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Chapter IX

Peeping into the Mysteries of Future

One Dr. Qasba of Srinagar had two sons. He married both of them in October 1970. The marriage ceremonies were performed within an interval of a couple of days.

In due course of time a daughter was born to the elder daughter-in-law,  but the younger one did not give any signs of such an occurrence for a long time. He mother-in-law became quite anxious. She turned sad. She would usually sit aloof brooding over the matter. One day it struck her imagination to go to Swami Ji ( then residing in their house) . While carrying her tea as usual to the Swami Ji she wanted to sit and see what intuitive riddle Swami Ji could offer her to mitigate her suffering and anxiety.

The next morning, the lady asked her younger daughter-in-law  to carry a samawar of tea and cups and accompany her to Swami Ji's room. The younger daughter-in-law did as directed. She offered the cup to Swami Ji, but before accepting the cup Swami Ji put two jennues (sacred threads) on her neck.

None, but the mother-in-law perhaps, could understand at the moment the significance and meaning of the act of Swami Ji.

Soon a son was born to the younger daughter-in-law and after couple of years one more son was born. The long awaited ambition of the mother-in-law and others was realised, and the implication of the symbolic riddle understood.

Who can explain this phenomenon!

Another incident worth recording and narrating is as:

During my admission in the AIIMS, Nan Delhi in January 1975 a room-mate patient of mine narrated Swami Ji's prediction to me.

One of the four seriously ill patients of a four-bedded hospital room in the AIIMS, New Delhi was robbed off all joy of life and turned  ghastly pale due to fright of imminent death. The fear of death had gripped the entire family. All the family people had the impression that the patient was suffering from cancer.

Not bearing the sight of overwhelming shadows of death that reflected from his sunken body, I tried to bring him out of his gloomy mood time and again. Referring to the serious nature of my undiagnosed  illness, I told him that when I could remain normal and unperturbed   why could he not be so and why should he remain pensive. I advised him to bring the 'Man' out of him, be brave and courageous as this way alone he could dispel his fears. I suggested that all this can be done by invoking the Almighty and chanting his name like Om Namah Shivai or Hare Rama Hare Krishna etc. "The prayers will neutralise your fears and your ailment will be off", I suggested to him. The sermons fell flat on his ears or at the most had only a tangential effect. Just as the blowing of a hot cup of milk may cool the upper surface only leaving the remaining pot as hot as it was, the sermons worked only that much.

Continuing his narration the patient said that one day a full panel of doctors, on their round just entered our room. They discussed the serious condition and symptoms and diagnosis of the ailment of the four patients near his hospital bed. The patient could easily overhear   them saying that then (panicky) patient was to be operated upon for stomach ulcer and the other patient on his side for seriously complicated multiple diseases of throat, gullet and alimentary canal. The date was fixed for the day after.

Then gate bell rang to announce the time for prospective visitors to see their kith and kin in the hospital. In came the patient's mother and a few other members of his family.

Being confident of the nature of the operation that was to be conformed upon the pensive patient, I was very happy to continue my sermons with full faith and advised him to give up his fears as he was being operated upon for stomach ulcer and not for any canerous diseases as imagined by him.

The encouragement worked and went straight to the heartsand minds of his family people. This was reflected by the smiling face the patient. The association and the encouragement got by the patient made him reveal his heart to the author:

"Dear Pandit Sahib, I am a fruit seller. I take fruit in a hand-cart and sell it in crowded corners of the streets. I am a poor man as you can understand now. After the birth of three daughters in succession,one day a naked ash besmirched Sadhu came to our door. He was called in and offered tea in all reverence. During the course of talk with him, I and my mother narrated our tale of woes to him and conveyed our concern for the birth of a son after we had three daughters. In this particular unassuming conversation, he predicted the birth of  three more daughters one after the other and then punctuated it with the birth of a son.

"But ....." he said and paused for as while.

A shock wave of icy cold wind penetrated our body and sent very painful current as if electricity had passed from our head to foot. Our faces fell. We sank in our seats."

In a very faint voice, I managed to enquire "Respected Swami Ji, what does this "But" imply " ?

"Nothing extra-ordinary, my boy. Don't lose heart. Rise to the occasion. Listen . At the time of birth of your seventh child, fortunately a son, your wife will be seriously ill with labour pains. If you don't take her to a hospital she will die. If you take her there she surely give birth to a healthy baby son", he said.

Continuing he predicted birth of six more girls in succession.

Time passed by, we forgot all about Babha Ji's affair or else we deliberately might have taken it as mere trash and become willfully oblivious of this sad prediction.

But three more daughters were actually added to the score of my children.

On the eve of seventh delivery my wife fell seriously ill with labour pains. Instantly Bhaba Ji's words came to my mind. Not  caring for the traditions of our family decorum, I rushed her to a nearby hospital. She delivered as well built baby son as predicted by the ash besmeared Bhaba Ji ( Sadhu Ji). 

Six more daughters were born after that. Thus total score my children was raised to thirteen ( twelve daughters and one son ).

What an unbelievable prediction!



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