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By Maharaj Krishen Raina  

Milchar Jan-Feb 2012

With the publication of Nov-Dec 2011 issue, we have completed a year of new-face Milchar. Whether, we succeeded in providing good and informative reading material to our readers or not, whether we were successful in producing a quality magazine or not, is for our readers to decide. However, going through the letters and mails we received from our readers over the year, gives an indication that we at Milchar, have done our job satisfactorily. We are encouraged.

Producing a community magazine, which is not commercially viable, is definitely a challenging job, both for the editorial staff and the management. Resource crunches, not only put strain on the organisation, but also effect the editorial work in a big way. We can not engage professional columnists, professional graphic designers, professional proof-readers etc. to give our readers an advanced quality journal. We can only approach authors, columnists, photographers, graphic designers etc. mostly from our own community, who are definitely a dedicated lot and carry fire of belonging to the community in their hearts. We are thankful to all of them, for, we never faced a situation where we deferred our publication for want of quality material. We have renowned writers in our community, who spare time from their busy schedules to write for the community journals, and doing it with passion. We salute all of them.

A good editor's quality lies, not in what he wants readers to read, but in producing what readers want to read. In order to know the readers' priorities, it is essential to have regular feedback from them, not only on the content published, but also on what they look forward to read. Unfortunately, in Mumbai, we don't find many who could favour us with their critical comments on the content or suggest improvements in the journal as they would like to see, on a regular basis.  We however hope that this does happen sooner or later.

Our enthusiasm in reserving a page titled 'Your Own Page' for our readers, especially our youth, did not make much inroads as far as Mumbai biradari is concerned. The page was meant to provide space to our biradari to publicise their achievements, achievements of their children like meritorious results, awards, rewards, high order placements etc. Though there is good response to this page from people around the world, we would wish our biradari here to share their achievements with us, in text, in photos.  Almost same is the case with Crossword Puzzles and Out of Box Columns. We seem to be failing in persuading and encouraging our children to apply their minds on something which connects them to their roots, culture, language and history. Though, the Crossword column has been discontinued now because of nil response, we are optimistic that we will be able to restart it with the initiative of our readers.

One more area where we don't get sufficient material is the local news section. We do get important news concerning our community from across the globe, but there is hardly any news forthcoming from our biradari here. We would not only like to impress upon the members of Mumbai biradari to tell us about important events for publication in Milchar, but would also request members of the BOT and Area Mentors of KPA to report what they think deserve publication. We would like to reiterate that Milchar is your own mouthpiece. Give it a hand, a big hand.

Regarding self-financing of Milchar, it has been stated a number of times that a magazine will survive only if it is able to raise money by way of regular subscriptions and more importantly through advertisements. While we are thankful to all those whose support came instantly through cover advertisements for the 6 issues of 2011, we request our readers to come forward to make Milchar a commercially viable magazine. We intend to make it a Monthly publication in immediate future, but this is possible only if advertisements flow constantly. Those of our readers and well wishers who are associated with the corporate sector or running their own businesses, are requested to lend support in a big way to keep Milchar alive.

For a dedicated reader or a well wisher from the community, a small subscription of Rs. 300.00 per year (Rs. 2500 for Lifetime) is not a big sum. We would request all those who have yet to enroll for Milchar, to send in their subscriptions as early as possible and reinforce our thinking that Milchar is real miltsar and you all support it.

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