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A Collection of Kashmiri Music, Bhajans and Prayers for Kashmiri Pandit Festivals


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Koshur Music

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri



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This webpage is dedicated to:

  • more than one thousand Kashmiri Pandits who lost their lives to terrorists' bullets;

  • hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits who were forced by terrorism to leave their homes and hearths to live in tents as refugees in their own country;

  • hundreds of thousands of the Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to convert to Islam since the 14th century;

  • thousands of Kashmiri Pandits whose houses were burnt and looted; and

  • thousands of secular, peace-loving and moderate Kashmiri Muslims who became victims of fundamentalism within their own religion.


We, the Kashmiri Hindus, known as Pandits, appeal to

  • all the nations of the world;

  • all peace loving, secular and democratic countries which value and recognize the urges, aspirations and just rights of minorities round the globe;

  • all organizations that monitor and report on human rights' violations against ethnic religious communities; and

  • all individuals, groups and institutions that stand for justice, equality, religious tolerance and human dignity to break their silence and speak out and save this ancient and distinct ethnic-religious minority of the world which has been thrown out of its own land, made a refugee in its own country and which is, now, facing dispersal, disintegration and extinction.

This website is dedicated to all the peace-loving Kashmiri Pandits who were either brutally killed or ethnically cleansed out from their beloved land by the Islamists. The following song from the movie Kabuliwala sung by the famous Bollywood singer Manna Dey offers the dedication:

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