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Prof. P. N. Pushp

Prof. P. N. Pushp (born in Srinagar, 1917) was a member of the J&K Education Services for three decades, and retired as Director, Deptt. of Libraries, Research, Museum and Archives (J&K) (1965-72). Prof. Pushp has written on various aspects of language, literature and culture of Kashmir. He was Member, Official Languages Commission (1955-56), General Secretary, All India Oriental Conference (1961-69), Member, Linguistic Society of India, and Secretary, Text Book Advisory Committee (J&K).

P. N. Pushp
P. N. Pushp

Featured Collections

Henzae: A Folk Genre Viewed Afresh
Henzae seems to be the oldest extant folk genre of Kashmiri verse. Alongside the proverb and the riddle it certainly is one of the earliest items of folklore in the Kashmiri language. It signifies a conventional type of the ceremony chant called vanavun, sessions of which cover,
Kashmiri and the Linguistic Predicament of the State
Kashmiri is the language recognised by the Constitution of India (in the VIII Schedule) as the language of the Jammu and Kashmir State. Nevertheless, it has yet to be reflected in the school curriculum even at the primary level of pedagogy. >>>
Parmanand (1791-1879)
Parmanand rose to enviable eminence not only as a saint, but also as a poet articulating spiritual insights. Born in the family of a village Patwari he was named Nanda or Nanda Ram, and his persistent endeavour transformed him into Parmanand (Parma Ananda, i.e. Supreme Bliss) His father, Krishna Pandit, belonged to the village Seer, about three kilometers away from Mattan where he was working as Patwari. >>>

Sanskrit Kaavya of Kashmir
Sanskrit Kaavya or poetical composition contributed by Kashmir is quite considerable  not only in quantity but in quality also. It is so in spite of the fact that much of the stuff presented in most of the so-called mahaakaavyas is conventional, pedantic and even banal; for, these defects and blemishes are more than compensated by the departures registered by writers from Kashmir, particularly in narrative verse and realistic depiction. >>>

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