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The Qualifications of a True Devotee

By Moti Lal Khar

Love of God is in a dormant state in everyone's heart and this love of God is manifested in different ways. But it is contaminated by material associations. Now the human heart has to be purified of the material associations and that dormant, natural love for God has to be achieved.

 This Bhakti-Yoga-Love for God, as described in the Bhagvad Gita and in other holy scriptures, is the purification of the senses. In material existence, the senses are always impure, being engaged in sense gratification. By the practice of Bhakti Yoga, these senses can become purified and in the purified state, a person can come directly in contact with the Supreme Lord. Such a person is called as devotee of God. To follow the regulative principles of Bhakti Yoga, a true devotee of God should follow certain principles. One should rise early in the morning, take bath and offer prayers and chant Lord's name. This practice can help a person to rise to the level of God and is sure to get progress into the spiritual kingdom of God. A true devotee of God is never disturbed in any circumstances nor is he or she envious of any one; wherever a devotee is in distress or has fallen into difficulty; he/she thinks that it is the Will of the Supreme Lord and is calm, silent, quiet and patient; despite many distressful conditions. A true devotee of God is always kind to everyone, even to enemy, tolerant and joyful. God's devotee is not swayed by false arguments and is always fixed in devotional service. All these qualifications enable a true devotee to fix mind and intelligence entirely on the Supreme Lord. Since such a devotee is kind to everyone and does not act in such a way as to put others into anxiety, he or she is not disturbed because of the grace of God. A devotee is always expert to know the essence of all activities of life and is carefree. A true devotee of God is neither happy not distressed over material gain and loss, nor is much anxious to get a son or disciple or wealth and by losing anything which is dear; he or she does not lament and is prepared to accept all kinds of risks and surrenders before the Divine Will.

A true devotee is always free from all bad associations. Sometimes one is praised and sometimes one is defamed; that is the nature of human beings in this crooked world, but the devotee is happy in all conditions; sometimes getting good food to eat and sometimes bad, but always satisfied; nor cares for residential facility, sometimes living under a tree and sometimes living in a decent building. Without good qualifications, one can not be a true and pure devotee of God. One who wants to be a good and true devotee of God in the real sense should develop the above mentioned qualifications. Through good association of holy persons and realised souls, one develops such good qualities for pure devotional service. Devotional service is the only path for self-realisation through 'Sat-sang', the company of virtuous persons. The way for cultivating devotion is; keeping company with God's devotees; always serving God and his devotees; fasting; celebrating the festivals connected with God; hearing, reading and expounding God's glories; worshipping God with continuous devotion. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, your caste, name and position are not taken into account. Devotion is the only thing that is essential to worship God. Such a devotee of God gets vision, even unasked as having no other refuge. Fortunately, if one develops directly a desire to engage in God's devotion, one need not bother about materials to keep body and soul together, because by the grace of God, everything is carried out automatically. By following this path of devotion, Mukti  (liberation) comes to anyone, whether one is a man or woman of low or high birth. Devotion means universal love.

Source: Milchar



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