Lal Ded: The Great Kashmiri Saint-Poetess

Edited by: Dr. S. S. Toshkhani

This book represents the proceedings of a National Seminar on "Remembering Lal Ded in Modern Times" conducted by Kashmir Education, Culture and Science Society in New Delhi on 12 November, 2000. Lalleshwari or Lal Ded, according to late Prof. Jayalal Kaul, has been the greatest genius of Kashmir of all times. This book has many eminent writers of modern period who have recollected the genius of Lal Ded for the modern world. Lal Ded was living in the 14th century in Kashmir. In spite of long interval of history, Lal Ded is remembered in every home even in modern period. Her Vaaks, or sayings, represent the best teachings for human kind today to seek unity and harmony between people of all religion and races. Her poetry is all inspiring. Her philosophy of life represents the high­est science of life. She can be the leader to combine science and humanism world over, and once again establish a peaceful and melodious world of joy and happiness. Kashmiris in general and Indians and the people of the world are inspired by Lalleshwari’s teachings. This book and the seminar by KECSS cannot possibly touch all aspects of life and times of Lal Ded. However, a laudable attempt is made to recall Lal Ded for creating a joyful and harmonious world in Kashmir and the rest of India and the world. Hindus, Muslims and people of all faith remember Lal Ded with great reverence. This book should be of world-wide interest.

Lal Ded: The Great Kashmiri Saint-Poetess
Edited by: Dr. S. S. Toshkhani
Proceedings of the National Seminar
Conducted by Kashmir Education, Culture and Science Society,
B-36, Pamposh Enclave, New Delhi – 110 048
November 12, 2000

Published by
S.B. Nangia
A.P.H. Publishing Corporation
5, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj
New Delhi – 110002
Printed in India at
Efficient Offset Printers
New Delhi- 110 035

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Table of Contents

Preface Contributors
Introduction Bibliography
Section 1: Paper Presented at the Seminar
1. The Guru and the Pandit
2. A Re-appraisal of Lal Ded
3. Lal Ded : Her Spiritualism and World Order
4. Reconstructing and Reinterpreting Lal Ded
5. Lal Ded - The Poet Who Gave a Voice to Women
6. Language of Lal Ded's Poetry
7. Lal Ded and Kashmiri Chroniclers
8. Lal Vaakhs - Their Journey from Memory to Manuscript
9. Lalleshwari the Liberator
Section 2: Book Extract
10. Lal Ded
11. Lalleshwari and Kabir
12. Concluding Remarks

Section 3: Some Select Lallavaakhs
13. Some Vaakhs of Lal Ded and their English Translation

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