar, Kashmir (Karan Nagar). She is the daughter of Prof. S.N. Kaul (Physics) and Mrs. Lalita Kaul. Rajesh has a PhD in Ecology from Kashmir University (1980) and MPA with specialization in Healthcare administration from Long Island University (1997).

Rajesh is married to Dr. Tej K. Mattoo, a Pediatric Nephrologist. They have two children Priyanka and Punit and a two year old grandchild Dhillon. Since leaving India in 1980, they have lived in London, England; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and New York before settling down in Michigan about 20 years ago.

After working in Teaching and Healthcare fields for almost two decades, Rajesh is currently working as a private Consultant for HMOs. She volunteers at Bhartiya Temple, Troy, MI, and is Vice Chair, Education Committee for the Academic Program at the temple.

KOA Zone 9 Director

Maneesha Munshi

Maneesha MunshiManeesha Munshi was born in Sheetalnath, Srinagar and was there until her 3rd grade. Post exodus, her parents; Ashok, Meena and sister, Aneesha moved to Hyderabad which eventually became their second Home. She has been in the United States since 2008. Her passion for Kashmir started from seeing how her parents and grandparents longed to go to this place they once called Home. She thinks that the youth with their enthusiasm and the elders with their experience can  bring the community together and help every one of us stay connected to the land of our roots.

KOA Zone 10 Director

Piyush Mattoo

Piyush Mattoo

Piyush Mattoo lives in Mission Viejo, CA and was born, raised in Jammu, India. His Grandfather had migrated from Kashmir back in 60’s and had an ancestral home in Maharajganj, Srinagar. He is married to Aaroshi Kaul and has a 3-year old son named Pinak. He has a Graduate (University Of Massachusetts) / Undergraduate (University of Mumbai) degree in Computer Science and is finishing up with an Advanced Project Management course from Stanford. As an award winning Software professional he is a Startup founder, serves as an Advisory for various Startups focusing on innovations particularly at an early phase and is currently working as a Principal at a Semiconductor Manufacturing company building connectivity solutions which connects people, places and things within diverse markets such as automotive, cellular, connected homes, military, wearable.

He has also been involved with various local charitable events, causes. He enjoys Indoor, Outdoor sports and is looking to engage in the Orange County Tennis, Ping-pong leagues.