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Composed or Cool !!

by S.P. Kachru

Composure complimented with charm, would even in our day and age, be an effective remedy against outbreaks of uncontrolled temper, which place relationships under unnecessary additional strain. Inappropriate behaviour, making a mountain out of a molehill, dogmatic intolerance – when such characteristics become fixtures of the individual makeup, then we must agree that such behaviour be interpreted as a sign of an inferiority complex.

On the other hand, a lack of balance may just as well indicate under developed self-restraint, a deficiency which can effectively be countered by the strength of conviction that one who can reign or control his desires, passions or fears, is greater than a king, for, he fortifies himself in moderation against an impregnable fortress called Self.

Almost essential element in the promotion of one’s composure, indeed a pre-requisite for its existence, must surely be the measure of cultivation enjoyed by an individual. A higher level of culture and knowledge must assuredly lead to an ability of taking a step back, to find an objective distance and confront a problem without anger or excess zeal. Are we not thus getting close to the real meaning of the fashionable accolade 'Cool'?

Comparison is difficult because the word cool has taken on a variety of meanings, with at least two mutually incompatible sets of content. On one hand, Cool may be understood to indicate a certain degree of composure in encountering new objects, conditions or events. The aim is, though, probably an attitude of casual, nonchalance or some degree of emotional detachment but hardly the factors contributing to composure in its traditional sense. Similarly, Cool may on the other hand even express a certain reluctance to exert oneself. Does this type of Coolness not also accentuate a certain rejection of the overwhelming hustle of a virtual world that promises everything but totally lacks any substance, the glitter that blinds us to a deteriorating quality of life ?

When young people call someone or something 'Cool', one must assume that they usually mean it in a sense of acknowledgement, admiration or affirmation. The long accepted 'Super' seems to have relinquished to 'Cool' as an adjective of praise. This kind of ovation is, nonetheless, a pleasant change from the bombastic jubilation that seems to accompany the most mediocre of events.

Similarly, the slogan of Lifelong learning loses none of it’s validity simply because it is overused by bodies, which actually despise it. No wonder then a strong belief in the co-relation between learning & self-restraint concisely for the growth in one’s wisdom, one’s prudence may be reliably gauged from the decline of one’s ill temper. Are we therefore, on the right road, be it Composed or Cool ? Such learning can ultimately bring about, what is described as ‘Civility’. We need many terms to describe this attribute: Refined Deportment, Good Manners, Composure, Poise etc., in short, Civilised Behaviour.

And all of that can be ours, free of charge, if only we believe that Civility costs nothing but gains for us many things in many ways.

Source: Milchar



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