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Chapter III

The Riddle on Wheels

Danger Signal (A complex riddle)

In 1960 one Shri B.N. Wali was deputed to accompany an audit inspection party to Leh (Ladakh) for the first time in his service. He went to Swami Ji in the evening hours as he had to to leave early in the next morning.

After his blessings Swami Ji handed over a chit (Swami Ji's chit was popularly called Parwana) detailing his travel programme as:

(The chit was in Urdu) meaning:


1) From Srinagar to Sonamarg - 5 a.m. to 8 a.m.; Stay there for three hours.

2) 9.7.1960 Sonamarg to Drass 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Stay there for fours.

(Note: Actually buses would stay there for ten to fifteen minutes only and there was no such practice of staying at Drass).

3. From Drass to Kargil 5 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. A night's stay there.

4. From Kargil to Khalsi 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. Stay for four hours

5. From Khalsi to Leh 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

6. Brij Nath Wali reaches safe and sound.

Shri B.N.Wali kept on checking and ticking the time schedule.He found the programme correct to the minute.

But serial No. 6 on the itinerary turned out to be intriguing. For, while negotiating a 90 degree curve at Khalsi, the bus skidded, turned turtle and took a couple of turns down the slope before it came to a topsy survey stop against a big rock. The jawans of the nearby military picket reached the scene and engaged themselves in rescue work.

They shouted into the bus, "Is there anybody alive ?"  Brij Nath who happened to have firmly caught hold of his seat, stood up and came out safely bare footed, and found his way on the rock, unscathed. He could not venture forth upto the highway as the whole slope was strewn with pieces of broken glass. He entered the bus again cautiously, brought out his shoes and moved on to the road above. The rest of the passengers, bleeding and very seriously injured, lay unconscious. One of them died soon after he was brought out.

The jawans rescued all, nursed and bandaged the wounded before they were allowed to proceed on to Leh after the bus was salvaged  and promptly repaired to resume the onward journey.(I do not remember whether or not, a second was hired for the purpose or the same bus was repaired).

Oddly enough the whole operation took exactly four hours, as predicted in the riddle, before the bus wheeled off again.

Brij Nath Wali alone was "safe and sound". The Commanding Officer of the Army Unit had thought that Shri Brij Lal Wali was travelling  in a jeep as he found him quite well. On knowing the exact position, he was surprised to see Swami Ji's predictions in the chit (Parwana).

What a puzzling, nay bewildering prediction was it.

The Paradox

One M.A. Malik's wife was taken seriously ill. She cried with pain. It was almost mid-night. The locality was a semi-wilderness, a  doctorless suburb. He asked his mother and children to take care of his wife till he could find out some doctor from some place and purchase the requisite medicines. He made frantic efforts to find a doctor but could not find any. He went to a couple of doctors known to him in the area, but none was at home that night. He knocked at the medicine shops but to no purpose. None was available. Exhausted at last, he rushed back helplessly, at least to render some first aid possible at his hands. On the way back he was almost gripped with panic. He wept and prayed, as he visibly trembled.

" My saintly wife is dying. Oh God! take mercy on me, my old mother and children. O! Swami Ji, please come to my rescue. I am undone. Pray help me in this hour of crisis. For God's sake give her a healing touch and bring her back to life", he chanted while moving homeward with shaking steps.

The prayers were sincere and honest coming from the depth of his heart and mind.

And to his great surprise, his wife came down to greet him at the door and received him in. " How is it? Are you feigning to be all right to calm me down ?" Malik asked.

" No dear I am perfectly normal and healthy. I have no complaint now. God has saved me. Your spiritual power is great. May God bless you" was the consoling reply.

The cortege incident

A well known fact narrated to me by many eyewitnesses and close observers including one G.M. Bhat of Tankipora (Retd. police service) and Brij Nath stands as follows:

On Swami Ji's sad demise in New Delhi his mortal remains were brought to Srinagar. These were taken out in a massive funeral procession through Srinagar city in a truck (Cortege). On its way through the city to the cremation ground the truck suddenly stopped at three places enroute for a few minutes 1) At Karafalli Mohalla, near late Saint Smt. Sati Mata's residence; 2) Tankipora near late Maheshwar Nath Razdan's house, and c) also at Tanki Pora near one D.N. Raina's house which happend to be the residence of their saintly mother.

Inspite of the strenuous efforts of the expert driver, the truck refused move even an inch for quite a few minutes. Then suddenly it wheeled forward as before.

At the third "halt", the holy corpse is reported to have spurted its blood vessels, developed wrinkles on the face and finally taken a turn to face the said house, before the truck could move further on.



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