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Dr. Ramkrishen Kaul Bhatt

A noted teacher and author, Dr. Ramkrishen Kaul Bhatt took his Master's Degree in History from the University of Jammu and Kashmir in First Class with first Rank as a private candidate. In 1978 he was awarded Ph.D. in History by the University of Kashmir.

Dr. Ramkrishen Kaul Bhatt
Ramkrishen Kaul Bhatt

Since 1972, Dr. Kaul Bhatt has been working as History teacher in various Degree Colleges of Jammu & Kashmir Government and as Assistant Director State Gazetteers Unit (J & K). Just before his exodus from Kashmir, he was a Professor of History in A.S. College of Arts and Science, Srinagar.

Dr. Kaul Bhatt is the author of a number of books on Kashmir History. He has contributed about twelve research papers to National and International journals of History, Political Science and Anthropology. He is the member of a dozen of National and International Organisations of History, Political Science and Anthropology, and has participated in a number of International and National Conferences & Seminars.

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Ramkrishen Kaul BhattKashmir and Partition of India - Part I
India under the British was divided into two distinct entities, British Provinces and Princely States. Princely States under the Government of India Act 1935 were defined as including any territory, whether described as a state, an estate, a jagir or otherwise. They were under the suzerainty of His Majesty and not a part of the British India. The code of conduct governing the relations of the princely states with the British Government was, therefore, different from that which governed the relations between provinces and the British Government. 
Ramkrishen Kaul BhattKashmir and Partition of India - Part II
The Indian leaders exhorted Maharaja to accede to the Dominion of India. As early as June 1947 Lord Mountbatten had discussions, with the Maharaja on the issue of accession. The Maharaja, seems to have conveyed to the Viceroy his desire to remain independent after the British had left. He had told Maharaja that the British Government would not recognize the State as a Dominion, and was assured by the Governor General that if he made up his mind to accede to one of the two Dominions before 15 August, there would be no trouble. 

Kashmir: Constitutional History and Documents
Contrary to claims made by Kashmiri secessionists and their sympathizers, there is no legal ambiguity about the accession of Jammu and Kashmir state to India.

Part 1: Constitutional History + Index

Part 2: Documents (HTML)

Political and Constitutional Development of Jammu and Kashmir - Coming Soon ...


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