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With love from Pakistan...

Revelations of Arrested Mercenaries

Mohd Arif Khan alias Wahid alias Rashid Ahmand Bhatt,
son of Alamuddin Khan, resident of Dastgir Mohalla,
Karachi, Pakistan. HUA ( arrested on 5.5.95 )

He received 80 days weapon training in HUA run training camp at 'Maskar' in the midst of jungle near Afghan border. Inducted in May 94 through Lolab Valley-Bandipur. Arrested on Indo-Bangladesh border, while he was on way to Pakistan.

Mohd Irfan alias Anwar,
s/o Mohd Ayub Khan,
r/o Tanda Gujarat,
Pakistan ( arrested on 29.3.95 )

His father is a retired Pakistan Air Force personnel. Pakistan ISI operative Mohd Irfan disclosed that he was involved in 14-trans-border operations at the behest of Pakistan ISI unit based in Sialkot for the purpose of inducting arms/ammunition and explosives to Indian side and for sabotage activities. The bomb explosions during Republic Day function in Jammu ( Jan. 26, 1995 ) was planned by Sialkot unit of Pakistan ISI in consultation with local JEI/HuM leaders. He planted two explosive devices at MAM Stadium, Jammu. During his fourteenth and last trip to Indian side, Mohd Irfan and his associates were to target the supply lines in Jammu area including the Petrol Pumps, Railway Stations, Power Supply lines, Electric Sub-Stations and Transformers.

Nadeem AbbasiNadeem Abbasi alias Asim Abbasi
s/o Yusuf Abbasi,
r/o Village.Barsula, Distt.
Muzaffarabad. IJT/HuM ( arrested on 16.5.95 )

Imparted religious training for 13 days followed by training in handling of arms at 'Al Badar' training camp, run by JEI on Afghanistan border during April 1993. Later, he was further given two and a half months arms training by HuM in handling of fire arms including LMGs, PK guns, sniper rifles, RPGs.

Mohd Hassan Shafiq alias Abu Jindal,
s/o late Imdadulah
r/o Chinant, Jheena,
Pakistan. HUA ( arrested on 12.5.95 ).

Afghan war veteran. He had received Islamic education in Dar-ul-Uloom, Kabirwal, Khannewal, (Harkat-ul-Ansar) and was imparted 12 days arms training in 1988 in Khost, Afghanistan. Inducted into the Valley in Sept. 94 with arms and ammunition. He was shifted to Charar-e-Sharief town in Jan. 95. Disclosed that the shrine complex was set ablaze by Mast Gul.

Shaheed MughalShaheed Mehmood Mughal alias Abu Darda alias Hamid alias Bhola,
s/o Ali Afsar Mugal,
r/o Bangni, Rawalkot,
Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. LET ( arrested on 3.9. 95 )

Volunteered to participate in 'jehad' in Kashmir. He received 21 days initial training in fire arms at Maskar-e-Taiba camp, Kunnah, Afghanistan and then 3 months commando training course near Nissar Pakistan Army camp on Muzaffarabad-Athmuqam Road. He was inducted into the Kashmir Valley in May 94 with group of a 25 Lashkar-E-Taiba cadres.

Nasir Mehmood SodozeyNasir Mehmood Sodozey alias Aftab
s/o Shafi Mohd,
r/o Nawab Goru,
Police Station Palandari, Dist.
Rawalakot, Poonch (POK)
Finance Chief HUA ( arrested on 25.496 )

Motivated jointly by Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman Khalil and Farooq Kashmiri. He went extensive arms training at the HUA run Yawar camp ( Afghanistan ) in 1990. Disclosed that he was in constant touch with ISI officials. Inducted into the Valley by HUA leadership in Pakistan to channelise funds to alien mercenaries associated with HUA operating in Jammu & Kashmir.

Sajid Ali JutSajid Ali Jut alias Sage Ahmed,
s/o Bashir Ahmed
r/o Nissar Colony,
Muzaffarabad, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
(arrested on 2.10.95 )

Imparted 15 days arms at Dudhnial. Inducted in Sept. 94 in a group of 5 through Uri sector ( Baramullah ) from Keil ( Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ), where Pakistan ISI gave them weapons.

Talib Hussain MalikTalib Hussain Malik alias Mohd Aslam Malik
s/o Qunizullah, r/o H.No. p-157, Buffer Zone, Karachi,
Pakistan ( arrested on 13.11.95 )

Made six clandestine trips to Jammu & Kashmir during 1990-95 at the instance of these ISI officials and brought Rs 1,28,000 and $500 and 6 AK series rifles, 6 pistols, besides ammunition. Assigned to cause bomb blasts in Jammu to disturb the election process.

Sajjad Haider alias Abid Bhai
s/o Late Mushtaq Ahmed Shah
r/o House No. 33, w/6 Madina town,
Faisalabad, Pakistan.
JEI/HuM/Al Barq ( arrested on 6.2.1996 )

15-days arms training at JEI-run Al Badar camp in Khost area and later one month intensive training in handling of sophisticated arms in April 1993 at an ISI-run camp in the jungle of Atock. Infiltrated into the Valley in April 1995 to thwart elections in the State of J&K at any cost. Pak ISI maintained launching camps in POK at Athmuqam, Khojabandi, Leepa, Zora, Dudhnial, Tejian, Sharda, Keil, Sonadh, Nowseri Toab ( across Gurez ) and Chailas (Gilgit) to induct trained Kashmiri/alien mercenaries into the Valley.

Mohd.Mohsin MalikMohd.Mohsin Malik alias Abu Zahid alias Darshan Lal
s/o Mohd. Arif Malik
r/o Village Bhagwanpura, Lahore,
Pakistan. LET ( arrested on 30.4.96 )

Affiliated to Lashkar-E-Taiba/Markaz-e-Dawa-al-Irshad. Underwent arms training in Asthabad. Received training at the age of 14 years. Specialised one month course at Muzaffarabad, covering knowledge about explosives/IEDs and urban warfare. Immediate task was to liquidate VIPs, in conjunction with Sikh militants.

Abdul MatinAbdul Matin alias Mosaib
s/o Haji Mohd. Yaqub
r/o Mirpur, Mathelo,
Distt. Sukur, Pakistan. Deputy Distt.
Comdr, HUA ( arrested on 5.5.97 )

Infiltrated into the Kashmir Valley in Sept. 1994 in a group of 15. Toured different cities, including Delhi, Calcutta, Deoband, Muzaffarpur, Agra, Meerut, Shimla during Nov. 1996 - Jan. 1997. He revealed that Pakistan had a plan to induct Talibans in the Valley. Admitted to have been responsible for the explosions in a Jaipur Stadium on "Republic Day" ( Jan./Feb 1996). Imparted training at Khalidbin Walid training camp, Jawar-Pakhia (Afghanistan).

Source : Jammu & Kashmir Awami Tehrik

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