KOA Financial Accounts Management (2017-18)

KOA Financial Accounts Management - Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure


  • To submit financial reports to Board of Directors on a periodic basis
  • To keep track of balance in each fund
  • To reconcile accounts with bank financial records on a regular basis


 KOA Financial Accounts Management - Roles & Responsibilities
Roles & Responsibilities
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KOA Accounts Management


KOA Zone 7 Director

Abishek Ganjoo

Abishek Ganjoo

Abishek Ganjoo has lived in Delhi, Kashmir, and Oman before moving to US in 1998. He attended Tyndale Biscoe School and Indian School Muscat. He got his Masters Degree from California State University and living in Chicago suburb for last 12 years. Abishek has actively participated in Kashmiri community programs and events at the local level. He has been a full-time faculty at California State University and Delaware Valley University. He currently works as a Enterprise Architect Manager at World Headquarters of McDonald’s Corporation in Oak Brook, IL.

KOA Zone 8 Director

Rajesh Mattoo

Rajesh Mattoo

Rajesh Mattoo was born and raised in Srinagar, Kashmir (Karan Nagar). She is the daughter of Prof. S.N. Kaul (Physics) and Mrs. Lalita Kaul. Rajesh has a PhD in Ecology from Kashmir University (1980) and MPA with specialization in Healthcare administration from Long Island University (1997).

Rajesh is married to Dr. Tej K. Mattoo, a Pediatric Nephrologist. They have two children Priyanka and Punit and a two year old grandchild Dhillon. Since leaving India in 1980, they have lived in London, England; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and New York before settling down in Michigan about 20 years ago.

After working in Teaching and Healthcare fields for almost two decades, Rajesh is currently working as a private Consultant for HMOs. She volunteers at Bhartiya Temple, Troy, MI, and is Vice Chair, Education Committee for the Academic Program at the temple.