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The bride is received by her father-in-law at the end of her journey over the currency notes. She carries some samgri in her "Joli" and hands it over to her father-in-law. She touches his feet to take his blessings for starting a new life in his house. 
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After receiving the daughter-in-law, he takes the oath in front of guruji, the witness, that he will treat her equal to  other members of his household. She will be given all the rights due to her.
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Both , the bride and the groom are offered lunch there after. First the groom and the bride both eat from the same "Thali" and then  the groom offers food to the bride  first and then the bride does the same. Perhaps this is to show the couple to remain united and share whatever they would have in their life ahead. This would have been the first step towards bringing them more closer 
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With the chanting of mantras by the "Guruji", first the bride showers flowers on the groom and then is the turn of the groom to do the same.
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The couple is made to sit together. A red shawl is again put on their heads. All the relatives and the house hold members, young and old, shower them with flower petals with on going non-stop chanting of the mantras. Both of them are worshiped as the God and the Goddess. It is a site to behold. I have not seen this ritual being performed in any other Hindu community. This ritual is called the famous "Poshpuza". A real religious touch indeed.

Uteesh DharPictures and Commentary provided by:  

Uteesh Dhar, Ahmedabad 




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