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Speech is Golden

by S.P. Kachru  

If you are to uncover a truth while conversing freely, you have to admit that you do not know where it lies from the outset . There have been numerous attempts by clever minds to clear away the ac cumulated mountains of prejudice and deliberate misunderstandings .This often is possible in individual cases ,however, often enough the people who prevail are the ones who proclaim that the truth is whatever they say or believe it is. With increasing number of mature population and education, there has been a corresponding rise in the likelihood of getting to the bottom of things and finding out what really is the truth. To suggest that do not speak ill of your enemy only think it, may have itís own merits while people demand truth from the government and from the electronic media too, what with those sting operations et al. And they specially seek it in their families, their communities and their relationships in general, where honest one to one talk is essential for maintaining placid relationships.

People often react reflexively to thoughtless remarks that are tossed to them without allowing the actual problem to be recognised. Mediators easily talk past each other and their sense of alienation grows, rather than being overcome. The famous saying Speech is silver but silence is golden is helpful on ly as a n interim solution, until wrath burns itself out and self criticism emerges to take its proper place. But then the tongue must be moved in order to aid the mutual search for the facts. Perhaps this may lead to the insight that yet another motto is more appropriate Ėspeech is golden. Speaking ,in effect, is reaching out to others, expressing your concerns, your criticism, your compliments and of course, touching others with your feelings. Not infrequently, serious resentment and misunderstanding grow out of the failure to talk soon enough to oneís partner, long time friend, relatives or even children , upon becoming annoyed, and there can be many reasons for this. Remaining silent too long is risky as prejudices may grow entrenched. They may become all the more difficult to dismantle, the longer a clarifying discussion is postponed.

The search for the facts deserves to be prioritised when the people concerned seriously want to resolve contentious issues , be it in personal or public life. SATYA MEV JAYATE affirming truth alone prevails and the belief that sets itís sights on the aim of creating an in dispensable prerequisite for sustainable conflict resolution by seeking out the truth rather than repressing it. This can apply at both the levels, the microcosmic as well as macrcosmic.

The big question then is whether the readiness to learn in this way is universal hence the typical old school refrain - learn or leave, but saying so is important for speech is golden.

Source: Har-Van



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