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Conversing with God

By Tribhuwan N. Bhan

Once upon a time I asked God, "Dear God, if anyone troubles me, takes advantage of me or inflicts pain on me, what should I do?" God replied, "Dear child, there are three alternatives as answer to your question".

Option 1: "As you are a human being, you will react in the same measure, strike back and trouble the culprit in the same manner in which you have been wronged by the other person. Then, both of you will deserve the punishment of the same degree. You will get equal retribution, as you two will be the sinners of the same level."

Option 2: "You will be philosophical and will think that it was your own destiny to suffer such an agony or pain and it was not the fault of the other person. It was your own 'Karma' that made the culprit behave thus. Then you will not be a sinner but the sin of the other person will be enhanced in degree. Thereby he will get a greater punishment on the day of the judgment than he deserved. You will be rewarded in some form or the other by being so forgiving."

Option 3: "You will try to reform the culprit and the sinner not by precept but by practice. Be good to him, shower love and affection on him. Try your utmost to mend him and his questionable ways by setting examples of various ways of righteousness and following the correct path in life yourself. Thereby you will make a better person of a wrong doer. By transforming a person thus you will become very dear to me. I shall shower my blessings on you and stand by you whenever you might face trials or tribulations in life. Indulging in such noble deeds will raise your stature to such a level that you need not seek me at various places of worship, instead I shall be with you till eternity. Those who look for me will always see you next to me. Finally by the end of the day when you leave this planet Earth, I shall welcome you with open arms at the gates of Elysian Fields up there, while embracing you there you will be one with me and thus mingle with me. Down below the mortals will deify you by quoting yours as an example for generation to come, thereby lending a touch of immortality to your divine deeds. The choice is yours."

Source: Milchar



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