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chapter 30 chapter 30: Visiting the Amarnath Cave
Visiting the Amarnath Cave
Visiting the Amarnath Cave
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Contextual Focus
A conversation on visiting the Amarnath Cave. This cave is situated at a height of more than twelve thousand feet above sea level. Around the month of August, it attracts religious-minded Hindus from all over India (see Notes).

Grammatical Focus
Note the use of  (see Notes). The classifier  'thousands' is introduced. The verbs  'to have to' and  'to enjoy' appear.

Lexical Focus
Note the following lexical set:

Ashok: Hello, Mohan. How are you?

Mohan: Hello. (Yes) I am fine. When did you return from Tulmul?

Ashok: I came yesterday. This is the time (for me) to visit the Amarnath Cave. I am thinking of going there. How far is it?

Mohan: Amarnath is about eighty miles from Srinagar. Go, you will enjoy it very much.

Ashok: How does one go there?

Mohan: One goes by bus up to Pahalgam, and from Pahalgam you may go on horseback or on a stretcher.

Ashok: How many people go there?

Mohan: Oh, thousands. They come from all parts of India. A large number of sadhus also go there. The government makes arrangements for everything.


Ashok: What kind of arrangements are there?

Mohan: Everything, of course: doctors, medicine, food, clothing, and police.

Ashok: What is the road to Amarnath like?

Mohan: Up to Pahalgam, the road is good. After that one has to climb over mountains.

Ashok: That means the journey is difficult?

Mohan: Yes, very difficult. One has to walk over snow.

Ashok: At what elevation is Amarnath located?

Mohan: About thirteen thousand feet.

Ashok: What is there on the mountain top?

Mohan: Amarnath is a place for pilgrimage. There is a spring and a cave on the top of the mountain. Before entering the cave, all the pilgrims take a bath in the spring.

Ashok: What is inside the cave?

Shiva lingam
Shiva lingam

Mohan: It is said that on  a lingam of (Lord) Shiva, made of snow, appears in the cave. All the pilgrims worship it. At that time a pair of pigeons also appears there.

Ashok: It must be a beautiful place. How many days does it take to get there?

Mohan: It takes about four to five days.

Ashok: Perhaps I will go to Amarnath.

Mohan: Oh yes, you should go. You will enjoy it.

Ashok: All right, goodbye. I will come tomorrow to talk to you again.

Mohan: Yes, by all means. Goodbye.


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