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Press Clippings

Vijay Malla performing
Vijay Malla

For Justaju:
Vijay Malla achieves a rare feat with this cassette. He rises above mediocrity, the bane of ghazal-singing today. The effortlessness, the tuneful variations, the anguish in his voice, make this cassette an experience. One can drink down his ghazals like 'jaam'. The lyrics live up to music and Vijay Malla. The ghazals 'Khawab bankar jo teri ankh se' and 'Usne meri wafa ka' will surely go down in public memory. Vijay Malla's 'Justaju', this 'search' promises to be a rewarding one, for both the singer and his listeners.
Movie, January 1989

... Music India presents another singer who has already started making waves in the music world with his fresh face and voice. Malla's debut attempt is Justaju. Most of the music has been produced by Malla himself and the lyrics are by Shewan Bijnori, Tabish Romani and Sabir Jalalabadi. Being a ghazal singer one would expect Malla to sound like his predecessors but that is not so. Malla's talent lies in his ability to reach the peaks of his notes, whether high pitched or low base. His album has some very catchy numbers like Chahat Ki Angdai mein, Kitne Hasin Shyam Hai, Titiliyan Udne Lagin and more....
....Having made his presence felt in his maiden performance during 'Khazana 87', Vijay Malla is a singer to be reckoned with. Hailing from Kashmir and a student of Ustad Rahat Ali of Lucknow, Vijay Malla reminds one of the traditional singers of ghazals from Pakistan like Mehdi Hasan. Yet he has a distinctive voice of his own, which is polished and innovative....
Indian Express, Bombay, October 22, 1988

...The second night got off to a flying start with the performance of Vijay Malla from Kashmir whose resonant voice sounded like the Call of the Valley. His opening ghazal of Tabish Romani Usne kiya mazaq mere zindagi ke saath proved an impressive debut. Another composition to make his mark was Firaq Jamshedpuri's ghazal set to Darban. It revealed that Vijay's classical background is sound. In the wake of Vijay Malla, Harendra Khurana seemed tepid. Even the seasoned Chandan Das with his rich voice could not work his moodmagic to break the spell cast by Vijay Malla....
Music Review, Sumit Savur

... The man with the golden voice - Vijay Malla ...
The Statesman, October 18, 1986

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