Articles and Opinions

Articles and Opinions

Dr. Harikrishna Kaul

Harikrishna Kaul is one of the major Kashmiri playwrights of the modern era. He started his literary career during his college days in early fifties, writing short stories in Hindi.

Bansi Pandit

Bansi Pandit is a nuclear engineer by profession. He has been a student of Vedanta and has been associated with the Vivekananda Vedanta Society since his college years.

G.N. Raina

G.N. Raina retired from Indian Information Service (I.I.S.) in 1983 after completing 35 years as a distinguished editor, correspondent, commentator and administrator;

Dr. Chaman Lal Raina

Born in Srinagar, Dr. C. L. Raina has studied the Shaiva and Shakta scriptures from the traditional system of Kadi-Vidya of Kashmir. He had his schooling and college education in the premier colleges of Kashmir.

Ramkrishen Kaul Bhatt

Since 1972, Dr. Kaul Bhatt has been working as History teacher in various Degree Colleges of Jammu & Kashmir Government and as Assistant Director State Gazetteers Unit (J & K).

Dr. S.K. Raina Books/ Articles

A new expression has been coined for Dr. SK Raina. His outstanding contribution to Hindi-Kashmiri as a translator has prompted his admirers to describe him as a ‘high-voltage literary transformer.

P. N. Razdan (Mahanoori)

Shri Razdan was soft spoken, gentle and modest person. But behind his simple, unassuming personality was hidden a man of great talent, grit and stamina

S.N. Fotedar

In fact Shri Fotedar was a known Yogi. A couple of years before his demise on 27th May 1989, he had been warning all those who came to see him that a great danger was awaiting Kashmir which was proved correct subsequently.

Jawahar Lal Bhat

Born at Peth-Makhama, Magam, (Kashmir) in the year 1946; passed M.A. in English Literature from Kashmir University in 1972; worked a long tenure in J&K Government Education Department as an English Lecturer.

Chandra Dassi

Chandra Dassi is daughter of Late Pandit Gwash Lal Ganjoo of Rainawari, Srinagar, Kashmir. She is born at Anantnag, Kashmir and had early education there.

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